How to nourish the liver with strong liver fire in spring

Introduction of this issue: As an important organ of the human body, the liver has important functions of regulating qi and blood, helping the spleen and stomach to digest and regulating emotions. Liver fire is prone to problems in spring. If the liver is nourished properly in spring, it will also bring a year of health.

Host Wang Ying: Dear netizens and friends of, you are welcome to watch our health channel's health program. Today, the expert invited is Guan Hongbo, chief liver disease expert and chief physician of Bazhentang. Welcome, Professor Guan, and chat with our netizens. Say hello.

Guan Hongbo: Hello everyone from

Host Wang Ying: Spring is a good time to nourish the liver. Many friends report that the liver fire is particularly prosperous in spring. Is there a systemic reason or some other reason?

Guan Hongbo: In the spring, the yang qi is rising, the spring returns to the earth, all things recover, and people are also rising. , dry eyes, red eyes, this is the performance of rising anger.

Host Wang Ying: When you say that, I feel sick all over. I have the symptoms you mentioned.

Guan Hongbo: That's it. Everyone feels this way in spring. Everyone is more restless in spring. Although everyone is in a good mood in spring, they are all irritable. This is what everyone has in common.

Host Wang Ying: If the liver is not good, can it be shown on its face?

Guan Hongbo: Yes, the liver should be full of red eyes, the eyes should be very red, the face will be a little red, the complexion of those with insufficient liver blood will turn yellow, and some patients with liver disease will have yellow and blue complexion. To the spleen and kidney, so the complexion recovered dust, as if not washed clean.

Host Wang Ying: Nowadays, people with liver disease are getting younger and younger. What is the reason for this?

Guan Hongbo: There are a lot of temptations right now, such as Internet access, entertainment, entertainment, and TV. No matter how old or young people are, they are more involved, and they stay up late after participating.

Host Wang Ying: It’s easy to lose control. I keep watching a good TV show, and keep playing a good game.

Guan Hongbo: Middle-aged women come to see a doctor. Many lesbians say that I am too old to sleep in the middle of the night. I say what are you doing if you don’t sleep? He said that if you don’t sleep and watch Korean dramas, if you can’t do anything about work, now it’s for some TV, some mahjong games, and the Internet. These go to stay up all night, the blood is the liver when you lie down, the blood nourishes your liver after you lie down, the blood flow when you lie down is seven times that of standing, you just nourish the liver and gallbladder from 11:00 to 3:00, many people do not sleep, many people are night owls type, resulting in long-term liver blood deficiency, resulting in liver ischemia. We all know and have eaten liver. It is soft and soft. What does it rely on for nourishment? It relies on blood to nourish it. For a long time, if the liver blood is insufficient, the liver will not get nourishment, and it will gradually get sick. Over time, liver disease and liver cancer will occur.

Host Wang Ying: Can I go to bed at 12 o'clock occasionally and stay up all night occasionally?

Guan Hongbo: Occasionally it's okay, but it's not recommended. People go to bed from 9:00 to 11:00 to increase immunity, from 11:00 to 3:00 to nourish the liver and gallbladder, when to sleep and what to sleep, from 11:00 to 1:00 noon to nourish the heart, sleep well, right? The body is very good.

Host Wang Ying: Now we are advocating such supplements, such health products.

Guan Hongbo: I still don’t sleep, but I sleep well every day. As we have all seen, centenarians go to bed at 7 or 8 o’clock. Although they get up early in the morning, they sleep well in the afternoon. Centenarians are also in good health.

Host Wang Ying: Do you have to sleep well to keep your body healthy? On the other hand, many people in Professor Guan complained that I had a bad temper. Could it be related to my bad liver?

Guan Hongbo: The liver is not good, because the liver is the main blood transfusion, and in the human body, it is the main blood transfusion. Just like driving on the street, you will be very happy if it goes smoothly. You must be impatient in traffic jams. Just like the liver, if you have a blood transfusion block, you will feel anger, and the anger will go up.

Host Wang Ying: Generally speaking, it is said that boys tend to control their livers when they are angry, while girls do not lose their livers when they are angry.

Guan Hongbo: Metropolis. Especially lesbians, and lesbians like to be sullen and careful. Many people are like this. It is worse to be sulky, and it is better to be violent. It is better to vent the anger. Don't hold back when you are angry, don't worry about any pressure or get angry, you must find ways to vent, you can sing, chat with good friends, travel, shout on the mountain, you can find ways to vent your anger.

Host Wang Ying: A poor liver is liver disease. Later, it was said that cirrhosis of the liver, and then it becomes liver cancer. Are these processes?

Guan Hongbo: Yes.

Host Wang Ying: Are there some preventive measures in these processes? In terms of diet, are there some ways to pay attention to exercise on average?

Guan Hongbo: First, don’t get angry, because qi causes all kinds of diseases, not just the liver. People’s five Tibetans and six houses are connected. Traditional Chinese medicine is different from Western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine regards it as a whole. Stomach, liver reversal fight slightly, this is liver qi invading the stomach, after affecting the spleen, loose stools, bloating, and poor digestion are all because the liver wood can be blocked. , The liver bears the brunt of all diseases caused by qi, and the liver is a general's hurdle, and it is particularly fond of anger, and anger increases anger. Patients with high blood pressure, patients with chronic diseases, hypertensive cerebrovascular a little cerebral infarction, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage.

Host Wang Ying: Liver is the leading role.

Guan Hongbo: It is the general's pass.

Host Wang Ying: Spring is more suitable for nourishing the liver.

Guan Hongbo: The Spring Festival is the season for nourishing the liver, and spring is also the season for the onset of liver disease. This season is very, very important.

Moderator Wang Ying: Should we teach us some methods, should our dietary conditions be enough?

Guan Hongbo: In spring, we eat less greasy, more light, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, radish seedlings, toon seedlings, leeks, and some wild vegetables, andrographis paniculata, dandelion, which clear heat and detoxify, and prevent infectious diseases. You see, today you have a cold, sore throat, and cough for two or three months. Eat more wild vegetables to clear heat and detoxify.

Host Wang Ying: Just boil it in water.

Guan Hongbo: Copy it and mix it with stuffing.

Host Wang Ying: Are there any ways to exercise in your life?

Guan Hongbo: I usually advocate that everyone come to lose the liver. This place has the liver Qimen point, which is the key point of the liver. It is stroked from the back to the front with the hand.

Host Wang Ying: Will we have certain requirements, how many times do I do it at a time?

Guan Hongbo: Do ​​it 36 ​​times at a time, three times a day. You can just sit in the office and watch TV.

Moderator Wang Ying: Are there many patients with fatty liver and alcoholic liver who go to your place?

Guan Hongbo: Very much.

Host Wang Ying: And she is very young.

Guan Hongbo: Very young, some in their 20s.

Host Wang Ying: Did you eat too much fat?

Guan Hongbo: I still have a bad diet. Some chubby children have fatty livers. Our diet structure has changed a lot now. People used to have enough to eat. Now they have to eat well, and the more they eat, the better, but they must eat less of high-fat and fried things .

Host Wang Ying: This involves what should be paid attention to as a dietary principle. Especially at night.

Guan Hongbo: Eat less at night, eat light at night, eat seventy percent full, and don't eat too full.

Moderator Wang Ying: We have dinner at night, which is inevitable, including the entertainment you just mentioned and supper.

Guan Hongbo: After eating in the evening, drink some tea before exercising, and walk for another hour to consume the calories you eat and not accumulate in your body.

Moderator Wang Ying: You talked about the problem of alcoholic liver. Alcoholic liver is related to drinking. Many people drink a lot and many times, which will inevitably lead to alcoholic liver. Sometimes it is unnecessary to socialize. What should I do? Is there any way to alleviate or reduce it? The incidence of alcoholic liver?

Guan Hongbo: The incidence of alcoholic liver disease is getting higher and higher now, and it is getting younger and younger. I suggest that everyone should not drink it if they don’t drink it, and drink as little as possible. Especially, the liver damage caused by liquor is particularly serious. Generally, it takes half a tael to get rid of it, and more than that is equal to poisoning, which accumulates in the liver. Over time, it is alcoholic liver. After a long time, alcoholic liver will develop liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. When we drink, drink Gehua every day, soak some water with Gehua, get ten grams of Gehua to drink a cup a day, and drink a little if you drink or not. Gehua can detoxify and detoxify liver, and it is also a maintenance effect. If necessary, drink some Gehua tea first, the effect is also very good.

Moderator Wang Ying: Our netizen has some specific questions to ask you. This netizen is a 33-year-old female with a quick temper and often gets angry. Recently, I sometimes feel a slight discomfort in the right abdomen, but my appetite is still good. What is going on?

Guan Hongbo: This belongs to anger. In the spring, her anger is more prosperous. Ordinary diet therapy can also be used, or some medicines to soothe the liver. Lesbians take Xiaoyao Pills.

Host Wang Ying: If you are in a special period, such as menstrual period or menopause, is there any special way to nourish your liver with this sensory suppression supplement?

Guan Hongbo: Don’t take blood-activating medicines during menstruation, but liver-soothing medicines. During menopause, you can take Xiaoyao Pills. If you are too strong, take traditional Chinese medicine to regulate and regulate. In middle-aged people, medicines for menopause are especially good.

Host Wang Ying: I am particularly interested in the words you said, the feeling of the liver and cognition. There are external reasons in spring. When spring arrives, people are more likely to get angry. Sometimes people seem to be unable to control their cognition. This is the liver The problem is its own problem.

Guan Hongbo: Some of them have liver problems. People with liver diseases are more prone to bad temper and anger. Some of them are dry, stressed and annoying because of the climate. You usually take some medicines to soothe the liver, and lesbians drink roses, roses, and bags of flowers to make tea.

Host Wang Ying: The face is not age spots, but liver spots.

Guan Hongbo: It's not age spots, it's age spots that grow with age. There are liver spots around the two clips. Drinking some of these is good for beauty.

Moderator Wang Ying: Netizens think that Professor Guan maintains very well. Do you have any maintenance tips to share with us?

Guan Hongbo: I feel more comfortable

Host Wang Ying: I intentionally remind myself that I don't care about the little things.

Guan Hongbo: I'm in a relatively calm mood. I don't like to lose my temper in general. When I get angry, I lose my temper. Soon I sing and chat. If you don't come, it's easy to get sick.

Host Wang Ying: This is not only the secret recipe for maintenance, but also the secret recipe for longevity.

Guan Hongbo: It is great wisdom not to be angry. We must learn not to be angry. My father is his age. As long as he is angry, he can let it go and forget it immediately, so he has seen everything. Think about it, so that he can live a long life. He lived in his 90s, his face was red, his skin was very good, and he liked to eat leather. My father was dry washing and combing his hair. He grew black hair in his 80s and almost 90s. It turned out to be snow-white hair, and black hair grew again, and it was still alive.

Moderator Wang Ying: There are some small methods.

Guan Hongbo: On the one hand, you need to eat, on the other hand, you need to take care of yourself. The first is not to get angry. This person frowns all day long and is depressed, his face is not good, and his face is depressed.

Host Wang Ying: He also offended our generals and offended our livers. The following netizen, what kind of person is considered to be liver deficiency? How to regulate liver deficiency?

Guan Hongbo: Liver deficiency is first of all your complexion. Many people have yellow complexion, dry eyes, dizziness and tinnitus. Some people show fatigue. Fatigue is the main symptom of the liver. Many people have liver disease without any symptoms, just a lack of energy. The stomach is weak, the liver controls the tendons and stores blood, and many people have tight legs and feet, which is related to the liver. These people usually eat more liver blood, black chicken, wolfberry, and small pieces of black chicken. After stewing, they drink soup and eat meat.

Moderator Wang Ying: Can you understand liver deficiency in this way? The liver is the blood that provides nutrition. Is it the blood deficiency that causes the liver deficiency?

Guan Hongbo: Yes.

Host Wang Ying: You should replenish blood first.

Guan Hongbo: Yes, why is it so important to go to bed early and go to bed early?

Host Wang Ying: At least immunity will drop.

Guan Hongbo: Liver and gallbladder conditioning, the gallbladder plays a role in everyone's immune function.

Host Wang Ying: So we can do this in our daily life.

Guan Hongbo: You can do this just by sitting.

Moderator Wang Ying: It is relatively simple and suitable for lazy people.

Guan Hongbo: These actions are very simple, you can do it while watching TV or working at the same time.

Host Wang Ying: It can be done in life.

Guan Hongbo: Liver disease is also caused by immune deficiency. Seven people live in a dormitory, and one person has hepatitis B, but not necessarily all of them. Some people have it, some people don’t, and some people have strong immunity.

Host Wang Ying: Hepatitis B is prone to cirrhosis in the future, and finally liver cancer.

Guan Hongbo: Not necessarily, if you take good care of it and take traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning, you will generally not have liver cirrhosis. The cause of liver cirrhosis is not paying attention to eating, eating greasy, fried goods, drinking alcohol, staying up late, getting angry, eating chili peppers, and chili peppers are particularly harmful to the liver. Blood, some people do not pay attention to these aspects, and gradually develop cirrhosis of the liver, and cirrhosis of the liver will become liver cancer if they are not careful.

Host Wang Ying: Having hepatitis A and B is not scary. If you pay attention to your diet and lifestyle, you don’t have to worry. Some people who don’t have hepatitis A and B are prone to cirrhosis if they don’t pay attention.

Guan Hongbo: My patient has advanced liver cancer in his 40s. This is a matter of lifestyle. It is very important not to drink alcohol or stay up late.

Host Wang Ying: He can no longer enjoy the fruits of his struggles, and his body is the first.

Guan Hongbo: Nowadays, young people eat spicy food, and people are afraid of perverted spicy food. They really can’t eat that spicy food. It hurts the liver too much.

Host Wang Ying: Let's take a look at the following question from a netizen. I would like to ask the expert that he is very angry, loses his temper at every turn, and has spots on his cheekbones. Does this all indicate that there is a problem with the liver?

Guan Hongbo: The spots on the cheekbones are caused by liver problems, so we need to take medicine for conditioning, take some soothing liver and spleen medicines, and light soothing the liver is not enough.

Host Wang Ying: It is a whole process that should be taken care of.

Guan Hongbo: When you have a liver disease, you immediately think of the spleen and kidney. The treatment of the disease is not a single organ.

Host Wang Ying: At the end of the program, Professor Guan discussed the topic of nourishing the liver in spring to make a summary.

Guan Hongbo: In spring, everyone goes out for outdoor activities. The sun rises in spring. People need to bask in the sun more and go outside to see the beauty of the motherland.

Moderator Wang Ying: The main thing is to exercise your body through ventilation.

Guan Hongbo: Let’s breathe, exercise, keep a good mood, drink some herbal tea, drink some herbal porridge, these are diet therapy, so it’s better for our body.

Host Wang Ying: What is the best place to put herbal tea and herbal porridge?

Guan Hongbo: Put some chrysanthemum and wolfberry in porridge. Chrysanthemum can improve eyesight, clear liver fire, calm liver yang, and dry eyes in summer.

It is very good to eat some astringent. Eat more sprouts. For fatty liver, eat more mushrooms, fungus, kelp, and onion. People who drink alcohol drink some kudzu tea. For fatty liver, you can drink some raw hawthorn, and these teas are very good for fatty liver.

Host Wang Ying: After a period of adjustment, fatty liver will gradually reduce or disappear if you don't eat fried food.

Guan Hongbo: Yes, strengthen exercise, one is to control the diet, the other is to use medicine, diet and exercise.

Host Wang Ying: Cooperate with the little method you taught us. Thank you, Professor Guan, if you have any questions, we will ask you again. Here we thank all netizens for watching. Our health forum program is once a week. See you next week.

Suggestion in this issue: In spring, yang qi is rising, spring returns to the earth, all things recover, and people are also yang qi rising. At this time, anger is particularly strong, and various liver diseases are prone to relapse. Therefore, at this time, many friends love to lose their temper, Impatient love, dry eyes, red eyes, this is the manifestation of rising anger.

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