Famous Chinese medicine health experts talk about how to supplement food in winter

Ye Mao, a doctor of medicine and a famous Chinese medicine wellness expert, visited Sina Health and Wellness Forum to interpret the precautions for winter food supplements? Which foods can keep the stomach warm? What are the taboos of winter food supplements? Are precious traditional Chinese medicines and ointments really useful? How to supplement according to the constitution? At 15:00 on December 16, experts will answer your questions. The following is the interview transcript:

Host Wang Ying: Dear Sina netizens, Hello everyone, welcome to watch Sina Health's wellness program. I am host Wang Ying. The topic I’m talking to you today is about winter health preservation, and a special guest is Ye Mao, a doctor of medicine and a famous traditional Chinese medicine nurse. Welcome, Mr. Ye.

Ye Mao: Hello, all netizens, good afternoon.

Moderator Wang Ying: First of all, what principles should be paid attention to in winter health preservation?

Ye Mao: Chinese people pay more attention to the concept of health preservation, and now as our living standards are getting higher and higher, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation. Health preservation means maintaining life and maintaining health. In fact, there are two points that ordinary people pay more attention to when doing health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine. The first point is the concept of the unity of nature and man, that is, to conform to nature, to maintain oneself according to the law of growth and death of nature, to adjust one's inner balance to maintain health while conforming to nature. When we maintain health, we must achieve these two points. One is to understand what nature is, and the second is to find our own inner balance. It seems that there is something that is not very easy to understand.

Host Wang Ying: I feel that the distance is a bit far.

Basic principles of winter tonic

Ye Mao: For example, when the weather is hot, we should also be warm, and when the weather is cold, we should also be cold. This cannot be reversed. If you want your own inner balance, at least my body is comfortable, not irritable, and my mind is calm. There is also a concept of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, what is the maintenance of the body? Traditional Chinese medicine generally understands that there is a concept of spirit and qi, and ordinary people will say that this person has a good spirit and spirit, looks good and has a well-proportioned figure. The first is the concept of essence. Traditional Chinese medicine can simply be understood as the essence of reproduction, which is what everyone brings to us from their parents when they come to the world. It can probably be understood as the genetic gene of Western medicine. What we care for is the spirit, qi and spirit, so that the function of the spirit and spirit is good, and the time is long. For example, each of us comes into this world with a small oil lamp lit, but the amount of oil in the lamp is determined by innateness, and it is different. This is all strange, and the strangeness of nature is here. The process of our health preservation is to use our own lamp oil in a more correct way. If you use it properly, the lamp oil with less oil may burn for a longer time. If the lamp oil is not burned properly, it will burn out sooner.

Host Wang Ying: Those who have congenital genes should also be nurtured.

Ye Mao: Yes, this is the process of health preservation.

Moderator Wang Ying: What are the characteristics of the weather in winter? Many Chinese medicine experts say that the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter are collected. What does this collection mean?

Ye Mao: We understand the changes in nature. Winter is obviously different from summer. In the past, everyone had to "cat winter" when they harvested grain during the farming season, that is, they had to rest at home after harvesting grain in winter, which was related to the season. The health preservation of several seasons in the internal scriptures is very classic. The characteristic of the winter climate season is that in March in winter, this is a wall collection, which means collection. Therefore, in winter, we try to reduce our activities as much as possible. To follow the natural health preservation means that all living things are hidden, and people as living things should also reduce their activities. If the activities are reduced, we can also be tonic to supplement our own spirit and spirit, and lay a better foundation for life in the coming year.

Host Wang Ying: Is going to bed early and getting up late also a way to hide?

Ye Mao: Of course, this is also a good way to supplement, not just eating. It is a tonic for us to eat something that is better for our body, but it is also a kind of supplement if we adjust our life rules and lifestyle so as not to consume in disguise. So when it comes to sleep, our common conceptual understanding should be to go to bed early and get up early to be healthy, which reflects the characteristics of winter, because winter is dark, early and late, and it will be the winter solstice in a few days, and it happens to be yang. In the process of revival, before this, the yin was at its heaviest, and at 5 o'clock in the afternoon it was completely dark. The human body also has to adapt to this time. It is necessary to go to bed earlier. Yin qi itself rises early and converges early. If we go to bed earlier, we can preserve yang qi?

Host Wang Ying: What time do you go to bed this morning?

Ye Mao: According to the ancients, it was relatively early, and it was time to go to bed at 9 o'clock.

Host Wang Ying: Many people haven't gotten off work yet.

Ye Mao: Traditional Chinese medicine says that the midnight sleep is between 11:00 and 12:00 in the evening. This is very reasonable. I often tell some patients that some sub-healthy patients say that they are tired, tired, and their complexion is not good. In fact, sleep is the best treatment method. Many urban people live a fast-paced, noisy life and are upset, and rarely stop and slow down. Time to live, so sleep must be supplemented. In fact, the concept of sleeping when you wake up in the afternoon, there is also some research in Western medicine, which is exactly in line with the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Because some studies believe that the period from 11 o'clock in the evening to the early morning is the time when the human bone marrow is full of hematopoiesis, of course, when it is deep sleep. In addition, the liver and kidneys are the two major metabolic organs of the human body, which are very important. During this period of time, it is necessary to detoxify and to get enough sleep. Therefore, we often play and work during this period of time. If we don’t sleep, we don’t calm down. Qi and blood are always consumed and replenished. Toxins are always accumulated in the body and cannot be quickly excreted. I think our physical condition is not optimistic. .

Moderator Wang Ying: Sleeping alone is not enough, you need to sleep well. Only deep sleep can the kidneys and liver play a role in metabolism. How can you sleep well?

Ye Mao: Sleeping well requires a lot of conditions. First of all, does this person sleep well? Some people have insomnia problems, and some patients have physical problems. Since he was 16 or 17 years old, he told me that I have been sleeping very lightly, and I often wake up when people move around. Now, I think this situation has something to do with the physique, and it cannot be adjusted overnight. First of all, he must pay attention to adapting to natural changes. In winter, he must go to bed earlier and wake up later. Even if he can't fall asleep, he must adjust his own rules, especially the problem of sleep rules. In fact, this is a problem of the biological clock, and it is slowly adjusted and adjusted, plus some adjustments of food and drugs. There are also some things that are easier to adjust, that is, I have more things in the past two days, I am more irritable, or I suddenly cannot sleep well, or it is only a few weeks or a few months. This is not a problem of physical fitness, it is relatively It is said that it is easier to adjust, but it is relatively quick to find some Chinese medicine practitioners to adjust.

Host Wang Ying: In winter, many people like to wear lighter and thinner clothes. Is it not good for winter health?

Ye Mao: In winter, Chinese medicine says that if you want to drive away the cold, you should keep warm and protect the yang qi. This is also in line with the concept of natural protection and balance. It will be 39 in a few days, but in the CBD area of ​​Beijing, you can often see many beautiful beauties on the streets, and some even just wear stockings, boots, skirts and a trench coat. I think such beauties are very eye-catching and everyone likes them. Look twice. But I think it needs to be discussed in terms of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, because we need to pay attention to several parts when we are warming up in winter, such as head, feet and waist, especially when women are menstruating, we should pay attention to protect the lower abdomen. These parts are more susceptible to cold. There is also a concept in traditional Chinese medicine that cold in winter and warm disease in spring. This concept is that if you feel some cold in the body in winter and do not disperse it, spring is the season of rising yang, and the yang in the body will also follow. When the natural environment rises, even if the cold left over from the previous winter is dispelled, it will manifest as a febrile disease, a febrile disease. The common ones are colds, flu, rhinitis, bronchitis, diseases of the respiratory system, or inexplicable low-grade fever. . Now clinically, many patients are in the spring, and many hospitals will diagnose seasonality during the winter and spring seasons.

Host Wang Ying: But some people say that I don't feel cold when I wear stockings.

Ye Mao: I believe that he is really not cold, because people's physiques are different, some people are thin but yin deficiency and yang are strong, maybe he is not cold, but his satiety is definitely not as good as cotton clothes, because of the cold Direct contact with the skin will directly suffer in the spring, and it will become a chronic disease. In one spring, the cold may not be dissipated completely, and there will be such problems in the coming year, so it occurs every year.

Host Wang Ying: The roots are just planted, so you should wear more clothes in winter when you need to wear them more. Even if you think the temperature outside is what you can bear, it is still a burden for your body to bear. When it comes to maintaining health in winter, many netizens think of supplements like me. Is there anything I need to pay attention to?

Ye Mao: When it comes to eating, I think everyone is very happy. China has such a long food culture, and there are many dishes. Do you know why you need tonic in winter?

Host Wang Ying: It's really hard. I deserve to protect my waist, legs, and joints where necessary. I don't know why it's cold. Is it necessary to lay a good foundation for the body in winter, and then spend it in spring and summer?

Ye Mao: I think this understanding is also correct. It has something to do with the seasons. Winter and March are a hidden season. Everything is the same as you said. Therefore, there should be less activities in winter and tonic. There are also which viscera tonic in winter. Traditional Chinese medicine has a five-element theory that gold, wood, water, fire and earth correspond to the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, and the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney also correspond to the four seasons.

Host Wang Ying: Some good sisters around me have kidney problems. Thinking back, they wore too little in winter when they went to school. Is it related?

Ye Mao: It may be related.

Moderator Wang Ying: I understand when you say that you need to nourish your kidneys in winter, but you still need to wear more.

Ye Mao: Yes. In winter, most doctors believe that it is to nourish the kidney and yang. Chinese medicine says that yin and yang protect the root, so the whole kidney meridian is fused and stored, so we mainly nourish the kidney and yang of the kidney in winter.

Host Wang Ying: Do you have any recommendations for medicinal herbs or foods?

Ye Mao: There are many kinds, but this supplement should also be divided into different groups of people, at different times, and at different ages. This is the wonderful part of nature. There are huge differences. It makes sense to rule because of people.

Host Wang Ying: Men, women, young and old also have different supplements. There should be differences, right?

Ye Mao: The most in need of supplementation in winter should be those with weaker constitutions. For example, the elderly are weak in constitution or young people are not very physically fit and often have problems, especially for those who are prone to diseases in winter. Just in time. Like some healthy people, of course, they do not need major supplements, and they can adjust their own conditions with diet therapy. Weak people also need to be divided into different situations. For example, traditional Chinese medicine divides constitutions, and constitutions are divided into many types. Here I will simply give you two major aspects of yin and yang, and cold and heat.

First of all, let's talk about the situation of yang deficiency. Yang deficiency is cold and cold. The main feature is that the complexion is not ruddy and yellowish-white. Another notable feature is the coldness of the limbs. Some patients told me that their feet look like cold feet in winter. Like stepping on ice cubes. Some of the light ones are cold fingers, it is difficult for you to shake hands with him to restore the normal temperature, and the spirit is not good, and it is tired in winter, which is probably the case with yang deficiency.

Host Wang Ying: What about Yin deficiency?

Ye Mao: On the contrary, it is a state of deficient heat with weaker yang qi. Most of these people are thin, and their hands and feet are not cold and weak, and sometimes they are dry, and their stools are dry.

Moderator Wang Ying: What should be paid attention to in yang deficiency, and what should be paid attention to in yin deficiency?

Ye Mao: With Yang deficiency, beef and mutton are more suitable and can be supplemented appropriately. There is a principle in the tonic that I said, that is, it should be moderate, not without moderation.

Host Wang Ying: The teacher said that we will eat every day, every day.

Ye Mao: Fruits are like chestnuts, dried peanuts are also good, oranges, longans, and lychees from the south are also suitable, and cool ones like pears and grapefruit should be eaten less. There is also a yang deficiency that can be properly taken into a medicinal diet in the cold winter. Here, I will bring you a wine called Cistanche Tonic for the Kidney. I have brought a few herbs here for you to take a look at. This is deer antler.

Host Wang Ying: Is this expensive?

Ye Mao: This one is more expensive, but you don't need too much, just a little bit.

Host Wang Ying: How much alcohol should I put those deer antlers on?

Ye Mao: 500 ml is about the same. This is Cistanche. There are more in Inner Mongolia, and the quality is better. There are more in the desert. It has turned black after processing. There is also Du Zhong, Du Zhong is a kind of bark, but Du Zhong has a kind of stickiness, I will show you.

Host Wang Ying: What does this mean?

Ye Mao: This shows the nourishing properties of this plant, it is for the kidneys.

Host Wang Ying: Du Zhong should be good for the waist and kidneys. Can this stickiness also distinguish the authenticity?

Ye Mao: Yes. A little Duzhong, a little Cistanche, and a little velvet antler, this is relatively dry, we can clean it and steam it in a pot to cool it down a bit. The wine must be white wine.

Host Wang Ying: Is there a limit to the degree?

Ye Mao: According to personal circumstances, for example, if you don't like drinking very much, and whether it is mellow or sauce-flavored, you can choose according to your own preferences. Put less antler in one row, 20 to 30 grams of Cistanche, and 20 to 30 grams of Du Zhong. After steaming, let the temperature drop a little and put it in the wine to brew, the brewed wine may be amber in color.

Host Wang Ying: How long does it take to soak?

Ye Mao: It depends on the exact concentration of the wine, as long as it looks amber.

Host Wang Ying: What kind of people is suitable for drinking?

Ye Mao: You can drink it, just don't give it to children. Three or nine days of winter is approaching, and this wine can be drunk continuously for three or nine days.

Host Wang Ying: We need this kind of practical wine to nourish the kidneys, and it can be done in a simple and easy way at home. What better way?

Ye Mao: Moxibustion is very good for people with yang deficiency. We can buy moxibustion strips from traditional Chinese medicine stores. There are smokeless and smoked ones. I suggest everyone to buy smoked ones. Two fingers or so below the navel, a sea of ​​qi moxibustion warms the whole body. You can moxibustion twice a week, 15 minutes each time, from far to near, be careful not to burn yourself.

Host Wang Ying: When you say this, I think it's better for people with yang deficiency to survive the winter, but what about yin deficiency?

Ye Mao: People with yin deficiency should eat less food such as beef, mutton, and prawns, and use less spicy seasonings when cooking. Especially girls in the south who eat such things are easy to get angry, so they should not eat them. Like foamed sea cucumbers.

Moderator Wang Ying: There is a lot of controversy about the way of eating sea cucumber. Some people say that it is good for men to eat sea cucumber, some people say that it is good for women to eat sea cucumber, and some people say that although it is good to eat sea cucumber, you should not eat too much.

Ye Mao: Sea cucumbers contain a lot of collagen, and their nature is flat and cool. Men and women can eat a little as long as they have yin deficiency and dryness. Lotus root is also very good. In winter, you can cook some porridge or soup.

Host Wang Ying: Many netizens say that I have chronic diseases in winter, what should I do?


Ye Mao: There are many different types of chronic diseases. Now the more common chronic diseases are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as well as some gynecological diseases in women. When we take supplements in winter, healthy people will be fine with proper diet, but each of us has a process from birth to the end of life, and the time point is different. Laying a better foundation for old age is different for men and women.

Host Wang Ying: At what point do you usually go down?

Ye Mao: Women are more concerned. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the female growth cycle is a cycle of 7. Asian people have the most prosperous body at the age of 28, and their muscles are plump. This is the best time for young women. But after 7 years, when you are 35 years old, your spleen and stomach meridians begin to decline, and your appearance starts to change. If you compare the photos you took at that time with the photos you took at the age of 27 or 28, there must be changes. Even if you don't like to see photos of 27 or 28 years old, no matter how bad they are, they will be more refreshing than this time.

Host Wang Ying: After you said this, I was both happy and worried. I was worried that the age of 28 had passed, and I was happy that a woman was 35 if she was not 30.

Ye Mao: From the age of 35, the face began to look a little withered, and the hair fell out. After the age of 42, it was another situation.

Host Wang Ying: What about men?

Ye Mao: Men change every 8 years, starting at the age of 16 when they enter puberty.

Host Wang Ying: At the age of 32, it is the peak.

Ye Mao: At the age of 40, it began to decline. Everyone is in this life process, so to understand yourself, women need to take proper care of themselves when they are 35 years old, pay attention to supplements in winter, and pay attention to proper exercise. When men are 40 years old, they must understand that their body starts to walk The road is going downhill, some living habits should not consume too much yourself, and lay a foundation for old age.

Host Wang Ying: I especially understand that you said at the beginning of the program that man and nature should be united. Sometimes we should make some efforts artificially, but sometimes we have to follow the laws of nature. Therefore, when you have some problems at a certain age, you should be optimistic and accept active treatment. If you want to have no problems, you can continue to take good care of it and pay attention to health. Due to time constraints, we still have to come to a part to ask questions from netizens. What this netizen said is, what do people in their thirties and forties need to pay attention to in their winter diet, and do they need tonic?

Ye Mao: This should depend on individual circumstances. Men and women in their thirties and forties should pay attention. For example, women have a cold constitution, some dysmenorrhea, and cold limbs. At this time, I have a formula that I can introduce to you, called Angelica Angelica Secret Powder.

Host Wang Ying: Is this suitable for yang deficiency or yin deficiency?

Ye Mao: Yang deficiency and dysmenorrhea.

Moderator Wang Ying: It is very rich. Thank you, Teacher Ye, for preparing and sharing these herbs with us.

Ye Mao: This is Angelica, warming and fragrant. This is cinnamon stick, we often use cinnamon stick, this is cinnamon stick is a small branch on the tree, this is white peony root, this is asarum, this is licorice, this is, Mutong should also be used less, plus On the jujube. These flavors can be ground into powder and used to make a substitute tea with boiling water. The first nine, twenty-nine, and three-nine can be drunk two to three times a week, or the effect of making soup is also very good. I saw a lot of problems with cold limbs when some netizens asked questions. This square head is very good. If you are interested, every professional Chinese medicine doctor should know, and you can grab some medicines in this area nearby.

Moderator Wang Ying: This netizen said, I have a bad stomach, poor digestion, fear of cold, thin, reflux esophagitis, superficial gastritis, chronic pharyngitis, poor sleep, not very old and sick. How to adjust?

Classic winter recipes

Ye Mao: This is more complicated. He has gastrointestinal problems, poor sleep, pharyngitis and acid reflux. It is probably a dry condition to judge that he is still suffering from yin deficiency and heat. Although he has yin deficiency and heat, he still has to pay attention to avoid the cold. He also needs to avoid the spicy food. He can take some medicated foods, and he can take some raw ground, as well as squid bones with white fungus and lotus seeds. In fact, the traditional Chinese medicine diet can be changed according to your own situation. You can re-boil 20 to 30 grams of raw ground and about 15 grams of squid bones. The boiled water, so and lotus seeds are steamed together. You can usually eat more of this. If you can, you can add some fresh yam, this can strengthen the spleen and stomach, you can eat more.

Moderator Wang Ying: Thank you, Mr. Ye, for sharing so many small methods with us. The time for tonic in winter has come. Just now, Mr. Ye also introduced many small methods and methods. You can go back and try them, but the most important thing is your own. Wellness and Wellness. Thank you, our Sina Health Forum program is once a week, thank you for your attention!

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