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At the end of the year, the number of white-collar workers who visit the hospital gradually increases. Most of them suffer from respiratory infections and other diseases. Most of them suffer from insomnia. From the mental state, they are expressed as anxiety, irritability and irritability. This is an end-of-year syndrome and a sub-health state. At 13:30 on December 23rd, Deputy Chief Physician Wang Fengxiang from the Department of Psychology of the Second Artillery General Hospital visited Sina Health and Wellness Forum to answer your questions about how to combat the end-of-year syndrome. The following is the interview transcript:

Host Wang Ying: Hello, dear netizens and friends, welcome to watch Sina Health's health program. I am host Wang Ying. Today we are going to talk to you about the anti-end-of-year syndrome. On this topic, we have invited an expert to introduce to you Wang Fengxiang, deputy chief physician of the Department of Psychology of the Second Artillery General Hospital. Dr. Wang welcomes you!

Wang Fengxiang: Hello, netizens and friends!

Host Wang Ying: Why do you think of the end-of-year syndrome? I think the end of the year is a more festive time. On the one hand, the New Year is coming, and on the other hand, many units will issue bonuses. Why do many white-collar workers have the end-of-the-year syndrome?

Wang Fengxiang: The end of the year syndrome is not just now. We used to have a saying about the New Year. Generally speaking, the New Year is a festive day for the vast majority of ordinary people. Why was New Year's Eve in the first place? Because winter is here, there is no need for busy farming in this season, and everyone has enough time for leisure and entertainment. With so much grain harvested in the second autumn harvest, everyone uses this time to celebrate the harvest and festivity, and at the same time accumulate more good emotions Come to welcome next year and welcome spring. This process should be good, but for some people, for example, there is no harvest at all, we used to say Yang Bailao, people will come to collect accounts during the New Year. Just now you said why white-collar workers are more anxious. It may be that white-collar workers owe more psychologically.

Host Wang Ying: What kind of psychological pressure do they have?

Why are white-collar workers prone to end-of-year syndrome?

Wang Fengxiang: Below the white-collar is what we call the blue-collar or something. The white-collar itself is characterized by more brainpower. The occupation he is engaged in may be paid higher than the blue-collar, but he has not really reached the six-shattering hexagram and six-shaking hypothesis in the Zhouyi. Speaking of the six stages of life, the first and second stages may be the most basic stages. The basic stage may not require much knowledge reserves, and the occupation does not have many skills, but the income is relatively low. The so-called white-collar workers have reached the third or fourth stage. At this stage, their income is relatively better, but they have not yet reached the nine-fifth level, and they have not yet achieved economic and psychological freedom. Therefore, we call this stage no three no four. stage. So if we say people with a good mentality, we call them more than better than others, but sometimes many people have a kind of fear when they compare themselves. If I don't work hard, I will be like that. In other words, the pressure is how hard I work to be able to take another step and truly reach the state of the ninth five. Therefore, psychologically speaking, the white-collar class puts the greatest pressure on themselves.

Host Wang Ying: Your analysis is in place, and there are quite a few people at this stage.

Wang Fengxiang: Yes. In fact, this group of people is the elite of the society. This group of people puts such pressure on themselves, and the society also places the main burden on these people.

Host Wang Ying: It can't be like this all the time. It's not good for my body and mind in the long run. I need to adjust. Many people often complain about why I often can't sleep well, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Wang Fengxiang: It's all possible, we have a lot of outpatients in this area.

Moderator Wang Ying: What are the symptoms usually present?

Wang Fengxiang: Insomnia, dreams, and anxiety. If it is serious, there will be some panic, and even some symptoms of panic attacks. For example, we have seen many white-collar people who are afraid of a certain place or a certain thing. There was a 29-year-old boy in my outpatient clinic who was doing very well in the workplace, but he was a fear dog.

Host Wang Ying: What is the reason?

Wang Fengxiang: There is no clear cause, and he has never been bitten by a dog. His fear is a symbolic thing, that is, the phobia itself is a symbol. There is also a man who is afraid of closed places such as elevators and subways. As long as he goes to such places, he feels that he is going to die, and his heart is very depressed. This narrow space is a kind of restraint for him, like going to prison, so he has to fight for it.

Host Wang Ying: How do you get these symptoms?

How emotions affect health

Wang Fengxiang: Long-term stress. Chinese medicine says that people have five zang organs to transform five qi, and they are prone to anger and joy, like sadness and fear. Our emotions come from the functions of the five zang organs. If the functions of our five zang organs are very normal and benign, this person will produce some good emotions, and the emotions will be reduced. very healthy. If the function of our five internal organs is in a bad state for a long time, you will have a bad mood at this time. Emotions are energy. We said that when Jing Ke stabbed the King of Qin, and the hero never returned, he was full of great anger. This anger itself is a kind of energy.

Host Wang Ying: I feel that this is a relationship between action and reaction, or interaction. On the one hand, this emotion has a direct impact on your internal organs, and on the other hand, when your internal organs are affected, it will also affect your emotions, so they are interrelated.

Wang Fengxiang: Yes, if your viscera is in a good state for a long time, good emotions will arise. Good emotions have a very good soothing effect on your viscera. If your viscera function is not good, bad emotions will arise. Emotions further damage your internal organs. If the negative energy is not vented for a long time, for example, people in the workplace have a lot of pressure for a long time, and these pressures are expressed in many emotions, which may be expressed as dissatisfaction, responsibility, and some expressed as anger or sadness. The vast majority of these emotions cannot be vented in time. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the mild may be insomnia, emotional tension, anxiety, and the serious may be depression or even panic attacks.

Host Wang Ying: If someone really has an uncomfortable place in the internal organs of his body, in fact, just looking at the internal organs is not the most important thing, you should go to a psychiatrist first, if he has been in this stress state for a long time Under the circumstances, see if there is a psychological problem?

Wang Fengxiang: Yes, you said it very well. In the past, it was said that traditional Chinese medicine was different from western medicine. To say that traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine is to regard people as a whole, and not only regard people as a whole, but also naturally integrate people and nature into one. Therefore, the pathological changes of any part or organ of the human being may be due to changes in the whole, the whole is not good, the external environment or the internal environment is not good. It used to be said that Western medicine treats the head for headaches, and treats the feet for foot pains. Now Western medicine is also developing, and it is gradually returning to the holistic theory. This whole-person theory says that our body and mind are one, and our whole body is the same. It doesn't mean that our eyes are not good or it is an eye problem. It may be caused by other internal organs. In our hospital, various departments now have a lot of cross-consultation, especially the cooperation and consultation between our psychology department and other departments. For example, if a person has gastroesophageal reflux, he will feel very uncomfortable after eating. At this time, if it is very serious, he will need to be operated on. But in many cases, he is not serious enough to need surgery, and he will recover even after surgery. During this process, you must find out what causes his reflux. We found that this reason is often because of his anxiety. When a person is anxious, his stomach is in a state of spasm. When the stomach cramps, it is not relaxed. After we eat food, it is very relaxed and accepted.

Moderator Wang Ying: If you don't relax, you will turn back.

Wang Fengxiang: If you keep squeezing if you don't relax, the food will come back.

Host Wang Ying: I feel that psychiatrists are now a bit like general practitioners, at least they need to understand what is going on in each department.

Wang Fengxiang: Sometimes it is best to have a very detailed understanding. More importantly, we see that no matter which organ or part you have a problem with, we will see your entire emotional changes. Because when a person has a disease, no matter what kind of disease he has, the disease can cause the person to be anxious, that is, he is anxious about the disease.

Host Wang Ying: This is a very normal state of mind. What about the other way around?

Wang Fengxiang: In turn, anxiety can also cause those diseases.

Host Wang Ying: Will it make his own disease more serious?

Wang Fengxiang: Of course, for example, some clinical cancer patients.

Host Wang Ying: In the end, it wasn't because of cancer that she died, but because she was intimidated by her own psychology.

Wang Fengxiang: Disease attack is one aspect, and many people cannot overcome their fears and imbalances. There are still many people who think that it is just me, I have done a lot of good things in my life, and I have not done anything that goes against the law of nature.

Host Wang Ying: What kind of help will the doctor give them? It is not wrong for many patients to think this way, and there is nothing incomprehensible about their concerns about their condition.

Wang Fengxiang: I often give lectures or communicate with patients. I often talk about a concept. We say that the world is fair. In fact, it is our idealized idea. The world is sometimes unfair. Why did the Wenchuan earthquake happen? If there is no earthquake in other places, what do the people of Wenchuan think? At this time, the disaster has come to me, and I can only face it. If you go to judge, there is no place to talk about this principle. Many times it is because we cannot accept such an injustice, and cannot accept such a disaster that comes suddenly, so that we ourselves cannot pass this threshold. Anyway, the disaster has already arrived here, so I will accept it, and then I will figure out how to overcome this disaster. Let us minimize our losses, so that we can come out.

Host Wang Ying: Psychologically, it should not happen overnight, there should be a process. Wang Fengxiang: Some people have good comprehension, and they are immediately understood. I have seen such people in clinical practice, especially those with a relatively high level of knowledge. There was once an old professor who was hospitalized with us. He had been in other hospitals and other departments for a long time. At first, he lost weight rapidly. Others suspected that he had cancer, but after investigation, he could not find out. Later, he suspected that it was muscle atrophy. I spent a lot of money on a lot of subjects, but they didn't find out. Later, he was hospitalized at our place, and other departments invited me to consult him. I saw that he had symptoms of severe depression. Later, I talked to him a few times and told him that your symptom is depression. At first, he did not admit that he was depressed. When I really talked to him, I found that he was in a very bad mood. He told me later that ten years ago I was haunted by low self-esteem and feeling like I was nothing. It is an old man in his 70s or 80s. When he was young, he was very beautiful and did everything well. In old age, he encountered many setbacks and the gap was huge. At this time, he began to doubt himself, but he still wanted to maintain the brilliance of his youth, which was unrealistic. So he is actually fighting against his own aging, and he cannot accept it, so he himself falls into this state, and he does not accept it at all. After I explained it to him and talked a few times and he accepted it, the man was soon discharged from the hospital.

Host Wang Ying: His happy mood is all right.

Wang Fengxiang: I gave him a few books at the time, including Buddhist books and Taoist Lao Tzu books. Sometimes we don’t accept many things, and we don’t let things take their course. Our aging is a process, whether I am a white-collar, blue-collar, or golden-collar, my ability to accept is limited, and I must do my best to be the best.

Moderator Wang Ying: Sometimes we discuss psychology and diseases, but maybe more about culture and outlook on life. Just like you said just now, let's go with the flow. This may be Laozi's idea of ​​inaction, but Confucius said that you should Effort and progress are contradictory in themselves.

Wang Fengxiang: This is not contradictory.

Moderator Wang Ying: What should I do?

Wang Fengxiang: We must use Confucian concepts to do things. Today, when I go to work, I will go all out to do it, and when I take a break, I will go all out to rest. The ancients said that when you are moving, you move like a rabbit, don't waste time, and when you are quiet, be a virgin, and don't move at all. When many people are not smooth or have emotions in their hearts, they treat them negatively, and when they are resting, they are concerned about work, so they do not rest when they are resting, and do not work when they are working. In fact, if we truly understand the Taoist or Confucian spirit, he is not at all contradictory.

Host Wang Ying: You can go back and give it a try, otherwise you will always live in a particularly tangled state, which will definitely be bad for your emotions. Director Wang, we know that you have a relatively solid foundation in traditional Chinese medicine. If you study psychology again, what do you think is the difference between you and other researchers?

Wang Fengxiang: My family has been a family of traditional Chinese medicine since I was a child. My father lived with my uncle and grandfather, and he is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, so I had no choice in going to university. I had to study Chinese medicine. During this process, I have always been very interested in psychology. Since the beginning of junior high school, I have been particularly interested in the human heart, and I want to know why people's emotions are so strange. At that time, I especially liked to read literary works, especially the characters in literary works, like those characters in A Dream of Red Mansions, you could not understand why these people think like this, why they have such gaps and differences. So when I was in college, even though I studied Chinese medicine, I read a lot of psychology books, so I transferred to a master's degree in psychology when I was a master's degree student, and then went back to the University of Chinese Medicine for my doctorate. Returning to the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to read Chinese traditional culture from a psychological perspective. After I have passed several levels and fields like this, when I return to the psychiatric clinic to interact with my clients, or I go to give lectures, sometimes I also go to the company to give lectures, I think I can use There are more things, and my communication with everyone is smoother, because no matter what kind of person I can talk to, I will talk to him from the perspective of Chinese medicine if he likes traditional Chinese medicine. Talk to him from a medical and psychological perspective, which makes it easier to communicate with people.

Host Wang Ying: This is the benefit of cross-border.

Wang Fengxiang: When it comes to treatment, there may be many psychological departments and psychiatry departments, and the amount of western medicine may be very large, but from my department, if we can avoid medicine, we will first start from psychological interaction, from recognition. Knowledge and behavior come first. If this kind of correction is not suitable and has no effect, I may prescribe a small prescription for him to replace tea, so that he can adjust it.

Host Wang Ying: Just don't delay the illness, that is, some people are very serious and the language adjustment is not enough.

Wang Fengxiang: Because he has some symptoms that make him very troubled, such as insomnia and getting angry. If the prescription doesn't work, I will prescribe Chinese patent medicine for him, especially when some women come to my clinic with a lot of bad emotions, often more anger, I will give her some Xiaoyao Pills or Shugan Powder This kind of medicine first regulates the physical symptoms. When he is physically comfortable, he is more able to cooperate with psychological treatment. He uses western medicine as a last resort.

Moderator Wang Ying: The typical symptom you just mentioned is the problem of insomnia. Today you are here.

Many netizens also asked online questions about how to treat insomnia. I also saw the book "Have a Good Dream and Sleep Well" that you are about to publish. There must be a lot of people who come to you to inquire about how to treat insomnia. Will we find some answers after reading this book? Or I'm really depressed and depressed, what can I do to improve?

Wang Fengxiang: First of all, my book contains some cases that I have received from clinical consultations over the past few years, and then interprets the patients’ dreams from the perspective of the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic. Freud said that dreams are the stage of our subconscious, and the stage of the subconscious is when you sleep at night. The show is on.

How to see your health through dreams

Host Wang Ying: It is related to our real life during the day.

Wang Fengxiang: It may have a very close relationship with our daily life, that is, we say that we have dreams every day and night, but sometimes there is a big gap between dreams and reality. Why? The first is that many young people come to me in the clinic and say that I don’t sleep well. Many people can’t fall asleep without staying up until three or four o’clock in the evening. The next morning, the first thing is that I can't get up, or I feel groggy after getting up. I may not dream at night, but it is like a dream during the day. I found that sleep has become a big problem for many young people. If a person cannot sleep well, his physical strength cannot be maintained in a good state, and his work condition is not good, so it affects his work and Life. The reason why our book has this name is also a wish that everyone can have a good dream and a good night’s sleep. At the same time we can diagnose where your sleep problems are through dreams.

Host Wang Ying: For example?

Wang Fengxiang: If a person has a long-term dream of flying, that is, he will fly as soon as he dreams at night. If it is said that such a dream still affects him very much, it causes his sleep quality to decrease, and then he cannot concentrate well on work during the day. If this person is in my outpatient clinic, I will combine other things, such as pulse diagnosis and tongue examination. In my clinical practice, I will find that they are basically consistent, that is, people who often dream of flying often have more anger. We will soothe the liver for some people like this. Of course, drugs can be used to soothe the liver, but in fact, on a psychological level, such people are more depressed. According to Chinese medicine, the function of the liver is mainly to relieve and vent. It likes to vent and does not like to suppress. The liver is a wood. If a tree is given a large space, it will flourish. If it is placed in a narrow space, it will shrink. If the liver qi is suppressed, the liver qi will be suppressed, and we can relieve it through other psychological means.

Host Wang Ying: Let him cry out loud, speak out, shout out?

Wang Fengxiang: Yes, for example, listen to some rock music to let him vent. Why do many young people like K songs now? Of course, frequenting K songs is very exhausting for a person, and it is very beneficial to do it occasionally.

Host Wang Ying: Release your emotions.

Wang Fengxiang: Yes. There was once a girl in my outpatient clinic who was about 30 years old, white-collar, single, and drifting from the north. Such a person has achieved small achievements, but she is very far from her ideal. She feels that she often encounters obstacles in her life, often not as she wants, because she has a very good wish to be realized, but there are often setbacks in the process. She always felt that she was frustrated again every day, because she was not close to her goal, so she felt frustrated every day and accumulated a lot of negative emotions.

Host Wang Ying: Are these negative emotions the toxins of the body?

Wang Fengxiang: Yes, so her sleep is very poor, including the complete disorder of the female menstrual cycle. Once when the two of us were chatting, she revealed her emotions all at once. It was very painful and she burst into tears. When she consulted at my place, our ward building had not been built, and the condition was very poor. It was a very small room with other departments. If she was crying at my place, maybe other departments All to see what happened. During this process, I will still encourage her, that is, don't worry about crying and cry, but she consciously felt that if she cried, other departments would come to see her, so she was always crying. Later I said that if you really feel that there is no place to vent, you can find a KTV private room, where you cry and howl to vent. After she walked away from me, she went to find a room and cried until all her clothes were soaked, and at that time she felt that she was suddenly clear, and she could see many things clearly.

Host Wang Ying: So emotions need to be excreted, and bad things need to be released.

Wang Fengxiang: Just like if the river does not flow smoothly, there will be a lot of silt, so our river often needs to be dredged, and so do we. If you are aware, you can do it every day. Every day when I have a bad mood, I will clear it in time. If it is said that there is no timely dredging, and it is impossible to solve it at this time, the only way to go to the psychology department or some psychological institutions is to seek professionals to help you do such a job.

Moderator Wang Ying: Director Wang also has some netizens today who want to ask you about their specific situation. You can help them with diagnosis and treatment.

Hello Doctor Wang, I am a civil servant and I am 38 years old this year. For the past month, I have always had insomnia at night. I woke up at about 3 o'clock in the evening, and then I had insomnia until dawn. What is the reason please, thank you.

Wang Fengxiang: We call this type of insomnia in medical terms, because the same type of insomnia is different. Some people have difficulty falling asleep, but some people fall asleep very lightly and wake up with a little sound. Another type is this. Kind of wake up early. Generally speaking, this kind of situation is a manifestation of deficiency of the heart and spleen in traditional Chinese medicine, because he did not say more information. According to my speculation, his physical condition is not very good recently, and his physical condition is not very good, so he must first test Take a look at your own life. For example, some people have too much work pressure, that is, they work too long, and the work pressure is too high, and some people play games and surf the Internet for too long. Because traditional Chinese medicine says that the five labors, prolonged sitting hurts the bones, and prolonged vision hurts the blood, it means that you look at the screen for a long time, and you are very focused and devoted to watching, especially those who play games and chat are very exhausting, and you must never work while working. Most people do copywriting work indoors, and when they come home at night to do it, he doesn't have enough physical activity. Why did you just say that the incidence of insomnia among white-collar workers is high, and the blue-collar workers below, a survey was conducted a while ago and found that migrant workers are very happy, even though they say that their wages are not high, and their living conditions in all aspects of housing are not as good as those of white-collar workers? But his happiness index is higher than these people. why? Of course, in terms of mentality, I just said that they don't have that much pressure and don't put pressure on themselves. But on the other hand, he is engaged in physical labor. Physical labor makes the body move. When our body is not exercising, the qi and blood are relatively coagulated. When you exercise, the qi and blood are relaxed and dredged. So the difference between physical work and mental work is that you finish a day of physical work. For example, when we are resting, we climb mountains, run, run, or even go shopping. You are very tired after a day of shopping, and you fall asleep lying there. But it's different if you're dealing with a day's worth of copywriting on the web.

Host Wang Ying: So I suggest this friend to go outside for a walk.

Wang Fengxiang: Yes, reduce the Internet, thinking and thinking work, and increase some physical work, especially when you are outdoors, basking in the sun and breathing some fresh oxygen.

Host Wang Ying: At the end of the year, my family urged me to get married. I was only 28 years old, and my family forced me to have a blind date, so I didn't want to go home for the New Year. How can I get my parents to accept that I don't want to get married in such a hurry? I am a sad female doctor.

Wang Fengxiang: This is also a test called love test. For her, the test she has to pass is how to move from being single to marriage, so as to reassure her parents. At the same time, when the new year is over, her parents will have more opportunities. In fact, I have seen many such things in clinical practice, and there are more women than men.

Host Wang Ying: Does this seem to be a common problem?

Wang Fengxiang: We now have a more popular term called leftover women and leftover men, because people's attitudes have changed now, and many people may not be the same as their parents' generation. They do things at what age, that is, when they reach the age of marriage and talk about marriage. Talking about the age of marriage, talking about marriage, and then having children all the way, many people are reluctant to live a conventional life. Many people say that they should play while they are young, or do a good job before starting a family. This kind of thinking conflicts with the thinking of the parents' generation, that is, the conflict between values ​​and life philosophy. There is another kind of mutual incomprehension between parents and children, that is, children do not understand their parents' care for them. Many children say that their parents are too annoying, and I don't want to go home to see them or call them. I have seen many girls in clinic saying that they haven't called their family members for several years. If the family members call, she may be angry for five or six days if they talk to the family members for three or five minutes. The phone call made her feel very happy. When I communicated with her, I found that she couldn't understand the kind of love her parents gave her, she thought it was like a rope tied around her neck. When she truly understands that her parents are loving, she also communicates in a loving way. Although their concepts may not have changed, the atmosphere of communication has completely changed.

Moderator Wang Ying: Director Wang, I think you have chosen a very complicated major, which is dealing with people's hearts, but people say people are unpredictable and complicated, so sincere communication with people face-to-face, I think it is A laborious thing.

Wang Fengxiang: You mentioned the word sincerity just now. People are unpredictable because we are in society. For example, many books like post-black studies in the past seem to be a trick played by human beings. The human heart is very simple when we truly return to sincerity.

Host Wang Ying: Is it true that we can live a simple, ordinary, and bland life so that all the syndromes can be overcome?

Wang Fengxiang: If everyone lives as they really are, they can be very happy. For example, we talked about the pressure of white-collar workers just now. In fact, the pressure of white-collar workers may have a lot to do with social culture, that is, how our society defines success and what makes a person successful. From a psychological point of view, what is success, a person is the most successful when he does himself well. For example, if one apple makes the best apple, and one banana makes the best banana, this is success. But we now define success as a very narrow concept, what kind of wealth, reputation.

Host Wang Ying: The more important thing is than.

Wang Fengxiang: I just mentioned the New Year, why many white-collar workers are afraid of the New Year, because the New Year is a process of comparison, an opportunity to compare, especially when he was a child, because he wants to go back to his hometown and compare with the children who grew up bare-backed when they were young. For example, a white-collar worker is floating in Beijing. He sees some high-end people. When he sees celebrities, he is envious, but he doesn't compare. Why do we all love celebrities? Celebrities give us an illusion and a psychologically wonderful visual beauty, and we do not compare with him. But if the star was his childhood classmate, both of them are the same. We say that the spirit of comparison and jealousy arises in a homogeneous group of people, that is, the closer the situation of the two of them is, the more willing they are to compare, that is, between colleagues, classmates, and relatives. And then back to that point, their comparability is even greater. Sometimes there are comparisons between parents, saying that their children came back in a BMW this year, how they came back last year, how much money they gave to the family, and then what kind of luxury homes they bought for their parents. exposed during the Spring Festival.

Moderator Wang Ying: So we said that the end-of-year syndrome is something that we should find for ourselves. Just like Director Wang talked to us, we should relax, be happy, and simply welcome the new year. . Thank you, Director Wang. Due to time constraints, I can't answer more questions. There are still some netizens asking questions online. You can answer them online. More importantly, you have the opportunity to come back to us for a chat. Here again, I recommend all netizens to watch Director Wang's new work "Have a Good Dream and Sleep Well". Thank you for watching. Our health altar program is once a week. See you in the next program!

Exclusive advice in this issue

If your viscera is in a good state for a long time, good emotions will be born, and good emotions will have a good soothing effect on your viscera. If your viscera function is not good, bad emotions will be born, and these bad emotions will further harm your guts. If the negative energy is not vented for a long time, it may be severe depression or even panic attacks.

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