What should parents know before pregnancy

Host Yu Wen: Hello, Sina netizens! Welcome to Sina Health Channel's "Health Care" program, I am the host Yu Wen. Tomorrow is International Nurses Day, and the day after tomorrow is Mother's Day. On such a special day, we specially planned a topic like today for female friends, which is about preparing for pregnancy. I think it is a thing that every family is looking forward to, and if you do a good job of preparing for pregnancy, it will lay a good foundation for you to give birth to a healthy baby in the future. Today we specially invited the deputy director of the reproductive center of the third hospital of northern medicine, director ma, hello!

Ma Rainbow: Hello! The host!

Host Yu Wen: Say hello to our netizens, okay?

Ma Caihong: Dear Sina netizens, hello! I am very happy to meet you. First of all, please allow me to express my deepest respect and blessings to all mothers and future mothers. Tomorrow is our International Nurses Day. In fact, we all hope that medicine can treat all patients. I hope that all of us can live forever, but unfortunately medicine is sometimes icing on the cake, sometimes it is timely help, but most of the time it is helpless and helpless, sometimes even worse. But we cannot deny that through the efforts of angels in white and related people, the lives of many of us have been extended, and many of our families have added joy. So here, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and blessings to my comrades-in-arms and all the friends who are fighting in the front line of clinical practice. Thank you!

Moderator Yu Wen: Tomorrow is International Nurses Day, and the day after tomorrow is Mother's Day, so we just talked about the topic of preparing for pregnancy. Preparing for pregnancy may now be a top priority for many families, so the first question I want to ask you, what is the best age to have a child?

Ma Caihong: In fact, I think what is the best? In fact, the best is nature. The clouds are in the blue sky, the water is flat, and the Tao is natural. Therefore, the state of nature is the best. Adam and Eve were the best at that time. Therefore, from the perspective of age, the best time for your pregnancy is when your body is in the best state to be able to get pregnant. From the perspective of men, it is when you are young and middle-aged, so pregnancy is the best. The same is true for women. When your menstruation is regular, the reproductive system is well developed, and the secondary sexual characteristics of breasts are well developed, pregnancy is the best at this time. But because being a mother or a father is not so simple, we need to have responsibilities, we need to be mature, we need to train our children to be people who are beneficial to society, so we must have a reserve of knowledge, and we have the responsibility To take up this obligation, so we say that for female friends, it is best to complete childbirth between the ages of 25 and 30. Male friends may be relatively long.

Host Yu Wen: Why?

Ma Caihong: In fact, from the perspective of women, when women are born, 1.1 of our germ cells are declining and closing.

Host Yu Wen: Some people say there are a certain number?

Ma Caihong: When should we have the most number?

Host Yu Wen: I think the youngest is in his mid-20s.

Ma Caihong: It should be when we were in our mother's belly. At that time, there were about 4 million or 5 million follicles, but we were about 2 million after birth. Adolescence 300000 and 400000, and then there may be a relatively stable time, but every month There are a batch of follicles in atresia, and the rate of atresia accelerates rapidly after the age of 35, so we must complete the mission of childbirth at least before the age of 35.

Host Yu Wen: some people give birth at the age of 35, so they are given a name called elder birth.

Ma Caihong: At that time, the number of eggs decreased, the quality of eggs was also declining, and the possibility of deformities and abnormalities in your baby increased, so I hope everyone can complete the birth mission as soon as possible. In addition, with the development of society and a lot of environmental pollution, many female friends have discovered that my ovarian function is gone inadvertently. Many people have ovarian failure at the age of 30, or their ovarian function has declined under the age of 35. So at that time, his chances of pregnancy were less, so everyone should pay attention, one, of course, to minimize stress and try to live in a natural state, but to be able to complete the mission of fertility as soon as possible.

Host Yu Wen: I see. What you mean is that the sooner you give birth, the better. Of course, it does not mean that you can be born at the age of 21 or 12. You can only give birth at a mature stage, but the earlier this stage is, the better. It is also good for the healthy development of the next generation. We also talked about preparing for pregnancy. What do you need to prepare for pregnancy? Is it necessary to do some related tests at the beginning and go to the hospital?

Ma Caihong: Yes, because of course most of the pregnancy is borne by girls. Let's first talk about the man. What kind of examination does dad have to do. When dad comes to provide sperm, he must have a certain amount of energy and quantity. Finally, he meets the egg to successfully fertilize and form life. Therefore, the sperm he provides must be healthy, vigorous and strong enough. What factors will affect him? For example, he has some diseases, for example, he had some diseases in the reproductive system before, or he had locked varicose veins, or he had mumps before.

Host Yu Wen: Mumps can also affect?

Ma Caihong: Yes, for example, he ate toxic seed oil, which may affect his reproductive function. If you have such worries, you should avoid them as soon as possible. If you want to get pregnant, you should go to the andrology department for examination in time or some hospitals for examination in urology department.

Host Yu Wen: This is the father needs to pay attention.

Ma Caihong: In addition, dad needs to be careful not to have genital tract infections. There are acute infectious diseases that can be transmitted to dad or children, so you need to be healthy. In addition, there are no acute infectious diseases. For example, we will give him some tests. Have hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS or syphilis infection, etc.

Host Yu Wen: so it's not a woman's own business to have children. Male friends also play a very important role in it. What kind of examination do girls need to do?

Ma Caihong: Of course, for female friends, the requirements are high, because my body has to bear the supply of two lives at the same time, the substances excreted by the two lives, or the effective metabolism and excretion, so the instantaneous burden is increased. At the same time, the instantaneous burden after childbirth is reduced. This pressure on the human body is great, so we must be healthy enough. All organs of the body may be affected, so if we want to check, we must check all aspects of the body, such as heart function.

Ma Rainbow: ECG.

Ma Caihong: Yes, the heart function is burdened. Some people say that I can't stand climbing the stairs and climbing the third floor. You have to be careful whether your heart function cannot carry the existence of another life, so you must check it. In addition, do you have high blood pressure? If your blood pressure is high, it is possible that his blood vessels are hardened. If you have chronic hypertension, it is more likely to cause gestational hypertension after pregnancy, causing placental vasospasm and causing fetal blood supply problems. His nutrition supply may not develop well. Sometimes, there may be placental abruption or vasospasm. Therefore, these eclampsia diseases should be eliminated before pregnancy, kidney diseases, liver diseases, etc., if the kidney and liver function are good, we must maintain the reproductive system. After all, our children are in our uterus. We must, for example, do a general gynecological examination. You can find a general practitioner or internal medicine or surgery for examination. If the birth relatives find an obstetrician and gynecologist for full-time examination, for example, you can do B- ultrasound and gynecological examination. For example, if there is any problem with your cervix, in case you are a precancerous lesion, you can deal with it as soon as possible, so that you can get through this period safely. In addition, early detection and early treatment can also guarantee the safety of your mother. In addition, whether the uterus has fibroids, whether it should be treated or pregnant, you should listen to the doctor's advice, these may affect your pregnancy, so you should find the problems as soon as possible before pregnancy to decide whether you need to deal with these problems before pregnancy.

Moderator Yu Wen: It sounds like there are really a lot to be checked. Just now you mentioned the heart check, as well as the kidney and liver check. If there is a problem with the check, is she definitely not pregnant?

Ma Caihong: That's not necessarily true. It depends on your function, so doctors are often doing various balances to weigh the pros and cons, so patients may often sit in front of you and say, doctor, you help me choose, You help me decide. In fact, this choice is very difficult, because in the first place of pregnancy, this state does not represent the real state of your pregnancy. In addition, people are changing, and sometimes the pros and cons are very difficult to make a choice. However, it is better to find a problem than not to find a problem. Sometimes it can be prevented, which will make your pregnancy safer.

Host Yu Wen: also let her female friend have a number in her heart to know what kind of problems she has in her body. If she is pregnant, she can avoid these problems as soon as possible. How long will it take me to go to the hospital for these examinations?

Ma Caihong: Generally, we do a physical examination one to two years. We do a regular physical examination. If we do a pre-pregnancy examination, we should do it according to your physical condition, your age, and whether you have some symptoms. If you are particularly careful or in your family, for example, there is a genetic history, or there are some diseases in the family, targeted examinations are also possible.

Moderator Yu Wen: Some people say that I have passed the examination in the hospital. Can I go directly to the next step to prepare for pregnancy? Is there anything else to prepare?

Ma Caihong: Of course, the most important thing is the adjustment of the psychological state. Raising a child is not as simple as buying something. From then on, I have to assume this responsibility and obligation. I have always been very grateful. I am often very grateful to my child. Let us be your parents, because children can really bring you not only that kind of happiness, but also a lot of meaning in life, they are like angels, illuminating your life from now on. Most of the time, you need him. So sometimes I often say that you must take responsibility for this child because you brought this child to the world. Some people often say how much I have paid for you. Look at what I have done for you. In fact, it is what he is doing for you. He has brought you a lot, therefore, we must have sufficient ideological preparation, and from now on we must be responsible for this child wholeheartedly, and we must have this child with this ability and mentality.

Host Yu Wen: I understand what you mean. We can't say that we should have children when we are old, so we have children. In fact, this is sometimes irresponsible to children.

Ma Caihong: Yes, but most people want this child with a sweet mood and grow up with the child in the process of raising the child slowly.

Host Yu Wen: So you said the mentality is also very important. But now we find that some people especially want to get pregnant. She also made a lot of preparations in the process of preparing for pregnancy, but found that she was not pregnant, but some people felt that they were not ready to have children before the time, but they were pregnant. What kind of situation do you think this is?

Ma Caihong: If she is generally pregnant, how long will it take me to get pregnant, so it generally depends. If a female couple under 30 years old is generally about 60% to 70% pregnant within half a year, if the probability of getting pregnant within half a year under 35 years old is reduced by about 50%, if over 30 years old or under 35 years old, if you can't conceive for half a year, you can consult a doctor if I have any problems, and you can also have an early examination to prevent some factors that may not be pregnant.

Host Yu Wen: I believe that there is actually a strong psychological factor in it. Some people especially want a child. She may be nervous, so the more such a person is, the less likely it is to get pregnant. However, some people may suddenly feel that it doesn't matter if I don't want a child now. As soon as I relax, the child will come naturally.

Ma Rainbow: Yes, the psychological impact of pregnancy.

Moderator Yu Wen: We all know that doctors actually advise everyone to take folic acid before pregnancy. What kind of substance is this folic acid?

Ma Caihong: Folic acid is a B vitamin. Its function is mainly to promote the maturation of young cells in bone marrow cells. If this folic acid deficiency may lead to erythrocyte anemia or leukopenia, for pregnant women, if she lacks it, it may lead to neural tube malformations in the early stage, such as anencephaly, spinal cleft, etc., and may also lead to heart defects in the later stage, and may also lead to cleft lip and palate, palate, etc, so folic acid is still very important.

Host Yu Wen: So everyone needs to eat.

Ma rainbow: need to add, not lack.

Host Yu Wen: But I heard that folic acid also exists in some vegetables.

Ma Rainbow: Yes, actually the importance of this folic acid was discovered in the first place because of the high incidence of neural tube defects found inside the mountains, why? Because in that area they don't eat vegetables, they don't eat vegetables, so they lack this folic acid, so the incidence of neural tube defects increases. In fact, in big cities or some rural areas, if your diet is very balanced and you eat a lot of leafy vegetables, you will not lack folic acid in general. However, if you are worried about problems, you can eat one month in advance, or you can start supplementing folic acid when you want to get pregnant.

Host Yu Wen: Or eat more leafy vegetables, is it necessary to pay special attention to diet when preparing for pregnancy?

Ma Caihong: Yes, besides that we usually have some multivitamins, trace elements and so on, it is also very important. One of the multivitamins already contains folic acid, so if you look at the explanation, if you already contain folic acid, you may not need to supplement folic acid tablets separately.

Moderator Yu Wen: What else do we need to pay attention to in other diets, such as adding more protein or adding more other substances?

Ma Caihong: In fact, it is to follow nature, eat a balanced diet, eat more coarse grains, eat more of each, don't eat refined rice and noodles, eat more coarse grains, return to nature, and return to nature.

Host Yu Wen: I think you especially emphasize that you must follow nature, especially when you are going to be pregnant. I heard many friends around me say that I am going to be pregnant and I need to make up for it. I eat more. I eat some bird's nest, shark's fin and sea cucumber to make up for it. Do you suggest them the same for this situation?

Ma Caihong: Of course not recommended, firmly opposed, another point of view is from the protection of animals, this is very bad, we should protect animals. In addition, in fact, the nutrients that we human beings need are enough from our ordinary diet, unless you have other diseases or affect your absorption or the doctor diagnoses that you may be lacking. What kind of nutrients need to be supplemented? Under normal circumstances, take them from the diet.

Host Yu Wen: A balanced diet is fine, and there is no need to supplement some nutrients excessively. Is it also important to quit smoking and drinking before pregnancy?

Ma Caihong: Of course, because the child is very fragile, which step in the child's development process is affected, it may be affected during the heart development process. This heart development may be deformed, so the development of each step is very critical, those toxic locations or The influencing factors, such as environmental pollution and radiation, some chemical factors, and some things like decoration, may affect the child, smoking and drinking are one of the reasons.

Host Yu Wen: I have a friend who said, in fact, it is easy to quit drinking, but it is too difficult for a boy to quit smoking.

Ma Caihong: First of all, I really thank you very much for being able to quit smoking, because smoking is not only bad for your health, but also bad for your colleagues and your family around you, so if you have such an opportunity, you can certainly quit smoking. The best. You have to ask me how long it will take me to quit smoking before I can get pregnant. I think these toxic things mainly consider their impact on germ cells, because we have a good sperm, a good egg, and the development cycle of sperm and egg during pregnancy. For example, how long does this wave grow up, and how long does it take to get rid of the occlusion. It takes about 2.5 months to 3 months, and this wave is gone, so try to be 3 months later, if these toxic things or harmful substances come into contact, it may be better to get pregnant 3 months later.

Moderator Yu Wen: Can I understand this, that is to say, you should not smoke during the first 3 months of pregnancy or when you are just about to get pregnant, and it is best not to drink alcohol. In fact, this can ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

Ma Rainbow: Right.

Host Yu Wen: How should I pay attention to friends who have had an abortion before? For example, I just had an abortion. How long will it take to get pregnant again?

Ma Caihong: Abortion actually I really want to say to my female friends that it is very harmful to your physical and mental health. In addition to physical harm, your soul will also be hurt. When you have no plan to have this child, you must take protective measures. After this abortion, you may be infertile in your life or have problems with childbirth, especially now many people may have painless abortion, how nice, I did it without pain. Now I have found that many people have uterine rupture or uterine adhesion in painless abortion. Since then, she will never be pregnant again. Moreover, this treatment is very difficult, so choose painless abortion carefully or even abortion.

Host Yu Wen: many friends will think that doing painless abortion is as simple as having an official holiday. In fact, I don't think it is as easy as they imagined.

Ma Rainbow: That's right.

Host Yu Wen: Is there a time period after the abortion to tell them that they can grasp it and that after this stage we can get pregnant?

Ma Caihong: Because after the abortion, the pregnant hormone HCG in your body should return to normal, the endometrium should return to normal, the endometrium must go through three periods after curettage, the menstrual cycle is normal, and my physical condition is also very good. I can get pregnant at this time.

Moderator Yu Wen: It will be fine in about three or four months, but I think it is better to suggest these friends to go to the hospital for a related examination.

Ma Caihong: Yes, if there are conditions.

Host Yu Wen: many friends will mention the problem of early pregnancy test paper. In fact, sometimes we think that this early pregnancy test paper is not very useful. We just don't know when you will check it out. I can use the early pregnancy test paper to check out my pregnancy as soon as possible. I would like to ask you about this.

Ma Caihong: Generally, embryos will develop for a few days after fertilization before implantation, about seven or eight days or even seven or eight days after implantation, and can be measured as early as seven days. This morning urine test may be early and sometimes has something to do with the sensitivity of the test finger strip.

Moderator Yu Wen: If the period is more regular.

Ma Caihong: If the period is regular, it can be tested without the period. Generally, I am going to get pregnant. I can try again in the morning before the period.

Host Yu Wen: That is to say, the early pregnancy test paper can be tested in 28 days to more than 30 days. For women whose period is not very normal and irregular, how can they better prepare for pregnancy?

Ma Caihong: If she especially wants to monitor, she can also ask a doctor for guidance. For example, you can monitor your follicles. When the follicles develop to a certain extent, you can go home and have sex. In addition, you can buy a test finger of LH in urine. If the LH peaks, you may be ovulating soon.

Host Yu Wen: Is this called ovulation test paper?

Ma Rainbow: Right.

Moderator Yu Wen: Director Ma, today you came to our live broadcast room. Many netizens seized this opportunity to ask questions on this platform.

Netizen: I am going to be pregnant, but will it affect my family's dog?

Host Yu Wen: the issue of keeping pets is also of special concern to many people.

Ma Caihong: In fact, I am also worried about these dogs. Of course, when you raise a pet, you must give it various immunizations and take preventive measures. If some cats are afraid of Toxoplasma gondii and can be tested for antibodies, this may also happen with dogs.

Host Yu Wen: some people say that if you are pregnant, you must keep a distance from your pet. In fact, it seems unnatural, as long as you don't get infected.

Ma Caihong: Yes, I'm afraid of some diseases, so it's better to keep a distance, but if it causes trauma to your mind, there may be another bad effect.

Host Yu Wen: Let's look at this netizen again.

Netizen: Hello, Director Ma! At the beginning of this year, I wanted a child. I went to the maternal and child health hospital with my husband for a prenatal and postnatal examination. after that, I made sure that it was all right. after 5 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo stopped developing and miscarried, resulting in shadows. how can I avoid the above things before pregnancy?

Host Yu Wen: I have also heard of this problem. Many friends have paid special attention to it. You said that she had checked so well before and there was no problem, but why did the embryo stop developing?

Ma Caihong: Now embryo abortion is indeed a problem that damages the physical and mental health of female friends, because I especially want this child, and I also pay great attention to it. In the end, the child stopped giving birth. This problem is related to many factors, such as environmental pollution, such as virus infection, some influenza virus infection, may not feel it, the infection of these viruses may affect the child, and some infections from the reproductive tract, that is, some inflammatory infections, can also cause embryo abortion. So if there are some big aspects, such as no problems found after inspection, if you want children, try to stay away, don't go to places with too many people, try to avoid these harmful locations, your living environment, some people may have a family Just renovated, these will also affect.

Moderator Yu Wen: formaldehyde problem is also very serious.

Ma Rainbow: Right.

Host Yu Wen: Formaldehyde may also lead to incomplete fetal development.

Ma Rainbow: Right.

Host Yu Wen: so in fact, we also suggest that many friends who want to be pregnant should not decorate their homes before or after they are pregnant.

Ma Caihong: Yes, try to stay away from the newly decorated and get as close to nature as possible. I will always advocate nature. Only in nature can we return to the healthiest state.

Host Yu Wen: like this friend, she has had an abortion now. How long will she be able to get pregnant again.

Ma Caihong: Of course, in addition to these reasons, she may have other problems, because abortion, for example, one she can be related to chromosomes, embryo chromosome abnormalities, most of the reasons are due to embryo chromosome abnormalities, which may be transmitted from both parents. Both my parents have chromosome problems, or they may have mutated during development, and they have chromosome problems, for example, if you are particularly concerned, I am particularly afraid and worried that I will have such a problem again, you can also do a chromosome examination, for example, of course, this is very positive, sometimes there is no need to check, most of them are normal. It is also possible that the reproductive tract of female friends, for example, the uterus has mediastinum, fibroids and polyps, will affect embryo abortion, so B- ultrasound examination can be done to see if there are any problems first. There may also be corpus luteum insufficiency. This can be done when you want to get pregnant and ask a doctor for guidance to give me timely support for corpus luteum. These factors can also avoid the next embryo abortion as much as possible.

Host Yu Wen: Therefore, we must check to find out the cause of the problem.

Ma Caihong: Half of them may not be found. If the embryo is stopped once, most of them may not find the reason. If it occurs twice or three times, you must go to the hospital to see a Junior College doctor for examination.

Host Yu Wen: Keep your suggestions in mind.

Netizen: I am going to have a baby. There is no problem with the examination, but I have not been pregnant. I am very anxious. What is the reason?

Ma Caihong: One, it may be like what you said just now, it may be psychological, too anxious, the more anxious, the impatient you can't eat hot tofu, just relax your mind. In addition, it is not ruled out that they have reasons for not being pregnant. If it is more than half a year or a year, we can diagnose infertility in one year.

Host Yu Wen: More than one year without pregnancy can be diagnosed as infertility.

Ma Caihong: If you have regular sex without pregnancy, you can. If you are over 35 years old and have not been pregnant for more than half a year, you can consult a Junior College doctor.

Moderator Yu Wen: If you have any questions, you must go to a professional hospital to find a professional doctor to feel the pulse. Thank you for coming to Sina's studio. What else do you need to tell netizens?

Ma Caihong: I am very happy to meet female friends and couples who want to be parents before the show. I sincerely hope that everyone's dreams will come true.

Host Yu Wen: Thank Director Ma, and thank netizens for watching this program. Thank you all, goodbye!


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