How to take care of teeth comprehensively to prevent disease

Want to have flawless white teeth? Do you know which foods can whiten your teeth? What is the correct way to brush your teeth? How to use dental floss, toothpicks, and mouthwash? Is teeth cleaning beneficial or harmful? On September 20, Sina Health and Wellness Forum specially invited Hao Hui, a dental expert, to guide the correct way of protecting teeth on the spot. The following is the interview transcript:

Special guest in this issue: Hao Hui, a dental expert

Good afternoon, all Sina netizens!

Host Wang Ying: Dear netizens and friends of, Hello everyone, welcome to watch Sina Health's health program. I am host Wang Ying. Having healthy and white teeth is very important for both work and life. How can we do it? Today's health altar program specially invited Hao Hui, a dental expert, to tell us about the correct way of caring for our teeth. Welcome, Dr. Hao.

Hao Hui: Hello everyone.

Host Wang Ying: How to determine whether the teeth are good or bad?

Hao Hui: Anything healthy is good. The teeth are white and the gums are pink, so it looks like good teeth. To be more specific, there is no caries, gingivitis, no obvious crowding, and dislocation of the bite. It should be a good tooth.

Host Wang Ying: Dental problems are generally not easy to find?

Hao Hui: Yes.

Host Wang Ying: How do you see the gums and caries you mentioned just now? Looking in the mirror every day, many friends say that they are brushing their teeth every day, how come there are still such and such problems?

Hao Hui: Dental lesions are not so easy to find, and that's why we require patients to have regular checkups. Generally, you should be conscious of brushing your teeth well and develop the habit of visiting the dentist regularly. Those with better education abroad will visit the dentist regularly and have a close relationship with the dentist. It needs to be checked to see the change in color, the change in texture, and the early detection of problems, which can actually save you a lot of time and suffering. Tooth, if it is sick, it has no ability to repair itself, so it is unlikely to wait for it to heal by itself. It must be a doctor's work to fix it. We still hope to pay attention to health care, brush our teeth well, and visit the dentist regularly, at least once every six months on average.

Moderator Wang Ying: We also emphasize the cycle you mentioned with all netizens, half a year is a cycle. You go to the doctor to see your teeth, there is nothing wrong with them.

Brushing your teeth, what you just said is more important. Especially the way to protect your teeth at home, how to brush your teeth is correct? We've been brushing our teeth since we were kids, aren't we all wrong?

Hao Hui: I don't know if you have ever formally taught you how to brush your teeth. I myself feel that in my upbringing, I never took any class, or specifically taught how to brush my teeth. Everyone speaks in general. Before I came here, I also watched a video of brushing my teeth on Baidu, and I also brought a model.

    Experts demonstrate the correct way to brush your teeth

The classic brushing method is called the 84 brushing method. The toothbrush should have a round head. The strength of the hair is moderate, not too hard or too soft. The brushing should pay attention to 45 degrees, and the axis should be 45 degrees with the teeth. Tremor, upper teeth down, lower teeth up. The gums have a gingival pocket, and the bristles of the toothbrush can go into the range of 1 mm, which can clean the gingival pocket. Each tooth is divided into 4 lines, up and down, left and right, the whole brush down, the approximate time should be 3-5 minutes. This is the outside of the brushing. The posterior teeth area is brushed in this direction (demonstration), and the front teeth and the back are brushed in this way. Also brush the lips and tongue of the teeth. The middle of the teeth is not very flat.

Host Wang Ying: Has it all turned black?

Hao Hui: Sometimes it's not cavities, but blackening. There is a seam in the middle, so be very careful. It doesn't matter if there is just a little black line, we all eat food with pigmentation, as long as it is hard, it doesn't matter. (Demonstration of brushing teeth), basically 3-5 minutes, some parts are not brushed particularly well during this time.

From my own clinical point of view, this part is generally not easy to brush well. The place where calculus is easy to grow is the lower front teeth. If this place is yellow or bleeding from brushing, it is necessary to wash the teeth. This part is not easy to see. When brushing your teeth, there is a lip blocking it. Don't open your mouth too much when brushing this part. If the opening is too large, it will not be clean, and if you close your mouth, you can brush it. This part is also a place where caries are prone to occur. It cannot be reached or seen. If you have symptoms, you will miss the best time. On the buccal side of the upper back teeth, the toothbrush head is smaller, and the mouth is closed before brushing. These two areas are a little more difficult to brush.

Host Wang Ying: Thank you, Dr. Hao. You not only told us how to choose a toothbrush, but also how to brush our teeth. We must brush for 3-5 minutes. Otherwise, it is not completely brushed. How to choose the toothpaste now?

Hao Hui: There are too many kinds of toothpaste. Now I go to the supermarket to see all kinds of toothpastes, and some patients ask me.

Its functions are different, there are anti-calculus, whitening, fresh breath, no one thing is better than the other. You can make a judgment by yourself. Everyone's physique is not the same. Sometimes you will tell the patient that you belong to a group susceptible to dental caries, and there is a group of people susceptible to periodontal disease. There are not many calculi in the dental caries mouth, and bacteria mainly destroy the tooth tissue, and there are many holes. The use of anti-caries toothpaste is mainly to make the teeth stronger. Some people's periodontal condition is not good. The main symptoms are bleeding gums and peculiar smell in the mouth. Anti-periodontal drugs are better, and the ingredients against periodontitis bacteria will be better. Children must be anti-caries, there should be no peculiar smell, it should not be too irritating, and it should not be swallowed by children. There are also some young people who like to have whiter teeth, and some have added some bleaching ingredients. See what your individual needs are. You can also consult the opinions of professionals, ask the dentist to check the situation, and see if it is suitable for a class. It is not recommended to use the same toothpaste for more than three months in a row. If the ingredients in any one thing are dependent, it will not be very good.

Host Wang Ying: Or do you want to keep changing?

Hao Hui: I personally suggest that it would be better to change. There is a bacterial environment in the mouth, and there is a problem of bacterial flora balance. If one type of things is used for a long time, the oral environment will be dysbacteriological. I suggest making some adjustments and changing it in about three months. Gargling with light salt water will not affect the flora environment of the mouth and will not affect the balance of the flora.

Host Wang Ying: I'm so nervous about what you said. Why do you feel like you have the symptoms of your teeth just now? There are holes in the teeth, the periodontal period is not very good, the gums are a little red, and they bleed easily. What about choosing toothpaste? Is it multifunctional?

Hao Hui: I think so. The symptoms you just mentioned, such as healthy gums, do not bleed, and healthy teeth do not have obvious symptoms such as soreness and sensitivity. Once your gums bleed, if you brush your teeth correctly and your gums bleed, it's actually a reminder that it's time to see a dentist. Bleeding gums, blood is a particularly good bacteria culture machine. There is a group of environment in the mouth, bleeding provides the environment, bacteria multiply quickly, and the condition in the mouth is actually not good, and simply using toothpaste cannot solve the problem. Be sure to ask a dentist for a checkup and judgment. Regardless of systemic factors, 99% of bleeding gums are caused by inflammation of the gums stimulated by stones.

Host Wang Ying: You specifically mentioned gargling with salt water just now. There are various mouthwashes with different brands on the market. Are there any rules for using mouthwashes? In the morning, at noon, or just after eating?

Hao Hui: All dental problems are related to bacteria. Everyone has this concept. Caries and periodontal disease are all related to bacteria. All oral health care is aimed at controlling bacteria, do not produce a lot of bacteria, and keep the oral environment as clean as possible, and the oral cavity is also a group environment. We use dental floss, mouthwash and everything for plaque control.

    Is it beneficial to use mouthwash for a long time?

The flora environment needs to balance the flora. I personally do not recommend long-term dependence on a certain brand of mouthwash for a long time. The composition of the mouthwash is also different. In a sense, there is a certain amount of alcohol in the mouthwash. Saliva, the composition of saliva is different, and the affected stones and plaque are also different. We hope to have a certain flow rate and concentration. Some types of mouthwashes contain alcohol, which can lead to dry mouth and slow saliva flow in the mouth, making it easier for bacteria to adhere. The saliva also has a self-cleaning effect and can be washed away. The surface of the tooth has the function of globulin. I don't recommend staring at one brand for mouthwash and using it every day. My personal suggestion is that the manufacturer of mouthwash may be in a hurry with me.

Light salt water is the same as body fluids and does not affect the imbalance of flora. For example, when the gums are bleeding and inflamed, the teeth are swollen and the throat is uncomfortable in the past two days. In a short period of time, about a week, it is okay to use mouthwash continuously. However, it is not recommended for regular use.

Host Wang Ying: The salt water gargle is only limited to the evening, or can it be used in the morning and evening?

Hao Hui: Rinse mouth is relatively simple. Many are in the office, brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, and it will be embarrassing to be in the office at noon. I will tell my guests to rinse my mouth after eating in the office at noon, and rinse off the large pieces, and take a small floss box, the size of a lighter, for the rest, and it takes two or three minutes to go to the bathroom. Finish flossing. This is better, if you bring a toothbrush is better. I think the toothbrush is placed in the office, and the water in many offices is not particularly convenient. I suggest working comrades that brushing your teeth in the morning and evening is a must, gargling with dental floss and salt water, which are available in the market, or gargling with edible salt.

Host Wang Ying: Will flossing for a long time make the gap thicker?

Hao Hui: No. I only have gap brushes here. There is a contact point between the teeth and the teeth, and then this place is the gums. There is a band in the middle of the gums. The gingival sulcus band is 1-2 mm. When you brush your teeth, you can go in, but something will come in. The dental floss passes between the two teeth. Between, first through the contact point, and then to the side of the tooth. It's not very good to teach everyone this. Flossing can go where a toothbrush cannot. Most floss is flat, thin, and doesn't artificially spread the teeth.

To use dental floss, you must go to a regular store to buy special oral dental floss. Some people say that it is okay to use dental floss anyway, because the diameter is different. It's better to be professional. Flossing should be done between each tooth.

The purpose of flossing, flossing correctly without bleeding means you are healthy. Bleeding from the floss also indicates that you have a problem. The second floss is smooth when taken out. If it is hairy, it generally indicates that there is early decay between the two teeth, and it can also be used as a self-examination tool. When the floss is finished, the floss is opened, indicating that there is caries in the middle, and the edges are incomplete and not smooth.

Moderator Wang Ying: After a friend flosses, brushes his teeth in the morning and evening and rinses his mouth, he feels that brushing too many times will cause problems to his teeth?

Hao Hui: It's okay to use the tremor of the wrist. We have done statistics. After brushing your teeth at night and not brushing your teeth in the morning, the amount of bacteria in the mouth is still very large. If it is 24 hours, the amount of bacteria in the mouth is very large, and it is prone to periodontal problems and dental caries. Brushing at least twice a day must be guaranteed.

Host Wang Ying: Today, I know that the dental expert came to the studio, and many netizens have prepared some questions. Let's take a look.

Netizen: Should you brush your teeth immediately after eating sugary and sour foods?

Hao Hui: This is also controversial. It is sweet and sour. It is not recommended to brush your teeth right away. You can rinse your mouth with water first. Then, brush your teeth and wait for at least half an hour. The sugar itself is sour, and the environment in the mouth is sour. If our teeth and the neck called cementum are relatively soft, if there is acid at this time, then If you go to brush, it will wear more to the teeth. I personally do not recommend brushing your teeth immediately after eating sour food, rinse your mouth with water a little, and then brush for about half an hour.

How to teach kids to brush their teeth

Netizen: How to cultivate children's awareness of protecting their teeth, and how to teach children to brush their teeth? From birth to the time when children can brush their teeth, what should parents do to assist in tooth care?

Hao Hui: Children are living a very happy life now. Parents attach great importance to them. Children should have all their teeth since they were two and a half years old. Now many parents will ask me how to take care of their teeth when they start growing in more than 6 months.

From six months to two and a half years old, children should not be allowed to sleep with a baby bottle. Sleeping with a baby bottle is not good for the child's teeth. Generally, there is sugar in it, which is not very good. It is best to drink some water after drinking milk, which is better for the baby teeth. From half a year old, there are all kinds of health care items, as well as paper sleeves, and swallowable ones. I feel like brushing my child's teeth with a paper sleeve. Mom needs to worry about taking good care of the baby.

Until the age of two and a half, I don't expect them to brush too well, and they can't do it. What's more important is to cultivate the awareness of the children. When everyone is brushing their teeth, the children stand next to him and give him a toothbrush and let him Imitation is good, but it does not say how well it can make children brush, but more to make children conscious, pay attention to teeth, and have the habit of brushing teeth.

Moderator Wang Ying: The role of parents as role models and demonstrations is very important.

Hao Hui: I will ask parents to bring their children. Sometimes from the age of six months or one year old, they will not be allowed to do anything when they come, and it will not be so scary to let him see the teeth. Let him touch his teeth, move the machine, and don't let the child feel that teeth are such a scary thing. When I get there, I will climb on the chair to play for a while, and I don't think it is so scary. I even stepped on the drill to let him hear the sound. When he grew up, I asked him to visit the dentist regularly. At about 4 years old, the pits and fissures were closed, and the children's teeth were not replaced until 8 or 9 years old. It would be so scary to do these treatments and feel very comfortable.

Host Wang Ying: Now many good kids have pacifiers, but they don't have milk. Do they also erode their teeth?

Hao Hui: The problem is not too big. From a dental point of view, it is not recommended for children to hold that, as it will affect the development of the mouth and lead to future deformities. From a psychological point of view, I feel that children need this. I reserve my opinion, see the parents. See which is more important, if you think the child's psychology is more important, you should worry about it, rinse your mouth, rinse your mouth, and check.

    What are the methods of teeth whitening

Host Wang Ying: Have you noticed the changes in society and the times when you are doing this business? Many people have begun to attach great importance to the beauty of their teeth, including some public figures, who have more teeth and need to have their teeth re-implanted. Many celebrities also keep their teeth, but use a layer of inlays to whiten them. What is the professional term?

Hao Hui: Veneers.

Host Wang Ying: Can it maintain a permanent whitening effect? Or treat the symptoms instead of the root cause?

Hao Hui: I have been doing it slowly for so many years. I publicize it as cosmetic restoration, and I will not encourage everyone to do so. I think health is the most important thing, and health is the most beautiful. Of course everyone's requirements are different.

First of all, it is necessary to have healthy teeth and healthy gums, and it is understandable to hope for some more perfect things in the future. Methods include simple whitening, veneers, and even all-porcelain. Scaling and polishing, the color of the outer teeth can be removed. Like washing your face, the dirt and mud on your face can be washed off. The teeth stained on the teeth can be restored to their original teeth by scaling and polishing. Teeth will also be black and white, and it is not realistic to achieve whitening effect through teeth cleaning. I hope to have better requirements, I can think of teeth that are more beautiful and white, and can do bleaching. I always feel like a lesbian doing hair dye.

Host Wang Ying: I know

Hair dye is harmful to hair and body, what about teeth bleaching?

Hao Hui: The U.S. has done a lot and has done a lot of research. The ingredients are very safe. It was used as an anti-caries for teeth in the early days. I also do bleaching personally, and I do it myself. I told my friends that it is relatively flexible and willing to do it. There are whitening products in family clothes. If I am in a better mood recently, I have a very important entertainment tonight, and I can do it myself at home. once. Its damage should be negligible, and it does not rule out that very few friends have a reaction, just like dyeing hair. Everyone also knows that dyeing and perming hair is not good for the body, but this degree should be acceptable. Bleaching is still acceptable. The United States is very strict, but everyone does a lot of bleaching. In American clinics, there are even specialized clinics that do teeth whitening and do nothing else, and the demand is also very large. Bleaching is still safe and workable. The problem with it, you need to refill it regularly, want to do it forever after bleaching, unlikely.

Host Wang Ying: How long does it take to add more?

Hao Hui: Our requirement should be about two years. Because everyone has higher requirements now, the good friends around me will do it again after three and a half months. This should also be OK, the frequency should not be too high, some do it once every two weeks is a bit exaggerated, but it is also possible to do it every three months and half a year.

Host Wang Ying: This varies from person to person.

Netizen: What should people who smoke and drink coffee have yellow teeth do? Can it be whitened?

Hao Hui: Smoking and drinking tea, Chinese people are more aware of health preservation. I'm really embarrassed about drinking tea. Everyone asks me, I think drinking tea is good for the whole body, and drinking tea will make the teeth more yellow. If you still like to drink tea, don't stop it, there are pigments on the teeth, scaling, and bleaching can be done. Smoking is not good for the teeth, the whole body, the periodontal, the oral health and beauty, etc. It is recommended that friends smoke less if they can smoke less, and it is better not to smoke.

Host Wang Ying: If you want your teeth to be healthy and whitened.

Hao Hui: It also requires some price. It is best to quit smoking, quit slowly, and gradually reduce the amount. Dentists definitely do not recommend smoking.

Moderator Wang Ying: With treatment, the teeth can be completely changed, otherwise it can only cure the symptoms but not the root cause.

Hao Hui: Implantation will also be involved in the future. Smoking will affect implantation. Periodontal disease is also related to smoking. Still don't recommend smoking.

Host Wang Ying: At the end of the show, Dr. Hao will gossip with you. Why is dental treatment so expensive now?

Hao Hui: Is it expensive?

Host Wang Ying: Do you think it's okay?

Hao Hui: I think so. Tooth treatment is expensive because you have saved too many problems. I don't know if this will hurt everyone. Buying a new car will have regular maintenance, and the cost of each maintenance will not be particularly large. Then if you have a dental visit, it will start to grow at 6 months, until the baby teeth grow at the age of 2 and a half, and the teeth will be replaced at the age of 6 until the age of 12. If the average life expectancy is 80 years old, if you do not do any maintenance in the middle, there will be serious problems.

If you usually take good care of it and solve all the small problems, there will be no big treatment costs. We brush our teeth, rinse our mouths, and even use electric toothbrushes, etc. The average cost is a few dollars a day. If we save these problems until the teeth and periodontal disease are very serious, if we don’t wash our teeth, the teeth will become loose, fall off, and get dentures. Definitely expensive.

A simple repair for a small hole costs a few hundred dollars, but if it becomes a big hole, it will cost thousands of dollars to damage the nerves. Even if the tooth is extracted again, it will cost tens of thousands to plant a tooth. How to understand this expensive. Everything has a price. If you want to save a little bit, you usually pay more attention to the details, you take good care of yourself, there will be no major problems with your teeth, and naturally it will not be expensive.

Host Wang Ying: Your analogy is very good. We need to keep a car, and we usually spend so much money, not to mention having good teeth. Maintaining your teeth is a huge profit, and it is also a cost-saving cost. Therefore, you should pay attention to protection at ordinary times, so as not to have problems in the end.

Hao Hui: I joked recently that the price of everything is going up. Before buying a house, I have some old clients who have been with me for more than ten years. I think dental implants are expensive now, but not so expensive before. I think you are worth it, and there is room for appreciation. higher than buying a house. The small problem has been solved before. Even if I have two tooth cleanings every year, it will only cost a few hundred yuan. If I save the problem to a big one, it is really a lot of money. Now the treatment costs tens of thousands of yuan.

Host Wang Ying: It is very important to invite you here today. You should always pay attention to the protection of your teeth. As for the method you said, we can't say too much. I see that there are still a lot of problems. We also hope to invite you again. Let's communicate again, thank you.

Hao Hui: Thank you.

Host Wang Ying: I also thank all netizens for watching, our health program, once a week, see you next time.

Exclusive advice in this issue

Choose a toothbrush with a round head, and the strength of the bristles is moderate, not too hard or too soft. Brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle, and the axis with the teeth is 45 degrees. Brush up and down, allowing a certain degree of tremor, upper teeth down, and lower teeth toward superior. The gums have a gingival pocket, and the bristles of the toothbrush can go into the range of 1 mm, which can clean the gingival pocket. Each tooth is divided into 4 lines, up and down, left and right, the whole brush down, the approximate time should be 3-5 minutes.

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