The epidemic has not yet receded, and the rescue continues! Biosky once again donated medical supplies to the Bethune Public Welfare Foundation (test)

With the development of the epidemic, the routine dialysis treatment of uremia patients in Wuhan is facing great difficulties, especially the shortage of front-line medical staff, which affects the hearts of dialysis people all over the country. According to the spirit of the "Working Plan for Hemodialysis Patients During the Epidemic of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Wuhan" released on February 14, 2020, the Bethune hemodialysis medical team is the most beautiful retrograde, marching into the epidemic area, rushing to the Wuhan dialysis room, and undertaking the diagnosis of a new type of disease in two districts. Treatment of patients with pneumonia and uremia is an important task.


As a professional manufacturer of blood purification medical equipment, Biosky is responsible for supporting the medical cause in the fight against the epidemic! In order to provide strong medical material support to the most beautiful retrogrades, after several donations of medical and protective materials with a market value of more than 700,000 yuan to the front line of the anti-epidemic, on March 7, Biosky once again donated a market value of 100,000 yuan to the Bethune Public Welfare Foundation that aided Hubei. Yuan's MG series of disposable blood purification cartridges and medical protective equipment.


In the face of the severity of the new crown epidemic, the Bethune medical team did not back down; in the face of the help of their counterparts in Wuhan, they rushed to the starry night; in the face of the life call of the infected dialysis patients, they were anxious; in the face of various difficulties in the formation of the medical team, they Go ahead! I hope that everyone will give full play to their professional advantages on the front line, demonstrate professionalism, and fight side by side with colleagues in Wuhan to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

        Unite together to fight the epidemic! The epidemic alert will not be lifted for one day, and Biosun medical will work non-stop for a day! Under the command of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Biosun medical will do its best and do its best, and together with the front-line medical colleagues, it will bring together all aspects of the aid to Hubei, top and bottom together, fighting together! We firmly believe that we will win the anti-epidemic victory as soon as possible and welcome the beautiful spring!