Human Resources

R & D Engineer

Job Requirements:

1). Basic requirements: Bachelor, master or above, in polymer chemistry, materials science, medicine or other related fields, with 1-2 years of relevant work experience in the research and development of medical device products.

2). Knowledge and skills: Proficient in polymer-related knowledge, mastering professional software, such as CAD, Solid Works, C\C++, etc. 3). Special requirements: hard-working and hard-working; strong innovation ability, good teamwork spirit and strong communication skills; proficient in English and able to communicate in English; the ability to actively solve problems.

work description:

1). Responsible for the research and development of new products;

2). Responsible for product update, improvement and upgrade, update product registration information and technical documents;

3). Participate in other project research and development work, such as process support and technical personnel training, and complete other matters assigned by superiors in a timely and efficient manner;

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R & D Engineer