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Foshan Biosun Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

intellectual property         
The products of Foshan Biosun Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. have been independently developed and produced and have independent intellectual property rights. At each different development stage, we will all have innovative products created. In order to protect the company's technology research and development capabilities, we have established a corresponding intellectual property management system.
As of December 31, 2019, Biosky  has applied for 34 patents, including 18 invention patents (12 authorized), 13 utility model patents (13 authorized), and 3 design patents. Self-developed intellectual property rights play a pivotal role in a technology-intensive industry such as medical devices; and its protection provides strong support for the company's innovation capabilities.
Quality is the lifeline of the company and the foundation of life. Quality determines the development and destiny of a company. Without quality, there is no market, without quality, there is no benefit, and without quality, there is no development. Quality is the last word. Biosky always firmly believes that quality management should be transformed from post-event quality inspection and control to “preventive” pre-control and in-process control, just like a doctor sees a doctor.
Quality Management System

The company has established and continuously improved the ISO13485 medical device quality management system, passed multiple on-site audits by CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration), and obtained the EU CE system and product certification to ensure that products are strictly controlled and quality guaranteed.
Quality Management

There are no eternal answers to quality management, only eternal questions. There is no best, only better, which is the quality consciousness of Biosky striving for excellence. Building a famous brand and dedicating high-quality products is Biosky's eternal pursuit. Biosky employees have always adhered to the tenet of "quality first, caring for life", starting from the details, grasping every process, and conscientiously contributing to the cause of human health.
Quality inspection

In quality management, it is very necessary to strengthen the organization and management of quality inspection. In the long-term management practice, Biosky has accumulated a set of effective management principles and systems for quality inspection, mainly including the three-inspection system, the double-post system for key processes, the retention system, the review system, the traceability system, the statistics and analysis system, Substandard product management system and assessment system: three inspection system
professional team

The company has a professional quality talent team, several nationally recognized quality engineers and ISO13485 medical device quality management system internal auditors, covering polymer materials, bioengineering and clinical medicine.

Biosky has established a nationwide sales network with hundreds of distributors covering thousands of domestic hospitals.