Experts teach you how to massage to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort

Abdominal distension, vomiting and diarrhea, nausea and irritability, loss of appetite.... . You must be familiar with these symptoms. With the increase of life pressure, boring work, irregular diet, functional gastrointestinal discomfort has become one of the health killers that plague people. What aspects should we start from to maintain the stomach? On August 12, Sina Health specially invited Qi Honglai, director of the specialist department of Beijing Massage Hospital and chief physician, to help you.

Guest of this issue: Qi Hong, director of the specialist department and chief physician of Beijing Massage Hospital

Good afternoon, all Sina netizens!

Host Wang Ying: Hello, dear Sina netizens and friends, welcome to watch Sina Health's wellness program. I am host Wang Ying.

Now life is also very stressful, and everyone’s diet is not particularly regular, which has caused many friends to have stomach problems. How to let more netizens and friends take care of their stomachs, I specially invited an expert to detail today. Have a chat. Qi Hong, director of the specialist department and chief physician of Beijing Massage Hospital, welcomes you.

Qi Hong: Hello, host, friends.

Host Wang Ying: Are there many friends who have stomach discomfort?

Qi Hong: Yes.

Host Wang Ying: What is the reason?

What factors are likely to induce gastrointestinal discomfort

Qi Hong: A bad stomach is a very common syndrome. The cause of bad stomach is considered by Chinese medicine to be a bad spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine is different from western medicine. The spleen in Chinese medicine is the source of biochemistry and the factory that produces qi and blood. After a person eats food, it first enters the stomach, then transmits it to the small intestine, and the small intestine transmits it to the spleen. Through the rising function of the spleen, nutrients are distributed to the whole body. That is to say, the function of the spleen in Chinese medicine involves the human body. throughout the digestion and absorption process.

There are many reasons that can lead to the decline of human spleen and stomach function. For example, exogenous cold pathogens, dampness pathogens trapping the spleen, overeating cold, drug stimulation, overeating and so on. In recent years, another main reason is that the liver and spleen are not in harmony. Nowadays, people's life pace is faster and work pressure is higher. This often leads to stagnation of liver stasis and qi, resulting in abdominal distension and diarrhea.

Moderator Wang Ying: After your introduction, many netizens understand that it is not surprising that your stomach is not good. We have to undergo too many tests. It is not good to eat too much, and it is not good to eat too little. The weather is too hot and humid. Too much thinking and too much stress can cause a bad stomach. The stomach is damaged, and it is not good. How can we adjust or cure it?

Qi Hong: Traditional Chinese medicine has many methods for gastrointestinal treatment and health care. TV stations have many programs about health preservation and health care, and everyone has come into contact with them. Among the many treatment methods and health care methods, massage can be said to be a very effective method.

Host Wang Ying: Can any gastrointestinal condition be treated by massage?

Qi Hong: No, massage is mainly used to treat functional gastrointestinal discomfort, such as gastric ulcers and so on. Massage can only be done if the organ has substantial lesions.

Moderator Wang Ying: The functional popular point is that mild stomach discomfort can be solved by massage?

Qi Hong: Yes. Functional first, in the absence of organic lesions, plus the reasons mentioned above, the phenomenon of stomach discomfort all belong to functional gastrointestinal disorders.

Host Wang Ying: How to massage?

Massage to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort

Qi Hong: It can regulate the spleen and stomach through local stimulation of manipulation and stimulation of meridian and acupoints. Generally speaking, it is divided into local manipulation and distal acupuncture, which are implemented through these two steps.

Moderator Wang Ying: You teach us a few tricks, the best ones are simple and easy to use, or you can use them when you have a break in the office.

Qi Hong: Yes. I will tell my friends some simple massage and health care methods for gastrointestinal diseases.

The first one is abdominal breathing. Use both hands to overlap the Laogong acupoints. When making a fist, the gap between the fingers and the gap between the ring fingers overlap, and they are placed at the position of the navel to cooperate with abdominal breathing. Inhale to puff up your belly, and exhale to retract your belly. Under normal circumstances to do about 10-30 times. Abdominal breathing is to squeeze the stomach and intestines through the action of upper and lower levels, and also plays the role of self-massage. The second point is to touch the abdomen. Move both hands in a clockwise direction with the navel as the center. Under normal circumstances, it is 100-300 times.

Host Wang Ying: Does this need persistence?

Qi Hong: This requires persistence.

Host Wang Ying: Do you do it every day or several times?

Qi Hong: Health massage is to be done every day. Generally, this whole set of techniques is about 10-20 minutes. If the time is tight, you can do it for 10 minutes. If the time is looser, it takes about 20 minutes. Generally, it should be done in the morning or when you fall asleep. This is the best time to do it. Change your clothes to looser ones. This is also more convenient to do.

The third is rubbing the abdomen. After the touch, the hands overlap the navel and start to rub in a circular motion, slowly rubbing in a clockwise direction. The method of kneading can effectively improve the blood supply of the gastrointestinal tract. After finishing it, I feel that the stomach is hot, this is effective.

Host Wang Ying: I would like to remind all netizens that the second step is different from the third step.

Qi Hong: The second step is to move the big circle. The third step is kneading. The palm is in close contact with the skin, and there is no friction. The fourth method is to point acupoints. We take three acupoints in the abdomen, one is Zhongwan acupoint, the middle and lower part of the navel and the stomach. This is very good for adjusting the gastrointestinal function. When pressing, put the middle fingers of both hands on this position, slowly press down with the strength of the wrist, cooperate with breathing, inhale to relax, and exhale slowly to press down, there is a feeling of soreness. Tianshu acupoint, open 2 cun beside the navel, put food and ring fingers together, the method of pressing is also to cooperate with breathing, exhale and press down, inhale to relax. Under normal circumstances, you can do 6-9 breaths.

Host Wang Ying: This is easier than 100 laps.

Qi Hong: Yes. The next method is to beat the back. There are many important back-shu points on both sides of the back, so the method of beating is used. Make fists with both hands, and empty fists are enough. Use the back of the fist as far as possible. The position of the back and waist junction is where the stomach and spleen are. The hands are constantly beating. It's best if someone massages you.

If you look at the computer when you are at work, it is better to sit and beat for a long time. It can adjust the stomach and back.

The last method is the calf, regardless of the left and right legs. Zusanli, Shangjuxu, the Shanghe point of the stomach, large intestine and small intestine are very good for adjusting the stomach and intestines. We beat it from top to bottom with empty fists. This line is exactly at the bulge of the muscle. on the bone. There is a very obvious feeling of soreness when thumping. Both left and right legs should be hammered.

Host Wang Ying: How long does it take to press, how long to knead, and how long to beat? For those with a bad stomach.

Qi Hong: Through the massage method, it should be maintained every day. Because the adjustment of the spleen and stomach is a relatively long process. In addition, while adjusting the massage, we also need to correct some of the usual bad habits. For example, in Chinese medicine, there are two types of diet, one should be clean, including personal hygiene and dietary hygiene. In addition, there must be moderation, and usually do not overeating, or eat cold, greasy, raw and spicy food, etc. This is moderation.

Host Wang Ying: When you see something good, don't try to eat it.

Qi Hong: Yes. Chinese medicine believes that three meals a day, regular and quantitative, eat less, eat more, eat more, eat more, and suffer.

Host Wang Ying: Then you have to keep your mouth shut.

Qi Hong: According to the change of the weather, you need to add clothes to keep you warm and so on. Proper exercise also requires a comprehensive process. This will make your stomach feel better.

Host Wang Ying: What else should we pay attention to in terms of diet? For friends who already have a deficiency of the spleen and stomach?

Qi Hong: Friends with deficiency of the spleen and stomach are not good for cold environment and cold food. Generally, he will experience abdominal pain and diarrhea immediately after he arrives in a cold environment and eats cold food.

Host Wang Ying: Don't eat cold food when you are already deficient.

Qi Hong: Yes. He is the type of person who hates cold and likes warmth. The external conditions should first pay attention to being full and warm, and do not always stay in a cold environment. In terms of diet, you can eat some warm foods.

Moderator Wang Ying: For those who have stomach fire and are opposed to deficiency cold, do you want to turn it around?

Qi Hong: The diet must be light, not too big or too spicy.

Host Wang Ying: I have a lot of friends around me, who feel that stomach pain is not a serious matter, take morphine, or stop eating, and let it clear up. Is this a good way?

Qi Hong: Yes. Stomach problems are mild at the beginning. If you don’t pay attention and get timely treatment, the symptoms will gradually worsen. Some bad treatment methods often cover up the condition, we still recommend going to the hospital for a look.

Host Wang Ying: What are the adverse consequences of a bad stomach?

Qi Hong: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that a bad stomach is due to disharmony between the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach are the acquired foundation of the human body, the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and also the processing plant for human production of qi and blood. The human spleen and stomach function is not good. The symptoms of this person are weak qi and blood, weak qi and blood, which is often referred to as lack of righteousness, and may suffer from many kinds of diseases.

Host Wang Ying: What about the appearance?

Qi Hong: From the appearance, people with a bad spleen and stomach show relatively thin body, pale complexion, and lack of muscle strength. Depressed, not very excited state.

Host Wang Ying: If it is serious, what kind of diseases will it cause from a pathological point of view?

Qi Hong: A lot. Because the lack of righteousness in the human body can lead to many serious diseases.

Host Wang Ying: So many friends should pay attention. You can try the massage method taught by Director Qi. You can try it today.

Let's see what questions you netizens have.

Netizen: Hello expert, I am a 57-year-old male, who suffered from atrophic gastritis nine years ago, and lost less than 60 kilograms. Taking traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning is basically normal, but every spring and winter, especially when the weather is cooler When I eat, my stomach will be uncomfortable, I will not digest food, I always need to take medicine, and I am underweight. I am 1.7 meters tall and weigh less than 65 kilograms. Many people always ask me why I am so thin. I insist on massaging Zusanli, Tianshu and other acupoints every day, but I haven't seen any obvious effect for more than half a year. How should I treat it?

Host Wang Ying: Did you miss the acupuncture point?

Qi Hong: Maybe your method of operation is not correct. From his height and weight, it's basically okay, not too thin.

Atrophic gastritis is best to take other treatment methods. Of course, massage can play a supporting role. For example, from the acupoints at the far end, you can do it, and it is still good for him.

Host Wang Ying: As said at the beginning of the program, there are two types of stomach problems, one is functional and the other is organic. This friend is organic. The effect of massage is not very obvious.

Qi Hong: We do not advocate local massage therapy.

Netizen: Every day after noon, the lower abdomen begins to bloat, the whole lower abdomen is full of bloated, and the right rib is sore. It will be more comfortable after expulsion. I always feel like I'm not finishing my bowel movements in the morning. Is it a stomach or intestinal problem? Can I have a massage?

Qi Hong: For this friend's symptoms, I suggest that you should go to the hospital to find a professional for some tests. There are symptoms of pain on the right side. For this symptom, organic problems must first be ruled out.

Host Wang Ying: Some friends say that they have a bad stomach and often burp and exhale? Is it a bad stomach?

Qi Hong: The stomach plays a role of conduction downward, and the spleen plays a role of sending nutrients upward to the whole body. Under normal circumstances, the rise of temper and the decline of stomach-qi are normal physiological functions. If the diet hurts the stomach, the effect of the stomach's downward conduction is affected. Food will stay in the stomach, causing stomach gas to drown and hiccups. You can click on this point, Jianjing point, the bulge between the muscles and the shoulders, squeeze down with three fingers, there is a very sore feeling. There is a relief effect.

Netizen: I am a 46-year-old female, and I feel sick in my stomach after eating very little at night. Recently, I ate very little at night for half a year and lost weight. What is the general reason for this?

Qi Hong: It is also necessary to go to the hospital for examination. There are many reasons for the impact of weight loss, and there are many consumptive diseases. It should be diagnosed first and then massage therapy.

Host Wang Ying: Many netizens asked us a lot of questions before. Director Qi and I also took a look. The director meant that you should describe your symptoms in more detail, otherwise we cannot make a judgment. Friends who leave a message next time Be careful, be careful.

Netizen: In dog days, the stomach and abdomen feel cold to the touch, and I dare not eat raw and cold food, otherwise it will be a thousand miles away. How to relieve the symptoms?

Qi Hong: In this case, in dog days, the humidity is relatively high, and the humidity will have an effect on the spleen and stomach. The main function of the spleen is to moisten water and dampness, and the water in the human body must be excreted through the kidneys through the action of the spleen. Heavy external humidity will affect the function of the spleen, causing this function to not play properly. Weakness of the spleen will affect the yang qi, and diarrhea will occur when it encounters cold. For the symptoms of the spleen and stomach that are dominated by cold and cold, we can take the method of warming and do Ai Gui.

Moderator Wang Ying: He has already noticed that it is deficient cold, and he does not dare to eat raw and cold food, so he can adjust it with warm food.

What should I do if I have a bad stomach and bad breath?

Netizen: I have bad gastrointestinal digestion and bad breath. Is there any simple massage method to improve it? I have seen a doctor and there is no bacterial infection.

Qi Hong: In the case of heavy breath, in traditional Chinese medicine, it still belongs to stomach heat. Food cannot be digested well, and gas is expressed upwards through the stomach.

Host Wang Ying: Is it the usual stomach fire?

Qi Hong: Yes. We will introduce an acupoint, Nei Ting acupoint, the position between the second toe and the third toe. We often pinch with our fingernails. This feels more meridian.

Host Wang Ying: We also have experience in pressing our feet. Wherever it hurts, it means it's not good.

Qi Hong: Every part of foot massage has a reflection area, and the changes in the reflection area, including color, etc., are reflected in the function of the corresponding organs.

Host Wang Ying: The method you taught us just now is very painful to press. Is there a connection?

Qi Hong: This is related, but it hurts even if there is no fire.

Netizen: Frequent constipation, how can massage relieve the symptoms? Is there a time limit?

Qi Hong: This should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Traditional Chinese medicine for the spleen and stomach diseases is generally divided into deficiency symptoms and actual symptoms. The same is true for constipation. . Otherwise, the treatment method is contrary, not only can't get rid of the disease, but will aggravate.

Exclusive advice in this issue

Massage to nourish the stomach: abdominal breathing, overlap the Laogong acupoints with both hands, when making a fist, overlap the fingers between the fingers and the ring finger, place them at the position of the navel, and cooperate with abdominal breathing. Inhale to puff up your belly, and exhale to retract your belly. Under normal circumstances to do about 10-30 times. Abdominal breathing is through the action of all levels up and down the intestines Stomach is squeezed, but also play the role of self-massage. The second point is the belly. Move both hands in a clockwise direction with the navel as the center.

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