Learn more about first aid in everyday life

If you burn your hand while grilling, twist your ankle at a basketball game, or accidentally get detergent in your eyes, accidents happen! Grease or press an ice pack? What should be done? Learn more about first aid in your daily life.

Moderator: Famous doctors gathered to talk about people's health. Good afternoon, all Sina netizens, welcome to follow the live broadcast of "Famous Doctor's Hall" jointly broadcasted by Sina Health and Medical Forum. My name is Cui Yinmo. While the program is live, you can also communicate with experts through our interactive platform and ask questions you want to know. In daily life, everyone pays special attention to health preservation and health. One issue that everyone often overlooks is first aid. For each of us, we will encounter special emergencies, and common sense of first aid needs to be mastered. Some people only have a superficial understanding of first aid, but do not know much about the actual operation. Today, we specially invited the emergency department of Capital Medical University. It's Director Li Chunsheng, talk to us about first aid. Hello Professor Li.

Li Chunsheng: Hello, everyone.

Moderator: In one case, a mother found that her son and daughter-in-law were caught in gas. He first opened the door and called the emergency call. He quickly dragged his son out of the bed and put it in the yard, and poured cold water on his head. At this time, the ambulance had arrived. Everyone found that his heart had stopped, but his daughter-in-law was rescued.

In the second case, the grandfather and grandson were caught by gas. The villagers found that the grandfather was moved out of the hospital, but the grandfather passed away unfortunately. After two days and two nights of rescue, the younger grandson also passed away. The same is poisoning, why some people can be rescued, and some people can't be rescued. In the story, the aunt gave priority to rescuing her son, but the son failed to save it. What was the operation error during the operation?

Li Chunsheng: In terms of operation, it should be said that it is pulled to the outside, from a poisoned environment to a ventilated one. This is a correct fact. When we treat this gas poisoning, it is right to shift from the poisoned environment to a relatively ventilated environment, but we should not pour cold water on him. If the weather is cold, it will increase the cold and make it worse.

Moderator: Even more affected.

Li Chunsheng: He was further hurt. The root cause of these two examples, I think there is a problem, first, the problem of women and men, the carbon monoxide poisoning endurance of women is a little stronger than that of men, and the probability of women being saved is higher than that of their husbands. In addition, the location in the house is also related to the degree of carbon monoxide poisoning. The grandfather and grandson, although the child was not rescued, the child's vitality is a little longer than that of the grandfather, and the vitality is better. Although neither of them has been rescued, this woman and this child, under normal physiological conditions, have stronger endurance and vitality than men. .

Moderator: Both of these examples show that the first thing is to look at individual differences, and the other one is that they all have a practice, and they do not keep the patient warm. Like you said, it may cause complications such as pneumonia, but cause them to die.

Li Chunsheng: The cause of his son's death was probably too deep poisoning. It is not advisable to pour cold water on the patient, and there is no scientific basis for this method.

Moderator: I suddenly remembered that we had a misunderstanding when we were young. It is said that if someone is poisoned by gas, if it snows, they can be saved by turning the patient face down no matter how deep the poisoning is. Listen to you, this is a wrong concept.

Li Chunsheng: Yes, wrong concept. The most important thing about carbon monoxide poisoning is gas poisoning. The core problem is three steps. The first is to pull it to a ventilated place to breathe fresh air.

Moderator: In general, keep ventilated, do not let him suffer other injuries in other ways, and keep warm if the weather is cold.

Li Chunsheng: Yes. Because carbon monoxide poisoning saved lives at the time, there were many complications later, the most common complication being pneumonia.

Moderator: Maybe this is caused by improper handling in the first aid process.

Li Chunsheng: Yes.

Moderator: What are the general manifestations of gas poisoning?

Li Chunsheng: Mild gas poisoning, dizziness and nausea, unsteady standing, feeling that I cannot sleep well, or feeling that my memory is not good, this may be the case. But there is fresh cold air blowing, and it can recover after blowing for a while. Moderate is severe dizziness, severe vomiting, even mild coma, or forgetting things. In this case, put it on fresh air, and oxygen will come over for a while. Severe patients in a coma state will experience brain edema and multiple organ dysfunction, which will eventually lead to death. If the rescue is done in time, hyperbaric oxygen will save him, and the rescue will also leave sequelae. For example, forgetfulness, or some encephalopathy caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Moderator: Should only severe cases cause sequelae?

Li Chunsheng: Yes. Moderate rarely leaves sequelae.

Moderator: I can rest assured. I also had such an experience when I was a child. You said that it was equivalent to the experience of moderate gas poisoning. At that time, it took half a day to recover. At that time, the windows were opened for ventilation.

Li Chunsheng: This method is very good and handled properly.

Moderator: What should we pay attention to to avoid gas poisoning?

Li Chunsheng: Now that life is better, gas stoves are rarely used in the house. In the economically underdeveloped northwest region, coal-smoked stoves are likely to be used in rural areas, and most of them rarely use stoves in cities. The most important problem in the city is the water heater, the water heater for bathing. Or the gas stove with natural gas is not turned off, especially in winter. Because in order to prevent cold, the doors and windows are closed, because the northeast and north of our country are more common, and the south is less. It is more common to use water heaters. At this time, you should pay attention to the closing of the button switch and so on. There are some in the middle that you think are not suitable for this environment. Two or three people have dizziness and nausea at the same time. You should be highly vigilant to see if this happens.

Moderator: We have to raise awareness of prevention. Sometimes people are poisoned from the shallower to the deeper, and they don't realize that they are poisoned, resulting in deeper and deeper symptoms. In daily life, you may need to have some first-aid skills, such as artificial respiration for trauma hemostasis. Which skills should we master the most?

Li Chunsheng: Strictly speaking, to stop bleeding from trauma, you can put a band-aid on it casually. If there is bleeding in an ordinary limb, there is a pulsating place on the top to hold it down, and the bleeding will stop below. If a wound is bleeding heavily, wrap it with clean gauze and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Do not use rubber plugs to tie the arteries, because regional necrosis is prone to occur, and there are many problems that are difficult to deal with in the hospital.

Moderator: What do you think is more suitable for tying the front?

Li Chunsheng: No. Just press and hold, and the local pressure bandage will do.

Moderator: A lot of people thought they were wrapped with rubber bands in the hospital. How long can it be?

Li Chunsheng: It can be done within a short period of time, but not for a long time. They all advocate the method of hemostasis by local pressure.

Moderator: We often mention artificial respiration. Two days ago, I found a girl on the Internet. I found that a beggar fainted at the time, and artificial respiration was given to him to save the person. At that time, there were a lot of comments on the Internet, saying that this is the most beautiful girl. Artificial respiration has only been seen on TV. Is there any point in daily operation?

Li Chunsheng: Artificial respiration should only be used in cases of suffocation or cardiac arrest. Generally, it is the patient's mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration. Because of the prevention of infectious diseases, a diaphragm is placed on the patient's mouth, and the patient's chin is placed with his hand. Lift your chin up and take two breaths with your normal breathing. Prevents blowing out of the patient's nose without lifting the jaw, blocking the airway.

Moderator: One or two breaths can achieve this goal.

Li Chunsheng: Strictly speaking, you have to take two breaths before doing anything else.

Moderator: How can I see that the chest is pressed with hands on the TV.

Li Chunsheng: It was a sudden cardiac arrest. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the most basic form of life support for patients in cardiac arrest.

Moderator: Generally speaking, first check whether the patient still has a heartbeat. If the heartbeat is not obvious, do you need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

Li Chunsheng: The 2010 guideline stipulates that when a patient suddenly falls to the ground outside, bystanders or rescuers come to the patient, they used to think that they should judge whether he is breathing or not circulating, but now the requirement is to perform cardiac compressions. Second-rate. Place the hand between the patient's breasts, and press the palm and arm joints vertically for 30 consecutive times. Two artificial respiration, five cycles after two minutes, and wait for the emergency personnel to arrive, do not interrupt the process.

Moderator: You are talking about the meaty part of our people's speech. It is very hard to keep your hands straight.

Li Chunsheng: Press down with the center of gravity of the body, unlike ordinary people kneading dough, which will not work.

Moderator: You pointed out a point just now, saying that it is best to have a diaphragm in the middle of the mouth to mouth. I don't know what kind of disease the patient is, and it may be transmitted to the rescuer.

Li Chunsheng: Yes, since the AIDS epidemic, the common people have also suffered from many respiratory infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and AIDS. Some people do not want to, so they have a diaphragm, so that emergency rescue can play the role of breathing. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, if you don't want to be afraid of infection, you can only do chest compressions without artificial respiration.

Moderator: If you can't find other things, can you also make handkerchiefs and ordinary clothes?

Li Chunsheng: We have to make a hole.

Moderator: Sometimes we always keep some medicines or other first aid supplies at home. In our daily life, what should we prepare at home to be more practical?

Li Chunsheng: In an ordinary home, there should be a small medicine cabinet that is doubled. If the home is better, it should be nitroglycerin for the elderly, Suxiao Jiuxin pills, etc., if there is an attack of myocardial infarction and angina pectoris Some problems will arise. Occasionally cut or punctured, there should be Band-Aids, as well as iodine or alcohol.

In addition, there are some standing insomniacs, and there are also some small amounts of sedative and sleeping medicines. In addition, there are some antipyretic and antipyretic drugs on it. This is probably the case, because some medicines are very professional, and they do not know how to use them at home. They are prescription things and require professional doctors to guide them.

Moderator: Don't use it casually. There are elderly people at home who need to prepare medicines such as Suxiao Jiuxin Pills. No matter whether the elderly have heart problems before, should this medicine be always available?

Li Chunsheng: Because there are more and more angina pectoris and chest pains, and more and more acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as this medicine, when a patient has a seizure, one or two tablets can play a role in relieving the symptoms of the disease, gain time, and make first aid The center received timely self-help during this period.

Moderator: In our life, we often encounter some serious things that are beyond our reach to the hospital. In the cases we often encounter, we will pass down some first aid methods. We often choke on food. Some people say that they are patted on the back, right? ?

Li Chunsheng: It is wrong to pat on the back. Choking means his throat is stuck. There is a professional technique, the Hamilix technique. He wraps his belly around his back with his hands and squeezes hard. His abdomen is deflated and his chest is charged upwards, which makes the gas spurt out.

If you encounter something stuck, put the chairs together, press against it with your back, and fill up your abdomen and chest with gas, and you will be able to fill it up and the foreign object will come out.

Moderator: No matter what is stuck, try to get it out, don't choke.

Li Chunsheng: If you shoot hard, this thing will be bad.

Moderator: Sometimes the foreign objects that may choke are food. For example, dumplings or steamed buns are things that are particularly prone to choke. If they choke, is there any difference in how to deal with them?

Li Chunsheng: Tangyuan is a sticky thing made of glutinous rice. It chokes in the esophagus. It is relatively slippery and will go down slowly. Steamed bread is a fermented pasta. As long as it is in the esophagus and not in the airway, slowly drink water to soften it, and it will go down naturally. If these can't be solved, it is best to go to the hospital to find a doctor to solve the problem.

Moderator: Generally speaking, these two kinds of food are not too big of a problem. We will take a break and wait for it to go smoothly. Don't be too anxious.

Li Chunsheng: Yes.

Moderator: There is another thing that we usually eat often. Fish bones are often stuck in the throat and it is very uncomfortable. There are many folk recipes, drinking vinegar, or eating steamed bread or rice to choke it down. Many people Say these methods are wrong. How to deal with fishbone?

Li Chunsheng: Vinegar can soften bones and make them go down. After all, fish bones are sharp objects, and sharp objects can easily pierce the esophagus. Behind the esophagus are large blood vessels. This condition of bleeding. My personal opinion is that when a fishbone sticks to your throat, you must go to the hospital to find a professional ENT doctor and use a laryngoscope to take it out. This is the safest and most effective method, and other methods are not recommended.

Moderator: It may cause a lot of hidden dangers. It seems to be a small thorn, and it may cause a big problem when it is pierced into a blood vessel. The way I usually see it on TV or I use it is to pinch people. When I see someone suffering from heat stroke or fainting, everyone says to go and pinch him. Which part of the person is so long to pinch? Is pinch effective? What kind of people does it work for?

Li Chunsheng: The human zhong passes through the middle of the two arterial tenacity veins, and the place in the middle between the nasal groove and the mouth is the human zhong. Pinching people is a folk treatment method, and it is also a Chinese medicine treatment method, because this place is relatively painful, and a strong stimulus can wake up a comatose patient or a comatose patient. This is a Chinese medicine method. It has been proven by modern medicine that it is not right to use traditional methods to treat comatose patients. We do not advocate that it is better to use modern medical methods.

Moderator: The previous method was because the pain stimulated him to wake up, and it did not change his symptoms. Usually cooking at home, often hot oil will scald myself, how to first aid after scalding?

Li Chunsheng: Burns are usually burned with hot air or hot water, and the skin is red. It is best to dry it without treatment. It is best to let the surface dry. If there is a little blisters, it is a second-degree burn. For second-degree burns, it is not recommended to pick up the blisters, but apply a layer of ointment with oil on the surface, let it dry, and it will heal slowly. Don’t overdo it. The covering of the bag, the tightness of the bag makes it more airtight, or other problems that are prone to infection. It's best to expose it, and it will get better slowly.

Moderator: As long as this is not very serious, don't pick blisters. You may think that you can get better as soon as you pick the blisters, which seems to be a misconception.

Li Chunsheng: Yes.

Moderator: After listening to your introduction, some netizens asked some questions, let's take a look.

Netizen: Is the Hamilix maneuver appropriate for pregnant women?

Li Chunsheng: What he mentioned is very interesting. Obese patients have big stomachs.

Moderator: Use more energy.

Li Chunsheng: Looking for a very weak one with a big belly, I can't even hold it. When I try hard, or how I try to get him, I might not be able to move him. Because the pregnant woman also has a pregnant woman who depends on how old she is. If she is about to give birth to a pregnant woman, this also includes the fetus, which involves the relationship between the fetus and the patient and the pregnant woman. In this case, it depends on whether it is urgent or not, but if it is urgent, the foreign body should be able to call it out as soon as possible. This

It is because it is the best way to save the fetus and the mother. If it is not critical, it is best to go to the hospital. Because our country attaches great importance to pregnant women, because two lives are involved.

Moderator: If the situation is particularly endangered, we use this method. If it is not particularly endangered, we should go to the hospital.

Netizen: How to give first aid to a person who commits suicide by cutting the pulse?

Li Chunsheng: It depends on whether it is an artery or a vein. If it is an artery, the upper artery must be suppressed. If it is a vein, the flow of the vein is relatively slow, and the pressure of the artery is relatively high. Should be on top of this, compression bandaging should still advocate compression bandaging, and use gauze to force local bandages. Whether it is arteriovenous or the most important, local compression bandaging is still the most important.

Netizen: What should I do if I have a sudden illness while traveling?

Moderator: This question is a bit general.

Li Chunsheng: As for the sudden illness during travel, it is difficult to answer this question. Did you suddenly have a digestive tract disease because of your diet, or did you suffer from a heart, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease because of intense mountaineering exercise? There is no underlying disease. Or you caused food poisoning through unclean drinking water.

Moderator: There are different methods.

Li Chunsheng: Maybe you accidentally injured your foot while climbing, or you got bitten by an animal. The scope of this thing is too large. Tourism is a special situation, and you may encounter various dangerous situations, such as a car crash, such as in Tibet. Plateau, travel to the Tibetan Plateau to drive, the plateau reflects the stimulus orientation ability is very poor, can not control the steering wheel is prone to accidents such as this. The specific situation needs to be analyzed in detail.

Moderator: This problem is too big. Before traveling, netizens can learn about the destination and their own body, and then they can predict some problems and design some methods.

Netizen: What should I do after frostbite? Can it be grilled?

Li Chunsheng: Frostbite can never be roasted with fire. Gradually from low temperature, it can't be roasted with fire directly. Once roasted with fire, the tissue will become necrotic, which is not acceptable.

Moderator: What if there is no water?

Li Chunsheng: It is not allowed to go from one extreme to the other.

Netizen: There have been frequent incidents of being trapped in an elevator recently. Is there any rescue method if you are trapped in an elevator?

Li Chunsheng: Because there are not many people in the elevator, because after all, it is a space that does not involve hypoxia, but this person is nervous and anxious. In this case, it is more important to keep calm. The communication is so developed, either call 110 or call your elevator unit, and call the elevator worker for help. As long as the elevator does not automatically slide and fall, it will not cause damage.

Moderator: It may not be a complete medical problem. You should find a way to escape from the elevator.

Li Chunsheng: Yes. Because there are mobile phones, there are also telephones in the elevator.

Moderator: If it takes a long time, it may cause hypoxia?

Li Chunsheng: No, after all, it is a ventilated place, not a very airtight place.

Moderator: As long as the mood is calm, there is no problem.

Li Chunsheng: Calm and naturally cool.

Netizen: Is CPR for children the same as for adults? How should it be done?

Li Chunsheng: CPR for children is different from that for adults. For example, in the CPR of very young infants, we do CPR by placing the thumbs of the child's hands in the middle of the breasts. We also use single finger pressure once, twice or three times, or three or four times. Pediatrics do this.

Moderator: Children may not be able to withstand such a large force, so don't use the way of adults.

Li Chunsheng: It was pinching the middle with one head and two hands.

Moderator: How old is it?

Li Chunsheng: Baby.

Moderator: Other children control their own strength depending on the size.

Li Chunsheng: Yes.

Netizen: If it is a sudden illness caused by travel fatigue, improper diet, acclimatization and other reasons, if it is caused by these reasons, is there any first aid method?

Li Chunsheng: The fact that the soil and water are not acclimatized is probably related to the adaptability of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, vomiting, diarrhea and diarrhea, we are talking about acute gastroenteritis. From this perspective, the first one is that you must eat cooked food during the trip, and must be cooked. This is from the perspective of prevention speak. On the other hand, our country has a very good medicine Huoxiangzhengqi Capsules. This medicine has been tested for a long time. It is very good to use this medicine during the journey. In addition, antibiotics such as berberine and quinolone are enough.

Netizen: Dysmenorrhea is a common symptom of women. How should first aid be given to fainting caused by severe dysmenorrhea?

Li Chunsheng: Strictly speaking, dysmenorrhea and fainting are an autonomic dysfunction. Women are more sensitive to reactions. For example, some are the same as syncope when they are not adapted to the environment. Some are sensitive to the environment and faint. It doesn't matter, as long as she lies there and pays attention, she may wake up naturally in a while, and the dysmenorrhea can be properly resolved, pinching her jawbone and index finger below the human middle, modern medicine is called holography, this is the human Like a shrunken person, a pinch on the surface may come over. The fainting of dysmenorrhea is sure to come over, and she needs to be stimulated, so she fainted. In addition, you can find a gynecologist and take some medicine to treat dysmenorrhea.

Moderator: You said that the jawbone point was called the toothache point when we were young. The left side hurts the right side, the right side hurts and the left side is a small remedy. What are the first aid measures for traumatic brain injury in the event of a car accident?

Li Chunsheng: In a car accident, there are many situations in which someone else hits you, and you hit someone else. The stress situation is a problem that brain surgery needs to study. For example, a frontal impact is actually an injury to the back of the head, and a hedging is an injury to the back. For patients with craniocerebral injury, be sure to take a look. Except for the detection of head bleeding, the appearance of blood and flesh is blurred, and there is nothing wrong with shouting. But he must pay attention to protect his neck, because the traumatic brain injury in the car accident will cause the whole body to be paralyzed, so he cannot move his head easily. There must be professionals. When we first aid people, we cannot cause the second injury to the patient during the first aid process. Like anti-sacks, lifting your leg, or hurting your waist or neck and causing lifelong regrets is a terrible thing.

It is best to stay still, it is best to have a professional with a neck brace on the forehead, and it is best to have a hard bed tied to the hospital.

Moderator: As you said, if you can control the bleeding from your head, there is generally no problem with your neck?

Li Chunsheng: Because of the head bump, first of all, after the injury, the neck is a very soft place, it is very thin, we must pay attention to the neck.

Moderator: Even if you think it's not a big deal, you need to pay attention. This place may also be injured.

Li Chunsheng: Yes, this is a very important point.

Netizen: What should I do first aid if I am stung by a bee?

Li Chunsheng: It is best to wash it with an alkaline solution if it is stung by a ant. The emergency personnel cannot squeeze it at the sting wound. If you squeeze it hard, the toxin will spread, and the whole body will be swollen and absorbed.

Moderator: We have also seen people who are often bitten by snakes on TV. The way others deal with it is also to spit blood out of their mouths.

Li Chunsheng: It is most appropriate to suck it out hard.

Moderator: Will the person who sucks the wound have a secondary infection?

Li Chunsheng: No, if there is no oral ulcer, the oral mucosa is complete and will not be infected.

Moderator: The poisoning that we encounter in our daily life is food poisoning. It may be because of eating something that causes symptoms of poisoning. Generally speaking, what should we do when the symptoms of food poisoning occur?

Li Chunsheng: If food poisoning occurs, it is best that you should have something that is not moldy and spoiled, or that fresh vegetables have been kept in the refrigerator for a long time and should not be eaten again, as it is easy to produce poison. Because there are more food now, for example, children like to eat fried pork liver. After eating pork liver, they tremble all over. When they go to the hospital, they don’t know the reason. In fact, it is poisoned by clenbuterol. Because clenbuterol is concentrated in the liver, it is easy to be poisoned.

There is no generalization for this situation. It is generally believed that one hour after eating something, if you feel uncomfortable in your stomach, nausea and vomiting, or feel dizzy and weak, or feel like you have diarrhea, you should go to the hospital to see it, yes It's not that you have food poisoning, it is combined with whether you have eaten unclean food or eaten expired food.

Moderator: If you eat unclean food or expired food, will you react quickly?

Li Chunsheng: It should be.

Moderator: But some elderly people at home feel more distressed about this item. He knows that this item has expired, but he feels that it has not changed color or tasted. What is the problem with this?

Li Chunsheng: It involves the quality of people's life, and how do you view this issue, because the elderly came from the hard times in the past, and he thinks things are very precious, and it is a pity to lose them. But if you eat it, even if you have acute gastroenteritis in the elderly, you should throw it away.

Moderator: We have appealed many times, and the concept cannot be changed in a day and a half. We appeal again, people who are particularly budget-conscious in their lives, don't eat expired food again, it is not cost-effective. Like usual insomnia, many people will take sleeping pills. If sleeping pills are taken improperly, there will be poisoning problems. What are the symptoms of sleeping pill poisoning?

Li Chunsheng: The amount of sleeping pills depends on how much you take. Ordinary sedative and sleeping pills, such as the bottom basin, can be added with tranquility and tranquility. The sedative and sleeping pills will not be poisoned. After taking a large dose, the patient will fall asleep for a long time and not wake up. He'll be fine after a while. If it is a large amount, get gastric lavage in the hospital. We now have the best treatment method, blood flow through, and the excess stability is partially removed by the method of blood washing. If you take too much Valium, at most the first person will be forgetful, can’t remember, short-term memory is not good, and the other is dizziness, memory loss, walking slowly and feeling tired, and this time will disappear as the drug metabolizes. .

In particular, most of the elderly have symptoms of insomnia, and sometimes they take too many sleeping pills by mistake. In this case, be sure to pay attention to his falls when he wakes up at night or when he moves. Because too much diazepam is easy to fall, and the damage caused by falling, such as osteoporosis in his old age, is easy to fracture, the consequences of this may be greater than that of diazepam.

Moderator: If you take sleeping pills, your family and yourself should pay more attention when you wake up at night. Then we sometimes encounter pesticide poisoning, because sometimes the vegetables may not be washed too cleanly, and they become pesticide poisoning after eating them. Common pesticide poisoning, according to the different types of drugs, are there any different first aid methods?

Li Chunsheng: The most important thing for us about pesticide poisoning is organic pesticides. Organic pesticides remain in vegetables. This poisoning is relatively mild, and it is not just because of vegetable pesticide poisoning. It is not common in our emergency department. , we are more likely to see suicidal, couples quarrel, especially when young lovers can't think about drinking dichlorvos and other pesticide poisoning. There are also bad habits in the countryside, that is, some clothes he wears in winter, he uses pesticides to kill lice when they grow lice, and when they wear them, they are slowly absorbed through the skin and poisoned. This situation is more common. Pesticide poisoning Absorption of pesticide poisoning from vegetables is less common.

Moderator: Because the amount is too small. There is also eating fish gallbladder. I used to say that I risked my death to eat fugu, but now the chef in the restaurant tastes it himself, and the chef eats it only when there are no guests. I used to joke that when the chef is fine, what should I do if I eat it myself? How long does it take to show symptoms of poisoning after eating it?

Li Chunsheng: I took a bite of puffer fish and dared not eat it again. The chef who made puffer fish was poisoned because it caused respiratory paralysis. Because I didn't foresee that he would get sick after eating it for a long time. We have seen data that we have very few puffer fish poisoning in the world, because most of them are domestic puffer fish. Domestic puffer fish are much less toxic than wild puffer fish, and their internal organs are removed. very clean. So puffer fish poisoning is becoming less and less.

Moderator: What is the method if accidentally poisoned?

Li Chunsheng: He needs to be put on a ventilator. If his breathing fails, use a ventilator to support his organs, and use other support methods to make him survive the dangerous period and possibly be rescued.

Moderator: I saw a very scary post on the Internet two days ago. There was a person who went to the street to eat mutton skewers. The unscrupulous traders sold cat meat and rat meat instead of mutton meat. It may be rat meat that has taken rodenticide. After eating, he was bleeding with symptoms, and the rescue was ineffective. What should we do if we accidentally ingest rodenticide?

Li Chunsheng: We said that tetramine is a drug that is strictly prohibited by our country, and fluoroacetamide is also a drug that is prohibited by orders. You are talking about anticoagulant drugs, anticoagulants, and mice will die as soon as they eat them. After it is dropped, it is eaten by other animals, such as by a dog. The dog also died because of the same symptoms. In the end, the dog was eaten by the human, and finally the human was poisoned. Strictly speaking, he is an anticoagulant drug, and taking this drug is a bleeding disease. We found a patient with unexplained stomach pains. He was a migrant worker who came to the hospital because of stomach pains. The doctor checked him and found that he had no other symptoms. It might be intestinal obstruction, and finally decided to have an operation. Finally, I checked ten coagulation items, all ten coagulation items were abnormal, and platelets were normal. I thought this patient was very strange, and asked him what happened to you and what you ate recently. He said there was a dead dog, he ate a dead dog, cooked a pot of dead dog meat and ate it, and this happened. We use anticoagulant antagonistic drugs, and do artificial plasma exchange, and lose a little fresh plasma as soon as the antagonism comes over, and it is easy to treat. This problem is not too big.

Moderator: The key is to have a clear diagnosis, otherwise it is still very dangerous.

Li Chunsheng: Because the biological chain of food is like this.

Moderator: It is not degradable. I found that eating messy things on the street, it is possible to eat anything, everyone try to control their greed and eat less of these things. Usually staying at home will also have some problems, such as acute myocardial infarction, people at home may have a sudden attack, is there any warning? Can patients be known in advance for sudden acute myocardial infarction?

Li Chunsheng: Myocardial infarction is like this, acute chest pain, for example, the patient suddenly feels chest tightness and suffocation during eating. Elderly people sometimes feel chest pain and suffocation because of full meal and activities. In this case, if a man over 40 years old suddenly feels chest tightness and suffocation during activities, eating or drinking, you should be alert to whether you have angina pectoris. attack. It's best not to move yourself. If a colleague has this kind of medicine, such as nitroglycerin tablets, or Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, try a few tablets. During the process, see if the relief is relieved. In addition, it is best to call 120 to the hospital.

Because the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in our country is also very high, and there are also many young 25- and 6-year-old patients with myocardial infarction. People who have myocardial infarction for the first time are also prone to sudden death. If the person with recurrent angina pectoris is vigilant about the regular pain, it is safer to take medicine regularly. Fear of the first attack, the younger and stronger people are more frightening.

Moderator: I used to have a colleague. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart. After a while, he was fine. He should go to the hospital for an examination. What should he do?

Li Chunsheng: Electrocardiogram should be done, CT scan can be done, and coronary angiography is also necessary. Some time ago

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