How to nourish the liver and kidneys in spring

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that nourishing the liver in spring is the key to nourishing the liver. How should we nourish the liver and protect the kidneys? How do women regulate their emotions in spring? How do the five flavors affect mood? At 13:30 on February 10, Professor Wang Bin, one of the first 100 Chinese medicine science experts and well-known Chinese medicine health experts, visited Sina Health and Health Forum (Weibo) to answer your questions about how to nourish the liver in spring. The following is the interview transcript:

Hello, all Sina netizens!

Host Wang Ying: Dear netizens of, hello everyone, welcome everyone to watch our health and wellness program, I am the host Wang Ying. The emphasis is on nourishing the kidneys in winter, and nourishing the liver in spring. Today, I invite an expert to discuss this topic. He is Professor Wang Bin, the first 100 Chinese medicine science experts, famous Chinese medicine experts, and the director of andrology at Bazhentang (Weibo). Welcome, Mr. Wang.

Wang Bin: Hello, netizens.

Host Wang Ying: Today, the main topic of discussion is how to take care of your liver when spring comes. What advice does Mr. Wang have?

Wang Bin: We all know that spring is a prosperous season. Nourishing the liver in spring is not invented by modern people. Since ancient times, the ancestors were very particular about the four seasons. There is a sentence in the "Huangdi Neijing": "Spring in the third month, this is called the development and Chen, the heaven and the earth are born, all things are prosperous, lie down at night and get up early, walk widely in the courtyard, be sent out slowly, so that the will is born. Born not to kill, to give but not to take, to reward but not to punish. The three months of spring are the season when the yang qi rises and prosperous. It is necessary to lie down at night and get up early, go to bed later at night, go to bed earlier in the morning, and take a walk in your own courtyard earlier. To wear hair slowly, in the past, the ancients combed their hair and strolled in the courtyard to make their minds particularly calm and comfortable. This will keep your mind at ease.

At the same time, Chinese medicine believes that at this time it is necessary to walk in the courtyard, this season should be born but not killed, all things should grow naturally, not kill it, give but not deprive, reward but not cut, pleasing to the eye and not destroying one's own The body, this is the way to keep healthy in spring.

Host Wang Ying: Isn't it because our ancestors have already told us what to do in spring?

Wang Bin: Yes. Chinese medicine believes that the understanding of yin and yang and the five elements, spring corresponds to wood, the season of wood qi growth, and the internal response to the human liver. In spring, people pay special attention to the conditioning and health preservation of the liver.

Host Wang Ying: What is the relationship between spring and the liver?

Wang Bin: That's the relationship. Spring is not like other seasons. Spring changes from winter to warm and from cold to warm. Winter is very depressing. Suddenly it is warm outside and we come out, but the atmospheric pressure is very low. People have to have a process of adaptation. In winter, people with a strong liver are quick-tempered. From summer to autumn to winter, the gradual change from hot to cold is a downward process.

And winter to spring is an upward process. You can feel it like we usually chat, and persuade someone to say that your mood is lower. In spring, liver qi is easy to flourish, and people are prone to lose their temper. Therefore, the adjustment of information in this season is very important. , in the spring to nourish the liver.

The relationship between the liver and the kidneys, the north produces cold, cold produces water, water produces salty, salty produces kidney, kidney produces bone marrow, and marrow produces liver. Liver and kidney are of the same origin, they are the essence of reproduction, and they are both inherited by their parents. They are born from the same source, and the liver comes from the same source. Like twin brothers and sisters, nourishing the liver will nourish the kidney. In spring, nourishing the liver and nourishing the kidney is good for us. Very important.

Host Wang Ying: The kidneys in the autumn are already very good. How can we take care of the livers in the spring?

Wang Bin: I mainly adjust from these aspects. The first is to have a good mentality, which is the most important. Regardless of the seasons, we just said that spring is the season that is easy to be impetuous, and the season that anger is easy to flourish. There is a particularly good mentality in spring. In fact, it is necessary to have a good mentality in any season, but we are talking about spring today. It is very important for each of us to have a good attitude in spring. Today, we are talking about health preservation here. We should slow down and talk about this matter slowly, instead of being very impatient.

Host Wang Ying: I feel that your tone, intonation, and speed of speech are very peaceful and steady.

Wang Bin: Mentality is very important to each of us, this is the first. The second aspect is that there is a correct way of life. The way of life is very clear from the ancients just now. It is necessary to lie down at night and get up early, and walk widely, and have a good way of life and a good work and rest time. You can’t go to bed too late at night. The ancients said that you should go to bed at night and get up early, and go to bed later and get up earlier. I personally understand that the ancients’ so-called sleep at night will not be like us today at 12:00 and 1:00. There were no such good facilities in ancient times. It's the oil lamp. Maybe 7 or 8 o'clock should go to bed, 9, 10 o'clock I guess I go to bed late.

Sleeping at 9 or 10 o'clock is an early sleep for today's people, it is a late sleep for the ancients, we understand that late sleep should not be understood as the current late sleep, say 12:00, 1:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning , 5 o'clock this is wrong. Normal adults should maintain 11 hours of sleep, go to bed late, get up early and exercise early. It is very important for everyone to link each other. This is a way of life.

The other is diet, three meals a day, not only spring and other seasons are also very important. We should have a good breakfast in the spring. We all know that the plan of the year is in the spring, and the plan of the day is in the morning. When we were in school, the teachers all said that the best main courses are arranged in the morning and morning, so eating breakfast well in the morning is the foundation. I recommend eating more of the staple food, milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruits. Chinese food is generally enough. Generally, we all eat in the unit. It is enough to eat normal Chinese food. Dinner is slightly less.

Host Wang Ying: But dinner is the main meal for us Chinese.

Wang Bin: Yes. A lot of people mess up their eating patterns, which is incremental. Many friends around me do not eat in the morning, make do with noon, and eat wildly with friends and family in the evening. No matter what age group is not beneficial to the human body, it decreases. We describe that the morning should be the emperor's meal, and it is the most abundant in the morning. Chinese food is the minister's meal, next to the emperor's meal, and the evening meal is a beggar meal, which is very light and simple, the better, which is very good for the whole body.

Host Wang Ying: Pay attention to your daily life, diet, and take care of your liver. Some people are forced to drink alcohol. This is the most harmful to the liver. How should we relieve it?

Wang Bin: Alcohol damages the liver. Many patients around me say no, because drinking is inseparable from socializing. I suggest that the wine is best not to drink continuously, and to master the degree. Not only alcohol, but also other lifestyles, mastering a degree is the most important thing to a person. It must be done in moderation and within one's capacity. You can't get drunk every day. This person can't stand it.

We now also advocate that drinking a small amount of white wine and a small amount of red wine can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and a large amount of alcohol is not good for people.

Host Wang Ying: When people get angry, it is very easy to hurt their liver. Shouldn't they adjust their emotions at this time?

Wang Bin: We often say that we persuade people to say that you don’t have backache when you stand and talk. You don’t know if this happened to you. Some things are difficult to get through, and some things are best by transferring. We need to increase some exercise. The process of exercise is the best way to soothe the mind.

Host Wang Ying: Excrete bad emotions through exercise.

Wang Bin: Yes. One day to maintain health, why do you say you have to go to bed early? Going to bed before 11 o'clock, going to bed early, waking up early, and exercising early are all linked together. Some people have misunderstandings about exercising in the morning. We often talk about patients. How many meters up, how many meters down, how many miles to walk in the morning, I said this is not called exercise, it is called running. I'm in a hurry to go to work every day, running in the noisy atmosphere of the big city, not exercise, exercise is not purposeful, put on clothes and shoes, and today is walking or running. This exercise is "to make a living", which can make one's mood and mood reach a particularly good state, and at the same time, it may also be a process of resolving bad stimuli and bad events.

Host Wang Ying: So this is exercise, not purposeful.

Wang Bin: Yes.

Host Wang Ying: It's not just how many miles you walk a day to exercise, it's called running around, you know.

Wang Bin: You must put on sports clothes, that is, exercise.

Host Wang Ying: It's just that many people can't achieve it.

Wang Bin: Yes. If it can't be achieved, exercise three times a week, and some people rest on weekends, so they can make use of the six days and two mornings. For example, for the elderly, we advocate that we should go out for activities after the sun comes out. Don’t come out too early in the cold season. It is no problem for young people under middle age to exercise early. Aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise can be done, but it is enough to master one degree, the heart rate reaches about 100 times, the nose is slightly sweaty and slightly flustered, and the process of soothing the internal organs is achieved. Many lesbians pay attention to detoxification and beauty, and there must be a way out how to detoxify. Many lesbians are habitually constipated and have a lot of acne on their faces, including chloasma, which is related to lack of exercise. Moderate exercise can relieve your mood, and at the same time nourish your liver in the spring, which has a particularly good effect on your mood adjustment.

Host Wang Ying: This is a way to adjust our mood. Are there other ways to help us adjust our mood?

Wang Bin: The weather is too cold to go out and you can do health exercises by yourself. I suggest that people of all ages, especially elderly friends, don’t rush to get out of bed when they open their eyes in the morning. They can do eye exercises and use their fingers as a comb. .

Host Wang Ying: You teach us this.

Wang Bin: Because there are many acupuncture points in the ear, which can adjust the functions of the internal organs, and then do the action of dry-washing your face, like the six-part absorption method, which is like drying your hands. A lot of middle-aged people wake up in the morning with swollen hands. Doing aerobics when you wake up and doze off will also have a fitness effect on yourself.

For example, some elderly men have hyperplasia of the prostate. After doing eye exercises, press the two thumbs and press the bottom of the foot. There are Yongquan and Taichong points, which have the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney. Or elderly friends sit on the bed and do the exercise of the contraction outline, especially for patients with hypertension and heart disease, there is a whole process of waking up and taking a nap, which is also a process of health care. They will not get out of bed immediately, causing some unexpected situations to occur. There are benefits.

Moderator Wang Ying: And health care is not a partial but a whole.

Wang Bin: Whole body. I see a lot. Now our various media are talking about some health knowledge, and many ordinary people have some awareness of health preservation and can sum up their own set of methods.

Moderator Wang Ying: Everyone attaches great importance to this issue now.

Wang Bin: It is very important.

Host Wang Ying: Wellness has become a part of life.

Wang Bin: Yes. Health is not a method, but a way of life, a way of life.

Host Wang Ying: You said it very well.

Wang Bin: It doesn't mean that I have to pursue something, or that there are some signals in my body. For example, when I get old, I need to see a doctor. This is not right. During the whole process of your consciousness, There are essentials for wellness at any age, and indeed it is a way of life.

Moderator Wang Ying: Don't keep health for the sake of health, don't keep health for the sake of a certain part of yourself, but to form a habit, it's my natural living state. We say that emotional adjustment is also inseparable from eating. Sometimes when you are in a bad mood, you choose different foods. Does the five flavors also help your mood?

Wang Bin: The five flavors are sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. The five flavors nourish the five internal organs. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the four qi and the five flavors. The four qi was first used for medicine, and the five flavors have a very good adjustment effect on one's emotions. Let's talk about pungent first, pungent is spicy, and pungent has the effect of divergence.

Host Wang Ying: Nowadays, many people like spicy food, and they don't like spicy food.

Wang Bin: Yes. There is air, but the spiciness should be moderate. It can definitely mobilize your emotions. When you have no appetite, eating a little spicy food will condition you. In spring, you eat a lot of spicy food, which is not good for your body. It is related to the individual's body and season. For example, too spicy in the north is harmful to the body, and spicy in the south is good for the body.

Host Wang Ying: What are the benefits?

Wang Bin: It can dry out dampness, and spicy things can be dry, and it can activate qi and activate blood.

Host Wang Ying: Neutralized, like Chengdu and Chongqing, which are very hot and humid.

Wang Bin: That’s right, let’s talk about acid. Acid is just in time for the spring season. Acid has the effect of astringent and color-fixing. If the patient has dampness, heat or a cold, too much acid will suppress the disease, which is not good for the patient. spread of disease. So sour in moderation.

Host Wang Ying: Is it possible to get rid of it by eating some oranges?

Wang Bin: That's not what it means, so that the disease cannot be removed.

Host Wang Ying: I can't eat it.

Wang Bin: Hey. Excessive acid is harmful to the body, and then there is sweetness, which has the effect of easing the temperature. It is best to eat sweets this season, and the impulsive mood can be curbed. Bitterness has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. We often say that good medicine is bitter, eat more bitter gourd in summer, and sometimes eat more bitter almonds, bitter gourd, and mustard greens when you get angry, which is good for our body.

Moderator Wang Ying: The role of dampness.

Wang Bin: Salty taste is essential. It is a condiment for delicious food. Which lump has a moisturizing effect.

Host Wang Ying: Too salty is not acceptable.

Wang Bin: Sour, bitter, sweet, bitter, and salty are all harmful, and you should have a degree.

Moderator Wang Ying: Some netizens ask Mr. Wang for specific questions.

Netizen: The liver area is a little full and uncomfortable when I enter. How can I adjust the phenomenon of liver palm from the palm of my hand?

Wang Bin: The redness of the liver palm has nothing to do with liver disease. Some people who grow up the day after tomorrow are advised to go to the hospital.

Host Wang Ying: You can't see it now, can you?

Wang Bin: Yes. If you just say no, you have to go to the hospital for an examination, focusing on the liver examination. Some people are born with liver palms and are fine, but some people are caused by external manifestations of liver disease and local telangiectasia.

Host Wang Ying: Some people with bad livers have dark faces, can you see it from their faces?

Wang Bin: The dark complexion may be related to the poor luck of the liver qi.

Netizen: Drinking alcohol the first night and being able to sober up at noon or afternoon the next day has something to do with the liver's ability to detoxify?

Wang Bin: It does matter. First, it has to do with how much he drinks, how much alcohol he drinks, and how much he drinks. In addition, it has something to do with his mood. We all know that alcohol can sometimes add to the fun, but it is not good for people to be bored.

Host Wang Ying: Drinking depends on the state.

Wang Bin: Yes, it may take a long time to wake up the next day if the state is not good, but it must be related to the poor detoxification ability of the liver.

Netizen: Transaminase is too high, how to adjust the diet?

Wang Bin: I have high transaminase levels. I should eat more vitamins and crude fibers that are good for liver metabolism and absorption by the digestive system. In this season, I eat a lot of fresh vegetables. We have always advocated eating seasonal vegetables, and we will eat whatever vegetables are produced in this season. For example, in the north in Beijing, Chinese cabbage, carrots, and white radishes are called Xinmeishui radishes in Beijing during this season. In winter, they also have this season.

Spring is just the off-season for fresh and sparse vegetables. Eat more rhizomes that are easy to digest, such as taro, sweet potato, carrot, and yam, which are very beneficial to people. It is recommended that this friend and netizen eat more of these things, which are good for him to digest.

Host Wang Ying: Friends who already have liver disease should pay more attention to eating, right?

Wang Bin: The thick flavor is like deep-frying, but don’t eat it like Mala Tang and Mala skewers.

Host Wang Ying: What about seafood?


Wang Bin: The seafood is moderate. Everything must be controlled to a certain degree, especially those with poor liver should be controlled, including many young adults with high uric acid and gout.

Host Wang Ying: This is also related to eating seafood. Now, there are many people with fatty liver who have this problem.

Wang Bin: There are many. Fatty liver is reversible. It can also be transformed in a positive direction, or it can continue to develop downwards, so as to develop into liver cirrhosis. The key is to control your mouth and eat less.

Host Wang Ying: Eat less greasy food?

Wang Bin: If it is greasy, any compound in the staple food must be controlled, and the mouth and legs should be controlled. Go, there is no other way. Many people said that fatty liver gave me some traditional Chinese medicine to make me feel good. I said it was impossible, we must pay, and we must resist the temptation in the face of delicious food, and we must walk.

Host Wang Ying: Let's think of an example, the "runaway mother" went for a long time to get rid of the fatty liver for her son.

Netizen: How should the diet of patients with liver cirrhosis in spring be matched and what should be paid attention to?

Wang Bin: For patients with liver cirrhosis in the spring, the diet with a lot of vitamins is similar to what I just said about fatty liver. More vegetables, fruits, and crude fiber are beneficial to metabolism.

There is another aspect of diet, because when it comes to diet, it needs to be adjusted as a whole, his emotions and his work and rest. Now many people do not sleep at night, this is a very important problem.

Host Wang Ying: He is playing during the important time for raising the liver.

Wang Bin: Yes, you have to take a nap at night. From 11:00 pm to 1:00 pm is noon, which is the best time to nourish the liver. So be sure to have enough sleep, this is good for your entire metabolism, including the metabolism of other internal organs other than the liver.

Host Wang Ying: Our main topic today is about nourishing the liver in spring. At the end of the show, you will give us a summary. How to take care of our liver in spring and protect our kidneys by the way?

Wang Bin: It is very important for every netizen to take good care of the liver in spring. No matter how old you are, everyone is facing the overwhelming spring coming to us. First of all, it is most important to have a peaceful mind. Second, there must be a correct way of life, walk widely in the family, tie the hair slowly, and adjust the diet to a degree.

Host Wang Ying: That's really good. I have naturally adjusted my mentality to do the show with you. I must have a good mentality. I also wish our netizens to take good care of their livers. At the same time, thank you Mr. Wang for being a guest, and thank you for watching. Goodbye.

Exclusive advice in this issue

Many lesbians are habitually constipated and have a lot of acne on their faces, including chloasma, which is related to lack of exercise. Moderate exercise can relieve your mood, and at the same time nourish your liver in the spring, which has a particularly good effect on your mood adjustment. Spring is just the off-season for fresh and sparse vegetables. Eat more rhizomes that are easy to digest, such as taro, sweet potato, carrot, and yam, which are very beneficial to people.

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