Famous Chinese Medicine Health Preservation Doctors Talk about How to Supplement Food in Winter

Ye Mao, a doctor of medicine and a famous health practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, visited Sina Health and Health Preservation to explain what precautions are there in winter food supplement for everyone. What foods can keep out the cold and warm the stomach? What are the taboos in winter food supplement? Are precious traditional Chinese medicines and ointments really useful? How to supplement according to one's constitution? At 15 o'clock on December 16, experts will answer for you. The following is a transcript of the interview:

Host Wang Ying: Dear Sina netizens, hello everyone. Welcome to Sina Health's health program. I am host Wang Ying. Today's topic of conversation with you is about keeping in good health in winter. A special guest is Ye Mao, a doctor of medicine and a famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Welcome to Mr. Ye.

Ye Mao: Hello, netizens, good afternoon.

Host Wang Ying: First of all, what kind of principles should be paid attention to in winter health preservation?

Ye Mao: Chinese people pay more attention to the concept of health preservation, and now as our living standards are getting higher and higher, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation. Health preservation is the meaning of maintaining life and health. In fact, there are two points that ordinary people pay more attention to when doing health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine. The first point is to the concept of the unity of man and nature, that is, to conform to nature, to maintain oneself according to the law of growth and demise of nature, and to adjust one's internal balance to maintain health while conforming to nature. When we keep in good health, we must do these two things. One is to understand what nature is, and the second is to find our own internal balance. It seems to be a little difficult to understand.

Host Wang Ying: I feel a little far away. How do you call it let nature take its course and how do you call it unity of body and mind?

Basic principles of winter tonic

Ye Mao: For example, when the weather is hot, we should also be hot, and when the weather is cold, we should also be cold. This cannot be reversed. If you want your own internal balance, when I keep in good health, my body is at least comfortable, not irritable, and my mood is calm. When I get angry, I clear the fire, and when I get cold, I am full and warm. This is a relatively common understanding. There is also a little bit about what is the concept of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine? There is a concept of spirit and spirit in the common understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, and ordinary people will say that this person has a good spirit, a good look and a well-proportioned figure. The first is the concept of essence. Traditional Chinese medicine can be simply understood as the essence of reproduction, which is brought to us by everyone's parents when they come to the world. It can probably be understood as the genetic gene of Western medicine. What we maintain is the spirit and spirit, which is good in function and long in time. For example, when each of us comes to this world, we light a small oil lamp, but the amount of oil that is determined by nature is different, and it is different. This is all strange, and the strangeness of nature is here. The process of our health preservation is to use our own lamp oil in a more correct way. If you use less lamp oil properly, it may burn for a longer time. If you cannot burn more lamp oil, it will burn out faster.

Host Wang Ying: The existence of congenital genes should also be maintained.

Ye Mao: Yes, this is the process of pursuing health preservation.

Host Wang Ying: what are the characteristics of the weather like winter? many traditional Chinese medicine experts say that spring, summer, autumn harvest and winter storage. What does this storage mean?

Ye Mao: We realize that the changes in nature are obviously different in winter from those in summer. The earth's atmosphere has converged and its vitality has declined. Everything is in the hidden season. In the past, when grain was harvested during the farming season, everyone had to "cat winter", that is, when grain was harvested in winter, they had to rest at home, which was related to the season. The health preservation in several seasons in the inner sutra is very classic. The characteristic of the winter climate season is that winter and March are wall storage, which means collection. Therefore, in winter, we should try our best to reduce our activities. The health preservation that conforms to nature means that all things are hidden, and people, as creatures, should also reduce their activities. The reduction of activities can also be a supplement, supplement our energy and spirit, and lay a better foundation for our life in the coming year.

Host Wang Ying: Is going to bed early and getting up late also a way of hiding?

Ye Mao: Of course, this is also a good way to supplement, not only to eat. It is a supplement for us to eat something that suits our body better, but it is also a supplement for us to adjust our life rules and lifestyle without consuming in disguise. Therefore, when it comes to sleeping, our common concept understanding should be to go to bed early and get up early to be in good health, which reflects the characteristics of winter, because winter is dark early and late, and the winter solstice will be in a few days. That day is just the process of revival of yang qi. Before that, yin qi was the heaviest, and it was dark at 5 pm. The human body should also adapt to this time, go to bed early, yin qi itself rises early and converges early, and yang qi preserved when we go to bed early?

Host Wang Ying: What time do you want to go to bed early?

Ye Mao: It was earlier from the ancients. I will go to bed at 9 o'clock.

Host Wang Ying: Many people haven't finished work yet.

Ye Mao: Traditional Chinese medicine says that the noon nap is between 11 pm and 12 pm. This is very reasonable. I often tell some patients that some sub-health patients say that they are tired, tired, and don't look good. In fact, sleep is the best treatment. Many urban people have a fast pace of life, noisy life, and upset mood, and rarely stop. Time to live slowly, so sleep must be supplemented. In fact, the concept of sleeping at noon is also studied in western medicine, which is exactly the same as the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Because some studies believe that the period from 11 pm to early morning is the time when the human bone marrow is full of hematopoiesis, of course, it is during mature sleep. In addition, the liver and kidney are the two major metabolic organs of the human body, which is very important. During this period of time, it is necessary to detoxify and sleep more fully. Therefore, we often play and work during this period of time, do not sleep or calm down, qi and blood are always consumed and replenished very little, toxins are always accumulated in the body and cannot be excreted quickly. I think our physical condition is not optimistic.

Host Wang Ying: It's not enough to sleep alone. You have to sleep well. Only deep sleep can the kidneys and liver play a role in metabolism. How can you sleep well?

Ye Mao: It takes a lot of conditions to sleep well. First of all, is this person good at sleep? Some people have insomnia. Some patients have physical problems. Since he was 16 or 17 years old, he told me that I have been sleeping very lightly. I often wake up as soon as I walk. I think this situation has something to do with physical fitness and cannot be adjusted overnight. First of all, he should pay attention to adapt to natural changes. In winter, he must go to bed early and get up late. Even if he can't sleep, he must adjust his own rules, especially the problem of sleep rules. In fact, this is a biological clock problem, slowly adapt to slowly adjust, plus some food, drug adjustment. There are also some things that are easier to adjust, that is, there are a lot of things in the past two days, they are more irritable, or they suddenly can't sleep well, or they are only a few weeks and months. This is not a physical problem. It is relatively easy to adjust, and it is relatively fast to find some Chinese medicine to adjust.

Host Wang Ying: Many people like to wear light and light clothes in winter. Is it not conducive to keeping in good health in winter?

Ye Mao: In winter, traditional Chinese medicine says that it is necessary to dispel cold and warm and protect yang qi. This is also a concept that conforms to the balance of natural protection. It will be March 9 in a few days, but in the CBD area of Beijing, many beautiful women on the streets can often be seen. Some even wear silk stockings, long boots and short skirts and a windbreaker. I think such beautiful women are very attractive. Everyone likes to look at them twice. However, I think it needs to be discussed in the health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine, because we should pay attention to several parts, such as the head, feet and waist, especially during the menstrual period of women, which are more vulnerable to cold. There is also a concept in traditional Chinese medicine that winter hurts cold and spring brings febrile diseases. This concept is that if some cold is not dissipated in the body in winter, spring is the season when yang qi rises and develops, and the yang qi in the body also rises and develops with the natural environment. Even if the cold left in the previous winter is dissipated, it shows febrile diseases, febrile diseases, common colds, flu, rhinitis and bronchitis, respiratory-based diseases, or inexplicable low fever. Now many clinical patients are in the spring, when the winter and spring season, many hospitals will diagnose seasonal.

Host Wang Ying: But some people say that I am not cold in silk stockings.

Ye Mao: I believe he is really not cold, because people's physique is different. Some people are thin but yin deficiency and yang are prosperous. Maybe he is not cold, but his warmth is definitely not as good as cotton-padded jacket, because the cold directly touches the skin and will suffer directly in spring, which will become a chronic disease. This kind of cold may not be able to spread out in one spring, and there will be this kind of problem in the coming year, so it will happen every year.

Host Wang Ying: I planted roots, so I should wear more in winter. Even if you think you can bear the cold and heat outside, you still have a burden when you shake your body. When it comes to keeping in good health in winter, many netizens just think of tonic like me. Is there anything to pay attention?

Ye Mao: When it comes to eating, I think everyone is very happy. China has such a long-standing food culture and dishes have been served for a long time. Host, do you know why you need to supplement in winter, what to supplement, and which viscera?

Host Wang Ying: it's really difficult. I deserve to protect my waist, legs and joints where necessary. I don't know why I'm cold-proof. Is it necessary to lay a good foundation for the body in winter so that it can be squandered in spring and summer?

Ye Mao: I think this understanding is also quite right. It still has something to do with the season. Winter and March are a hidden season. Everything is the same as what you said. They all accumulate strength and wait until a better outbreak in the coming year. Therefore, winter activities should be less and supplements should be taken. There is also a five-element theory in traditional Chinese medicine, which organs are replenished in winter. Gold, wood, water, fire and soil correspond to heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. Heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney also correspond to the four seasons. Winter supplementation is mainly to replenish kidney.

Host Wang Ying: Some of my good sisters have kidney problems. Think back to the fact that they wore too little in winter when they went to school. Is it related?

Ye Mao: There may be a connection.

Host Wang Ying: I understand when you say kidney repair in winter, but I still need to wear more.

Ye Mao: Yes. In winter, most doctors think that it is still partial to tonifying kidney and yang. Traditional Chinese medicine says that yin and yang protect the root, so tonifying yang qi and merging the whole kidney merges with each other are firmly stored. Therefore, we mainly tonifying kidney and partial to tonifying kidney and yang in winter.

Host Wang Ying: What kind of medicine or food recommend can you give?

Ye Mao: there are many kinds, but this supplement should be divided into different groups, different times, different ages, are different, this is the natural more wonderful place, there are thousands of differences, traditional Chinese medicine says that it is very reasonable to treat according to people.

Host Wang Ying: Men and women, old and young, have different words to make up for. Should there be differences?

Ye Mao: What needs to be replenished most in winter should be some weak ones. For example, the elderly are weak or the young are not very good, and there are often problems, especially those who are prone to illness in winter. It is right time to replenish in winter. Like some healthy people, of course, there is no need to make up for it. You can adjust your situation with dietotherapy. The weak also need to be divided into different situations. For example, traditional Chinese medicine is divided into physique and physique is divided into many kinds. I am here to give you a brief talk about yin and yang, cold and heat.

First of all, let's talk about the situation of yang deficiency. yang deficiency is cold and cold. the main manifestation is that the face is not ruddy and yellow and white. another notable feature is that the limbs are cold. some patients told me that when he is in winter, his cold feet are like stepping on ice. Some light ones are cold fingers, it is difficult for you to shake hands with him to return to normal temperature, and you are not in good spirits. You are tired in winter, which is probably the case of yang deficiency.

Host Wang Ying: Yin deficiency?

Ye Mao: On the contrary, it is a state of deficiency and heat when the yang is weaker. Most of these people are thin, their hands and feet are not cold and weak, even sometimes they are dry, and their stools are dry.

Host Wang Ying: What should be paid attention to for yang deficiency and what should be paid attention to for yin deficiency?

Ye Mao: Yang deficiency, beef and mutton are more suitable and can be properly supplemented. There is a principle in all the supplements I mentioned, that is, to be moderate and not to be unrestrained.

Host Wang Ying: The teacher said that we would eat every day and eat every meal.

Ye Mao: Fruits like chestnuts, dried peanuts can also be used, oranges, longans and litchi from the south are also suitable, and cool ones like pears and grapefruit should be eaten less. There is also yang deficiency, which can be properly fed in the cold winter. I 'd like to give you a kidney tonifying wine called Cistanche deserticola. I 've brought some medicine here to show you. It's a antler piece.

Host Wang Ying: Is this expensive?

Ye Mao: This is more expensive, but it doesn't need too much, just a little.

Host Wang Ying: How much dose of wine to put those deer antler?

Ye Mao: 500 ml is about the same. This is Cistanche deserticola. There are more in Inner Mongolia and the quality is better. There are more in the desert. This is black after processing. There is also Du Zhong. Du Zhong is a kind of bark, but Du Zhong has a kind of stickiness. Let me show you.

Host Wang Ying: What does this mean?

Ye Mao: This shows the nourishment of this plant, it is kidney.

Host Wang Ying: Du Chong should be strong waist and kidney. Does this stickiness also distinguish the true from the false?

Ye Mao: Yes. A little Du heavy, a little Cistanche deserticola, add a little pilose antler, this is relatively dry, we can clean it and steam it in a pan, slightly cool it. The wine must be white.

Host Wang Ying: Is the degree limit?

Ye Mao: according to personal circumstances, for example, I don't like to drink very much, and whether it is mellow or Maotai flavor can be chosen according to my own preferences. One line less velvet antler, 20 or 30 grams of cistanche deserticola, and 20 or 30 grams of du weight. After steaming, the temperature drops slightly and soak in the wine. The wine may appear amber.

Host Wang Ying: How long will it take?

Ye Mao: According to the concentration of the wine, just look at it as amber.

Host Wang Ying: What kind of crowd is suitable for drinking?

Ye Mao: You can drink it, just don't give it to the children. Winter is approaching three or nine days, and this wine can be drunk for three or nine days in a row.

Host Wang Ying: Kidney-tonifying wine, we need this kind of practical, simple and easy way at home. What else is there to do?

Ye Mao: Moxibustion for people with yang deficiency is very good. We can buy moxibustion strips from traditional Chinese medicine shops. There are smokeless and smokeless ones. I suggest that everyone still buy smokeless ones. Moxibustion at Qi Hai Point is about two fingers below the navel. Moxibustion at Qi Hai warms the whole body. You can moxibustion twice a week for 15 minutes each time, from far to near, be careful not to burn yourself.

Host Wang Ying: When you say so, I think people with yang deficiency have a good winter. What about yin deficiency?

Ye Mao: People with yin deficiency eat less beef, mutton, prawns and other foods, and use less spicy seasonings when cooking, especially southern girls who eat such things are easy to get angry, so don't eat them. Like a foaming sea cucumber.

Host Wang Ying: there is a lot of controversy about how to eat sea cucumbers. Some people say that it is good for men to eat sea cucumbers, some people say that women eat sea cucumbers, and some people say that although they eat sea cucumbers well, they can't eat more.

Ye Mao: The collagen content of sea cucumber is relatively high, and the sex is flat and cool. No matter men and women have yin deficiency or dryness and heat, they can eat a little properly, just in moderation. Lotus root is also very good. In winter, you can cook some porridge and soup.

Host Wang Ying: Many netizens said that I have chronic diseases in winter. What should I do?

Ye Mao: there are many different types of chronic diseases. Now the more common chronic diseases are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as some gynecological diseases in women. When we are replenished in winter, it is good for healthy people to take proper diet therapy, but each of us has a process from birth to the end of our life. The time node is different. When the time node starts to retreat, we start to replenish in winter, which will lay a better foundation for the elderly. This male and female are different.

Host Wang Ying: What kind of point will you usually go down?

Ye Mao: Women care more. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that women's growth cycle is 7. Asian people have the most body and muscles at the age of 28. This is the best time for young women. But after 7 years, at the age of 35, people's spleen and stomach pulse began to decline, and their appearance began to be different. If you compare the photos you took at that time with those you took at the age of 27 or 28, there must be some changes. Even if you don't like to see photos at the age of 27 or 28, it will be more watery than this time.

Host Wang Ying: I am both happy and worried when you say this. I am worried that 28 years old has passed. I am glad that a woman is not 30 years old, but 35 years old.

Ye Mao: From the age of 35, the appearance began to wither and the hair fell off. After the age of 42, it was another situation.

Host Wang Ying: What about men?

Ye Mao: Men change every 8 years, starting from the age of 16 when he enters puberty.

Host Wang Ying: To the age of 32 is the peak.

Ye Mao: It starts to decline at the age of 40. Everyone is such a life process, so to understand themselves, women need to properly recuperate themselves when they are 35 years old, pay attention to winter tonic, pay attention to proper exercise, and when men are 40 years old, they should understand that their bodies are beginning to decline. Some living habits should not consume themselves too much and lay a foundation for old age.

Host Wang Ying: I particularly understand what you said at the beginning of the program that man and nature should be one. Sometimes we should make some efforts for human sake, but sometimes we should follow the laws of nature. Therefore, when you have some problems at a certain age, you should be optimistic and receive active treatment. If you want to have no problems, you can continue to take good care and pay attention to health preservation. Due to time constraints, we still need to give some questions to netizens. What this netizen said is, what do people in their 30 s and 40 s need to pay attention to in their winter diet, do they need supplements?

Ye Mao: This should depend on the personal situation. Both men and women in their 30 s and 40 s should pay attention to it. For example, women have a cold constitution, with some dysmenorrhea and cold limbs. At this time, I have a prescription to introduce to you, which is called Danggui Private Powder.

Host Wang Ying: Is this suitable for Yang deficiency or Yin deficiency?

Ye Mao: Yang deficiency and dysmenorrhea.

Host Wang Ying: It's very rich. Thank you, Mr. Ye, for carefully preparing these herbs to share with us.

Ye Mao: This is angelica, warm and fragrant. This is cassia twig, cassia twig we often use cinnamon, this is cassia twig is a small branch on the tree, this is white peony root, this is asarum, this is licorice, this is, wood tong should also be put less, plus jujube. These flavors can be ground into powder and boiled water to replace tea. The first 9. can be drunk two to three times a week for two 9. and three times a week, or the effect of making soup is also very good. I think some netizens have a lot of problems with cold limbs when they ask questions. This square head is very good. If you are interested, every professional Chinese medicine doctor should know that you can catch some medicine in this area nearby.

Host Wang Ying: this netizen said, I have a bad stomach, general digestion, cold, thin, reflux esophagitis and superficial gastritis, chronic pharyngitis, poor sleep, young and sick, how to recuperate?

Winter Classic Food Therapy

Ye Mao: This is more complicated. He has gastrointestinal problems, poor sleep, pharyngitis and acid reflux. It is probably judged that he is still suffering from yin deficiency and heat, and he is dry. Although he is yin deficiency and hot, he still has to pay attention to ward off cold. He also needs to avoid spicy food in his diet. He can properly grasp some medicated food, take some raw land, and add some tremella and lotus seeds to cuttlefish bones. In fact, the traditional Chinese medicine diet can be changed according to your own situation. You can boil 20 to 30 grams of raw land and about 15 grams of cuttlefish bones again, and steam the boiled water together with lotus seeds. You can eat more of this at ordinary times. If you can, you can add some fresh yam. This invigorates the spleen and stomach. You can eat more.

Host Wang Ying: Thank you, Mr. Ye, for sharing so many small methods with us. The time for winter tonic has come. Just now, Mr. Ye also introduced many small methods. You can go back and try them, but the most important thing to pay attention to is your own health preservation and health care. Thank you, our Sina health program is weekly, thank you for your attention!


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