How to do a good job of health care for computer people

The cervical spine is often uncomfortable, the arms are occasionally numb, and the eyes are often dry... How should computer people who keep looking at the computer, sit and be irradiated all the time protect their health? On July 29, Sina Health and Wellness Forum joined hands with "Health Management" magazine to invite Gao Qian, deputy director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, to answer the question of how computer people should do a good job of health care. The following is the interview transcript:

Guest of this issue: Gao Qian, deputy director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, PLA General Hospital

Good afternoon, all Sina netizens!

Host Wang Ying: Hello, dear Sina netizens and friends, welcome to watch the Sina Health and Wellness Program. I am host Wang Ying. If you often sit in front of the computer, do you feel astringent eyes, do you feel uncomfortable in the cervical spine, and do you worry about radiation exposure after a long time? For such a series of problems, we specially invited an expert to discuss with you. Gao Qian, deputy director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the PLA General Hospital, welcomes you.

Gao Qian: Hello, all netizens.

Host Wang Ying: What I just talked about is related to computers, and computers are inseparable from daily work and life. How can we prevent the series of computer diseases I just mentioned?

Gao Qian: The current computer disease has something to do with the environment in which the computer is used, the office environment. An office environment has to adapt to people, how to adapt it? Normally, it should be said that human beings have animal nature and should be in a place with better sunlight, water and air. This place is good for people. Sometimes we have to survive, but there is no way, and there are modern tools that we have to use, often sitting in this environment.

In this environment, we have to adapt to this environment, how to adapt? Sitting in front of this, if you are sitting in front of the computer, first of all, we are at a distance from the computer. The sitting posture should be kept at least 60 cm away.

If you want to prevent eyesight fatigue, you should keep a distance or light. The brightness of the light should be appropriate, not too bright, like the studio is brighter.

In terms of vision alone, people should get up or look at other places in the distance in about 40 minutes. Can't stare for too long, easy to get tired.

Host Wang Ying: Take a look from afar, or look at another kind of thing.

Gao Qian: Yes. Another posture, if the mouse hand is prevented, there should be an abduction of about 100 degrees, and the mouse requirements must be adapted to the hand. The sitting position is about a 100-degree incline, preferably with a support behind.

Of course, these are all compatible with the computer. The most important thing is to go out for a walk regularly, usually about 40 minutes, and get up and walk in one class time to adapt to this environment.

Host Wang Ying: It is helpful to relieve visual fatigue and cervical spine discomfort.

Gao Qian: Yes.

Moderator Wang Ying: Can you give us a more in-depth talk on alleviating visual fatigue, how to ensure that the eyes are still very comfortable after staring at the computer for a long time, and not very dry?

How to relieve visual fatigue

Gao Qian: One is the brightness of the computer, which must be moderate. Generally, it is adjusted lower than the surrounding environment, or the brightest place, and slightly lower than the surrounding environment. Another distance, the distance must be maintained, and the other is time, which cannot be seen for long. Mostly these. Another, if you are tired, you can do eye exercises.

Host Wang Ying: We should all do it, since childhood.

Gao Qian: This is fine. The eyes are mainly in these aspects.

Host Wang Ying: I also specifically mentioned the issue of radiation just now. There are many questions on the Internet saying, can wearing a radiation suit play a certain role?

Gao Qian: Radiation Generally speaking, the radiation from a computer is very small and will not have a big impact on the human body. I am afraid that you will sit every day for more than 4 hours a day. There is radiation, which affects people. The most common effects are weak resistance of children and pregnant women, and there are many such effects.

Another radiation, the impact of a large amount of radiation on people, is still inconclusive. To prevent radiation, wear a radiation suit. Some people recommend wearing a radiation suit and a hat, which has a certain preventive effect. But the most important thing is to keep a certain distance from it, and to control the time. The other one, for example, is a computer. The machine itself is better. You should use a new one, or use some shielded computers. On the other hand, some people also suggest that some metal objects should not be placed around to prevent secondary radiation, and it is better to put some green plants.

Moderator Wang Ying: Director Gao, don't you think what we said is a little unrealistic. Wearing a hat and radiation suit is not suitable in the working environment. Another point, radiation protection, you said that the radiation in these 4 hours is more serious. Many office workers have to work for 8 hours or even 10 hours. Isn't it very serious to be exposed to radiation?

Gao Qian: This kind of radiation generally does not affect the human body. In order to prevent this, at most, the distance from the computer should be kept at a certain distance. At about 60 cm, the radiation will be smaller. Another one, if it is next to the computer, it should be at a distance of 120 cm. This may be better, many people say to increase their resistance. After the resistance is strong, the immunity is strong, and the impact of radiation on people will not be great.

Host Wang Ying: The way to increase resistance is to exercise more?

Gao Qian: There are many ways to enhance the resistance. One is mainly the mental factor, the spirit can not be tense, and the other is to increase outdoor activities, see more sunlight, water, and air, which is good for people's immunity.

How to prevent mouse hand

Host Wang Ying: What kind of disease is the carpal tunnel syndrome they mentioned?

Gao Qian: Cold hands, numbness, swelling, pain.

Host Wang Ying: What does it have to do with arthritis?

Gao Qian: Arthritis is damage to the joints caused by other inflammations. Carpal tunnel syndrome is mainly caused by nerve compression, mainly from the surrounding sliding wear or ligament compression, which affects some activities, movements or sensory disturbances of the hand.

Moderator Wang Ying: We seem to just move the mouse back and forth like this. This mouse is also very light, how could it be stuck?

Gao Qian: Generally, if the mouse often does this kind of action, after the ligament in the carpal tunnel is damaged, it will squeeze the nerve, and often do this kind of action.

Host Wang Ying: What should I do?

Gao Qian: Generally speaking, the mouse should be made bigger, the most important thing is to do some activities regularly, or relax your hands, it is better to prevent.

Moderator Wang Ying: As you said just now, it is best to do some outdoor exercise after 40 minutes of exercising and exercise your joints, which can effectively prevent it.

Gao Qian: Yes.

Host Wang Ying: We usually do homework when we are very young. When we are in class, the teacher will remind everyone that we must maintain a correct posture. This is mainly to prevent the neck. If you do homework for a long time, your neck will feel uncomfortable. Is it easy to get mentally ill, especially when you look up?

Gao Qian: Holding your head up does not necessarily mean you are mentally ill. Putting aside this health issue, when we buy a car, what do we do with the first car we buy? First look at the manual, how do we use this car. For example, people in the office, have you read the instructions for the cervical spine? The cervical spine has a structure, what kind of things are there, and how can we go about not damaging it.

Moderator Wang Ying: Let’s understand each part first.

Gao Qian: Yes. Learn what it does so we can use it. The cervical spine has a lordosis, why should it be lordosis, there is a spinal cord, muscles, joints, nerves, blood vessels. so many parts. The cervical vertebra is in charge of our hands, and the most important thing is to govern our hands. The essence has an enlarged area that manages the hands, and its function and structure are adapted. Another essence is longer, but also to adapt to the function of the hand. So in it, the general lordosis. If the office generally bows a lot, it will become straight after a long time.

When we watch movies, it is usually a bone problem. The bones are fixed by muscles. We often watch something. At this time, we are in a state of tension and can't take our eyes off. Suddenly someone calls you, you twist, twist quickly, there will be damage. The protective response of the human body is spasm. Once spasm occurs, ischemia occurs. The ischemia affects the adjacent joints and cannot support it. The intervertebral disc herniates and the muscles become tight. , pain, soreness and numbness appeared. Not only is it painful, it will be very hard and inflexible, and some people will make noises when they move their head. Caused tendonitis, fibrous inflammation, and when the pain is more unwilling to turn, it has caused a more serious situation.

Host Wang Ying: Are lumbar spine and cervical spine the same thing?

Gao Qian: It should be the same thing. The muscles of the cervical spine are connected one by one, and one is pulled one by the other. If there is a problem with the cervical spine, the thoracic spine cannot run, and the lumbar spine must not run. It is the same as the muscular system. It is an S-shaped curve, the center of gravity is shifted, and the entire following must be shifted.

Host Wang Ying: The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked.

Gao Qian: This is the truth. The entire spine will be affected. The cervical spine is more important, even more important than the lumbar spine. It connects with the brain upwards and controls the heart downwards. A bad cervical spine may affect these two parts.

Moderator Wang Ying: No wonder if the cervical spine is not good, he will say that he has symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, and tinnitus.

Gao Qian: Both blood supply systems pass through the cervical spine. The internal carotid artery system also has a vertebral artery system, which is related to the posterior circulation, dizziness, eyes, and unsteady walking. The preceding cycle is associated with a decline in brain memory, or with a decline in other brain functions.

Host Wang Ying: This is where a deeper problem arises?

Gao Qian: Yes.

Host Wang Ying: Do you have any good methods for cervical vertebra care?

Gao Qian: Generally, it has something to do with the muscles, so the more aerobic exercise, the better the oxygen supply to the muscles, the better the spine. To understand in plain language, any bone and joint disease is very closely related to muscles, and many diseases are related to muscles. In the case of spasm and degeneration, all our blood vessels and nerves are in the muscles. After it is affected, the peripheral circulation will definitely be affected. Ischemia and hypoxia will definitely affect many diseases. Muscle problems, in arthropathy, cannot be overemphasized.

Host Wang Ying: So we have to exercise our muscles well.

Gao Qian: Yes. After exercising, it will naturally improve, and the muscles are more tense. In this state, the muscles are tense.

Host Wang Ying: Are blood vessels easily blocked?

Gao Qian: The blood vessels are spasm. If the blood is thicker, it is easy to be ischemia. At this time, if there is another twist or sudden movement, the muscle is very dangerous. Exercise toning muscles is a very important aspect.

Moderator Wang Ying: We usually do aerobic exercise, such as jogging and walking, can we exercise our cervical spine?

How to maintain the cervical spine

Gao Qian: Yes. Generally there is no disease, there is no problem with the cervical spine, aerobic exercise, the metabolism of the whole body, the muscles should supply more oxygen. A lot of people say that the cervical vertebra hurts, just run and run. Back pain, just walk away. If there is a problem with the lumbar spine, it is better to do health exercises to prevent it. If it is serious, there is pain and numbness, you may need to go to the hospital to see a doctor and do some examinations to see if there is any problem with the structure inside, or if there are other problems, injections, medicines or other methods can be used.

Moderator Wang Ying: Can you teach us some exercises for office workers? Some of your friends work overtime in the outdoor activities you mentioned, but they cannot achieve this effect. Can you do this exercise anytime, anywhere?

Gao Qian: Cervical vertebra exercises are more about doing "meter" exercises, writing rice with the head. Do the exercises according to the rules of the exercises. Normally, we stand up and stand up. Because of the relationship between the environment, we simulate doing it. The legs and shoulders are wide, and the hands are on the hips. Doing cervical spine exercises is in line with all activities, mainly stretching. Reach forward and backward. Eight-eight beats, (action demonstration) After the rice characters are written, there is a final stretch. After you're done, move your cervical spine all over. Swimming, hanging the horizontal bar or other activities to stretch or do "meter" exercises.

In order to prevent it, some people lose the lordosis of the cervical spine. After some patients come, they pad the neck area to have a support. Hit the computer again.

Moderator Wang Ying: No matter how you work, there is no way to have to work overtime. It is very important to think of the health exercises that Director Gao did, and to exercise more to ensure your own health.

Gao Qian: Now the Internet is also developed, there is a lot of information, what to eat and say. But I think it's important to understand the fundamentals of health. I just said that we must first understand ourselves. We have to know how to use a car. After 5,000 kilometers of maintenance, people have to understand each system, what the organ is like, how to maintain it, and when to rest. This is the first priority. . I think it is necessary to understand myself, understand what structure I have, what kind of function it has, and how to use it.

Second, there must be love. How to understand this love? Many people say that health must have one's own love. The Chinese people's understanding of health, many people have it, and everyone understands it. It's like a friend of mine came back from abroad. He is engaged in health education. There happened to be a person in our laboratory. We went to his house to have a look, and I went with me. As soon as the Americans entered my friend's house, old lady I'm very happy, welcome here, and start handing out cigarettes to this friend, each of us has one, we don't want to smoke, the old lady just took it out and took the cigarette back, no, our little grandson is sleeping in it, You can't smoke, the 8 month old is sleeping. Foreigners do not know, he said they know that I am a health education expert? I took the cigarette back again, and I said no, there was a child sleeping in the house, and neither of us were allowed to smoke. He had a feeling, I was a blessing in disguise, because there are children who don't need to smoke. It seems that China's understanding of cigarettes is also very deep. Why can't you smoke when you have kids? I said that you don’t understand the Chinese people. To love children across generations, your love should be generalized, and you should love me too, even though I am a little old, you should be fraternity, and you should have a spirit of fraternity for your body, take care of your own health, and love Own.

Host Wang Ying: Love is more about caring for one's own body.

Gao Qian: Either to take care of other people's bodies, to give others some advice, or to family members and friends or others, they should have more care for each other's bodies.

Host Wang Ying: Spread the idea of ​​health.

Gao Qian: Another is motivation. Motivation is very important. The motive of caring for your health is greater than your motive to earn money or work. Maybe your health will be better.

Host Wang Ying: What you said is very correct. Now we are busy and often have a ranking. Career, money, beauty, and health are often overlooked. From now on we should have a healthy awareness, in the first place.

Gao Qian: Many people know how to deal with the question of health, but if there is no such motivation, the motivation for career is often greater than that for health. Once something goes wrong, it's too late by then.

The most fundamental person also needs to have a belief. Faith is a support and spiritual support for our survival and survival. This is very important. After you have faith, you will be able to have a happy life and be more healthy. So I think these major principles of health should be understood by everyone.

Moderator Wang Ying: Thank you for your suggestion.

You spread the idea of ​​health to us, and we will see what kind of problems the netizens have.

Netizen: What are the symptoms of cervical spondylosis? My neck doesn't turn, is it a symptom of a bad cervical spine?

Gao Qian: Yes. The symptoms of cervical spondylosis are divided into several types, one is mainly related to the hands, shoulders, soreness, numbness, swelling, pain, arms and hands or the entire shoulder. There are also upwards, dizziness, fireworks, nausea, and a kind of palpitation and shortness of breath. Seriously, there are some unsteady walks, and soft legs are also a type. Of course, if you want to determine which type, it is best to go to the hospital for a doctor to see and do an examination.

Netizen: Can diet therapy really protect against radiation? Or a gimmick?

Gao Qian: Many people talk about radiation protection.

Host Wang Ying: Nuts and lemons are said to protect against radiation.

Gao Qian: Some of the ones that are good for the human body are relatively certain, such as sea fish, nuts, and healthy aging. They contain more vitamin C and E, and are anti-oxidant.

Host Wang Ying: Eat more fruits.

Gao Qian: Fruits and vegetables.

Moderator Wang Ying: Diet therapy still has a certain effect.

Gao Qian: Yes.

Netizen: When facing the computer for a long time, I often feel that my eyes are sore and tearful. How can I protect my eyes when using the computer? Are there any basic principles?

Gao Qian: One is the proper distance, the other is the light, and the other is the time. The last one can do eye exercises.

If there are some problems, you can use some eye drops to increase the lubrication of the eyes.

Netizen: I use the computer for 10 hours a day. Now I feel uncomfortable when I move my right hand joint. When I move my hand, the hand joint makes noise. Is there something wrong with the hand joint?

Gao Qian: Yes. It's more likely a soft tissue problem. In general, we are active, stretching and stretching. If it doesn't work, you can bake it with electricity. It doesn't work for two or three days. Some people have to put plaster on it, but it doesn't work. Go to the hospital for a checkup.

Netizen: The mouse hand is very serious, cannot lift heavy objects, and is sore. Can it be treated with surgery?

Gao Qian: Surgical treatment is the ultimate treatment, so be careful, especially for young people, if it does not affect the function to a certain extent, many non-surgical treatments can be used to solve it.

If you can't lift heavy objects with your hands, it's best to go to the hospital for an examination. You can use an ultrasound to see what's going on, whether the tendon is thickened, and whether there is inflammation around the tendon sheath. Use physiotherapy, roasting electricity, external medicine to relieve some, or increase the auxiliary device of the wrist, increase the stability, and protect the soft tissue.

Host Wang Ying: Anyway, don't delay. If you feel uncomfortable, go to the hospital to have a check.

Netizen: Lack of sleep, frequent eye use, my eyes are always red and swollen, but I work night shift on the website, I can't change this, how can I relieve this symptom?

Gao Qian: Lack of sleep and red and swollen eyes.

Host Wang Ying: This is a causal relationship. If you don't sleep well, your eyes will definitely be uncomfortable.

Gao Qian: One has to use eye drops. Another, do some eye exercises, and another, the most important thing is to reverse the sleep of the night shift and increase the sleep, so as to recover.

Host Wang Ying: Thank you Director Gao. Due to time constraints, this program can only be here. We are very grateful to you. Not only did you answer the topics you provided today, but also taught us a general principle of health. You should put your own health first, and at the same time spread the awareness of health, love your own body, and love the bodies of others. Today's program is in cooperation with Health Management Magazine. The exciting content of the interview will be in Health Management The magazine's selection will be published in September. Netizens will be invited to watch it, and Director Gao will also watch it. Thank you, and thank you all for watching, bye.

  Exclusive advice in this issue

  The amount of radiation in daily work generally does not affect the human body. In order to prevent this, at most, the distance from the computer should be kept at a certain distance. At about 60 cm, the radiation will be smaller. If it is next to the computer, it should be at a distance of 120 cm. It might be better that way. Enhance immunity, radiation will not have a great impact on people. There are many ways to enhance the resistance. One is mainly the mental factor, the spirit can not be tense, and the other is to increase outdoor activities, see more sunlight, water, and air, which is good for people's immunity.

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