Biosun medical debuted at the 2019 South International Forum on Progress in Nephrology Research

From November 21 to 24, 2019, the 2019 Southern International Forum on Nephrology Research Progress and the 2019 Guangdong Medical Association Nephrology Academic Annual Meeting were held in Guangzhou City successfully in the conference center on the first floor of Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel.

This conference is sponsored by Guangdong Medical Association and undertaken by the Nephrology Branch of Guangdong Medical Association. This conference aims to promote the development of nephrology in Guangdong Province and improve the level of prevention and treatment of kidney disease through various exchanges and learning.



The conference invited Director Kong, director of the Department of Nephrology of Foshan First People's Hospital, to give an academic report on "Clinical Application of Hemoperfusion", introducing the new hemoperfusion device MG150 combined with hemodialysis treatment of Foshan Biosun medical technology Co., Ltd. Macromolecules and protein-bound uremic toxins in dialysis patients have a good removal effect, which can effectively improve skin itching in long-term dialysis patients, thereby improving sleep quality. The mechanism may be related to AGEs, endorphins, histamine and IL. -2 for clearing related! The content is rich and exciting, and has been praised by the majority of medical staff!