Concentrate on one heart and one heart and go far || Mr. Huang Kai, chairman of Baihe Medical, inspected the guidance work of the subsidiary Biosun medical

On the morning of June 3, 2021, Mr. Huang Kai, Chairman of Baihe Medical, accompanied by Mr. Zhou Wei, Secretary of the Board of Directors, visited the subsidiary Biosun medical for inspection and guidance. Chairman Huang Kai and his entourage inspected the production site of the subsidiary on the spot, and listened carefully to the situation report of the Biosky biological management team; and listened to the introduction of the company's new land plot by the relevant person in charge of Biosky, and further understood the planning of the new land plot.

Chairman Huang Kai and his party then drove to the construction site of the new plot to guide the work on the spot; at the site, the project leader made a detailed report on the current project situation, construction progress, and construction goals.

Chairman Huang Kai said that in the follow-up work, on the premise of ensuring safety and implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, we should further improve work efficiency, complete construction tasks in a safe and high-quality manner, and create high-quality projects; we must reduce the adverse effects of construction. factors, solve the problems that hinder the construction as soon as possible, and solve the difficulties encountered in the construction process in a timely manner.

The new plant has transportation advantages, and the surrounding infrastructure is well equipped; the establishment of the new plant will start a new journey for the development of Biosun medical, lay a solid foundation for increasing R&D and production, and will be a milestone for the future development of Lily. In response to the recent epidemic prevention and control, Chairman Huang Kai once again urged to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly implement disinfection measures, do a good job in prevention, avoid paralyzing thoughts and flukes, and earnestly do a good job of normalizing epidemic prevention and control work.