The epidemic does not stop, and donations continue! Biosun medical once again donated medical supplies to Hubei Hospital

Recently, the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic has entered a critical moment. Medical staff use their profession to stop the epidemic, protect their lives with their lives, and fight on the front line to treat illnesses and save people regardless of their personal safety. This kind of selfless dedication has moved countless people to tears!


In order to continue to help the frontline of the "war epidemic" and further prevent the epidemic, Biosun medical donated more than 480,000 yuan of urgently needed medical supplies to many hospitals in Hubei. On February 21, Biosun medical again donated to the Peking University International Hospital team. The blood perfusion device with a market value of more than 200,000 yuan will be used in the blood adsorption purification treatment of critically ill patients with new coronary pneumonia in Ezhou Central Hospital, Hubei Province, which can promptly remove inflammatory factors in critically ill patients with new coronary pneumonia and prevent patients from appearing "Inflammation Storm". At the same time, Biosun medical donated a batch of medical protective equipment to Hubei to protect our beautiful angel in white.

        The turning point is not the darkness before dawn, but it is equivalent to 12 o’clock in the night.” The epidemic prevention battle will not be won in one day, and Biosun medical will do its best to help every day. We firmly believe that through everyone’s united efforts and persistent efforts, we will surely Win the battle of epidemic prevention and control faster and better!


The battle against the epidemic continues, and the angels in white are still on the front lines. Let us pay tribute to the loveliest people of this era and wish them a safe and early return! Come on Wuhan, come on Hubei, come on China...